Ro-Fortress 2 is a Team Fortress 2 based game with GUIs, without most of the features seen in the actual game. No more updates are planned, as it relied heavily on user-made meshes, which ROBLOX has disabled, therefore meshes cannot be seen anymore. Orange451 is the creator, and there are currently 9 classes. The two teams are RED and BLU. RED stands for Reliable Excavation Demolition. BLU stands for Builder's League United. The bases are the same, except for the color. GUIs are found the right-hand-side, and numbers are used to select them, unlike Tony's Team Fortress 2. The map is different, and so are the intelligence, class weapons, and physics. For example, the player can shoot at their feet with the rocket launcher as a Soldier to rocket jump, propelling them into the air, or shoot sticky bombs at their feet as a Demoman to launch themself a great distance.


  • Scout - A young scrapper from Boston, the Scout has a Scattergun for closer range shots. It deals huge amounts of damage at point blank range, medium damage at medium range, and low damage at long range, depending on how many pellets hit the enemy. He has a pistol for long distance shooting or as a backup ranged weapon. He has a melee weapon, a metal bat, that deals medium damage. The Scout is one of the fastest classes in the game.
  • Engineer - Daniel Conagher, a science-loving Texan, the Engineer has a shotgun that deals good damage at close and medium range, and low damage at long range. He has a pistol for a backup weapon, and a wrench to deal medium damage at point blank range, and it can also upgrade his buildings.. He can also build dispensers, which give metal and health to nearby teamates, sentry guns that have medium range that can automatically attack enemies and deal high damage, and teleporters that can teleport teammates. Note that the Teleporters are still in beta.
  • Demoman - Tavish Degroot, a drunk Scottish demolition expert, the Demoman has a grenade launcher that deals extremely high damage at point blank and close range (Note: he can be hurt by his own grenades if they are shot close enough to him) and does good damage at medium and long range. He also has a Stickybomb launcher, which launches bombs that deal extremely high damage that detonate at the click of a button, and a bottle of scrumpy as a melee weapon.
  • Soldier - Mister Jane Doe, the Soldier, is a sadistic American who enjoys snapping other peoples' ribs. When rejected out of the military in WWII, he went on a Nazi killing rampage until he was finally told the war was over. He is an all around class with a rocket launcher that does high damage at a long range, a shotgun with that does decent damage at medium range, and a shovel for melee damage.
  • Spy - The spy is a French illusionist and is a master at espionage. He has the ability to disguise as any of the classes on both teams and turn invisible with his cloaking watch. He is armed with a butterfly knife that can instantly kill anyone when he stabs them in the back. He is also armed with a revolver for ranged combat and a sapper to take out the Engineer's buildings.
  • Medic - A German doctor who enjoys in killing people and hurting his patients; never keeping to the code of medical ethics "Do no Harm". He has a medigun that can heal anyone on his team to keep them alive longer on the battlefield, a syringe gun that can be used for ranged combat, and a bonesaw for high melee damage.
  • Heavy (Aka) Heavy Weapons Guy - The Heavy was originally a member of the Soviet Union but after the union disbanded he found work at Mann. Co. He wields a minigun which deals out an insanely large amount of damage, a shotgun which deals a medium amount of ranged damage, and he can punch people with his fists for melee damage, and has very high health. However, he is extremely slow in combat and is a very easy target for instakills for both spies and snipers.
  • Sniper - The Sniper is an outdoors-loving Australian hunter and is an expert marksman. With his sniper rifle, he can take down far-away enemies cleanly and instantly with a precise shot to the head. His SMG and Kukri serve as good short-range weapons for those that get past his sniper rifle and try to stab him in the back.
  • Pyro - The Pyro's identity is entirely unknown, it is not known his country of origin, much less his gender! The Pyro is a wonderful class for revealing cloaked spies and specializes in close range combat, for his flamethrower will instantly set any enemy on fire! His shotgun is a good medium-range weapon that can finish off any class that manages to run past his flamethrower, and his fire axe is a wonderful close-range weapon that can be used when his flamethrower runs out of ammo.


The ctf_2fort map is a bridge, sewers, and two bases. Inside the bases, are two spawn rooms, a sniper deck, and an intelligence room. The objective of the game is to capture the intelligence. The intelligence, rather than holding it, you will carry it on your back, allowing you to attack while holding it.

The cp_watertower map is a custom map built by Crunch225. It consists of two tf2 bases, battlements, a building in the middle holding all of the points, and a watertower sniping point for the admins of the game. One point is already captured by BLU and one is captured by RED. On the top of the tower, there is a neutral point.

