Ozzypig is a famous ROBLOX user who is known for his places and scripting skills. He joined ROBLOX on March 27, 2008. Since then, he has been helping the ROBLOX community by creating fun places, making good models, and teaching other players how to script.


Ozzypig's most visited place is The Hunger Games, which is a fighting/survival game based on the book by Suzanne Collins. At over 10 million visits, this place accounts for the majority of Ozzypig's total visits. It also has over 52,000 favorites.

Ozzypig's second most popular place is "Fisticuffs!". It has a simple objective: knock off players off the map to get a knockout. You can use powerups that are spawned on the map and buy effects. It has over 8 million place visits.

Ozzypig's third most popular place is Juggernaut. This game involves a single player who is the juggernaut and has far better stats than the others. Everyone else must team up to kill the juggernaut. With over 1 million visits, this place still remains popular on ROBLOX.

Ozzypig's fourth ranked place is called Marble Movers, which is a game where the player creates a custom track for a marble to roll through. Although is only has about 20% of the visits of his most popular place, Marble Movers is a classic for some people and a greatly scripted game. Sadly, Marble Movers has been broken by ROBLOX updates; he may fix it in the future, but for now it remains broken.

Ozzypig also has another quite unwell known game cauld Mirror Muse sitting at over 59 thousand visits.

In addition to his places, Ozzypig has a handful of models, scripts, and plugins available for anyone to use.


Ozzypig is the former owner of the group Scripting Helpers, as well as a high rank in the group LuaLearners. This shows that Ozzypig was a member of the scripting community and helped others with it.

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