Noobertuber is a Roblox user notable for owning one of the few owners of the The Kleos Aphthiton from August 2007 to an unknown date in 2020 by winning the Roblox Grand Melee tournament. Noobertuber is also notable for having his own Roblox toy named and designed after him. Noobertuber was also one of the winners of the Spring Block Party and Winter Wonderland contests and scored second place in the August 2007 Paintball Contest on the "Rogues of Robloxia" team.


In around early 2018, Noobertuber was compromised by an unknown user. The user behind the account threatened to sell The Kleos Aphthiton for 1 Robuk if he did not receive any trades on it.[citation needed] The person presumably still owns the account. On an unknown date in 2020, the user behind the account likely sold or traded The Kleos Aphthiton off, as the account no longer owns it.

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