A payload map is currently in the works.



The scout has 1 unlockable and the first milestone. The unlockable is the Sandman. The user can throw a ball at an enemy and stun them. The milestone is the Homerun. You must throw a ball and hit someone from a certain amount of studs away. The Sandman replaces the bat.


The spy has 2 unlockables. The Ambassador and the Cloak and Dagger. The Ambassador is a revolver that can do more damage if the enemy is shot in the head. The Ambassador replaces the revolver. The Cloak and Dagger is a tool that replaces the Cloak. It will regenerate your invisibility time when you stand still.


The heavy has 2 unlockables. The KGB and Natascha. The KGB stands for Killing Gloves of Boxing. It replaces your fists. Natascha is a minigun that replaces the stock minigun.


The soldier has 3 unlockables. The Direct Hit, the Equalizer, and the Gunboats. The Direct Hit is a rocket launcher. It does more damage, but has a smaller explosion radius. It replaces the rocket launcher. The Equalizer is a melee weapon. The more damage you take, the faster you run. It replaces your shovel. The Gunboats are not weapons, they are boots. They reduce rocket jump damage.


The pyro has 2 unlockables. The BackBurner and the Axtinguisher. The BackBurner is a flamethrower, infamous for the W+M1 technique that many in TF2 uses, in which the player would simply move forward and hold down the left mouse button to attack enemies, and does critical damage if you burn an enemy from behind. The Axtinguisher will crit anyone on fire. The BackBurner replaces your flamethrower, and the Axtinguisher replaces your axe.


The demoman has 1 unlockable. The Eyelander is a sword that can be used to decapitate a person. It takes a few hits to kill someone. It replaces your bottle.

In General

There are 3 general unlockables. Meet the Orange451 can be earned if you meet him. You will get an orange hat. Meet the Ghastly Gibus can be earned by dominating. The last one, Meet the Crowbar, is hard to get. You have to be killed by an admin 5 times by the crowbar. You will get a crowbar hat, sticking out of your head.

The following are Collectible Badges in the Game that can be obtained by doing certain objectives.

Meet the Ambassador - The owner of this badge has killed 3 enemies with the spy revolver.

Meet the cloak and dagger - The owner of this badge has backstabbed 3 enemies in one life/

Meet Natascha - The owner of this badge has killed 5 enemies using sasha.

Meet the Razorback - The owner of this badge has killed 5 enemies using the sniper rifle

Meet the Ghastly Gibus - The owner of this badge dominated

Meet the BackBurner - The owner of this badge has killed 5 enemies with the flame thrower

Meet the Orange451 - The owner of this badge met orange451 in game

Meet the Direct hit - The owner has killed 5 enemies using Rocket Launcher

Meet the Axtinquisher - The first random item drop made for RF2. This item does Crits on enemies that are on fire. *GIVIN AT RANDOM, NO AMOUNT OF KILLS, OR CLASS TYPE INFLUENCE IT*

Meet the Crowbar - The owner of this badge has been bl0xxed by an admin weilding their crowbar, 5 times.

Meet the Gunboats - The second random drop item in RF2. These badboys take away rocketdamage done to you from your own rockets. *THIS IS A RANDOM DROP, JUST HOPE IT CHOOSES YOU*

Meet the Sandman - The owner of this badge killed 10 people with the scouts original bat. (Q throws the baseball)

Meet the Eyelander - The 3rd random item drop in rf2. This badboy is usefull for beheading your foe!

Meet the Killing Gloves of Boxing - The owner of this badge killed 10 people with the heavy's fists.

Meet the Homerun - The owner of this badge made a long distance baseball throw with the sandman, and stunned an enemy player with that same baseball. This badge will count torwards the, "Scout MileStone 1 Achievement". It also allows you to hit the ball farther and stun for 8 seconds.

More Information


The Engineer can build things to assist his team. To build a sentry, press Q and it will start building on where you are standing. The level 1 sentry is equipped with a simple automatically aiming gun. To level it up into a level 2 sentry or 3 sentry, hit it with your wrench. The level 2 sentry is equipped with dual miniguns, and the level 3 sentry is equipped with a quadruple rocket launcher. Dispensers can be built by pressing E. To build a teleporter, press R to build an entrance and T to build an exit.

Sentry info - Level one sentries have a fire rate of 1 shot at a time. Level 2 sentries have a fire rate of 4 shots at once, coming from each minigun. Level 3 sentries have a fire rate of 4 shots, and one missile.

Dispenser info - Dispensers give health and armor to anyone on its team. But will only give metal to engineers.

Teleporter info - Teleporters teleports any players to where the exit was built when they stand on the entrance.


The Heavy has a minigun, or "Sasha" as the strongest weapon for this class, and an unlockable for it is Natascha. Heavies are the slowest class. Not only do they have Sasha, but also a shotgun and fists.


The Scout is best for capturing intelligences, and getting to places fast. They have the highest speed out of all of the other classes. They have scatterguns, baseball bats and pistols. He can also throw a baseball when you unlock the badge "Meet the Sandman" (Kill 10 people with Baseball Bat).


The Soldier has the second slowest speed, but has an impressive weapon and a good health capacity of 200, just like the actual game. His rocket launcher deals a considerable amount of damage, and has a large damage radius. The Direct Hit can replace the rocket launcher as a rocket launcher that has less explosion radius but high damage. The Soldier also has the shotgun for the secondary weapon, and a shovel for melee.


The Spy can cloak to become invisible, and disguise as an enemy's teammate, making him a challenge. Spies can easily kill when they backstab an enemy. Their revolver can be replaced with an Ambassador, an unlockable. They can destroy the Engineer's buildings easily with a sapper.


The Sniper can be dangerous. He can kill an enemy in one shot in the head, but has limited ammo. He has an SMG and a knife, called a Kukri. The Razorback doesen't replace the SMG, but replaces the picture of the SMG.


The Pyro can burn people. He can light enemies on fire, and shoot them with a shotgun, He also has an axe for close range.


The Medic is very important to the team. He can heal players, rather than just letting them walk back to the resupply room. He also has a syringe gun, and a bonesaw.


Using your explosive weapons, place stickies all over the enemy spawn. Every time a player comes out, detonate the stickies.


Offense Tips

The Offensive classes are The Scout, The Soldier, and The Pyro.

The Scout is best at capturing intelligences. He is fast and speedy, and can avoid most dangers, but makes up for this benefit by having a low health capacity. His scattergun may cause lag for certain computers. It fires 6 bullets at once. The scattergun can deal a lot of damage at close range. The baseball bat is a good melee weapon, due to its long range it reaches.

The Soldier is very strong. He has a rocket launcher, shotgun, and shovel. Rocket launchers can fire missiles at enemies, and even if you miss, some splash damage might hit your enemy. Shotguns deal about the same amount of damage as the scattergun. Shovels are just as good as the baseball bat, except that the shovel is shorter.

The Pyro is perfect for crowd control. He/she can ignite them all at once, causing damage to affected enemies over time. The only way to stop the fire is water, but even if you do get to water, he can still kill you with his shotgun or axe. The axe is about the same length as the baseball bat.

Defense Tips

The Defensive classes are the Heavy, The Demoman, and The Engineer.

The Heavy can be very deadly if he's with a Medic. Medics will heal him, causing him to seem invincible. Heavies are almost always paired with medics, in fact. Heavies who go alone usually use the shotgun more than Sasha. Shotguns are good for one or two enemies. But Sasha is also good against groups.The minigun can fire until there is no more ammo.

The Demoman often uses bombs as traps. Sticky bombs are the main tactics, but sometimes pipebombs. Sticky bombs are best on entrances, walls, or even on the intelligence. Pipebombs are good for trying to destroy Engineer's buildings.

The Engineer builds sentries and dispensers to defend things. Sentries are usually put in the intelligence room, control points, or entrances. Most people will level up their sentry into level two, because it has two miniguns. Engineer's use a wrench to hit their sentry or dispenser to heal it. Sometimes Heavies stand near dispensers than Medics. A level 1 sentry needs 50 wrench points, a level 2 sentry needs 50 metal, and a level 3 sentry needs 100 metal. Dispensers need 25 metal. A destroyed sentry is worth 25 metal, and a destroyed dispenser is worth 15 metal.


  • You can upgrade your enemy's sentry by wrenching it as an Engineer
  • You can spawn above your spawn point because of many players idling on a spawn point
  • Not being able to disguise as a spy (PATCHED)
  • Invincible/unsappable buildings (Very rare)
  • Pyro's flamethrower not working (PATCHED)
  • When you use the teleporter you can fly if you walk forward
  • Stand on a Sentry to make it shoot through walls and invisible spies (Players who perform thic can Hidden like this)
  • Teleporters never get destroyed (unless you build another 1 or a new server starts)
  • you can build teleporters, despencers and sentarysm in each other (something to do with the meshes)
  • (Note: edit is unfinished, will be finished soon)
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