Person299's Minigames is a very famous minigame place¬†that was created on February 29, 2008. Users spawn in a floating box with windows and get put into minigames.¬†These minigames¬†include, build and battle, sword fighting, dogfighting, and using boats. Since it was first created, Person299's Minigames‚Äč quickly rose to fame with 20M+ place visits thus far and 172K+ player favorites with a decent amount of like to dislike ratio (85%). The game was last updated on March 8, 2018.

In the past, this place was being copied a lot by some groups and users. Some copied places of Person299's minigames are altered, some are not. However, Person299's minigames is the stem of modern minigames places, such as Ripull Minigames.

List of minigames

  • Paintball: Everyone has a paintball gun, color the most body parts (e.g. arms) of other players to win.
  • Zombie Survival: One player spawns as a zombie, and has to infect the other players by touching them. If all the players become zombies before the time limit, everyone wins. If there are any survivors left, they win.
  • Build & Battle (Team):¬†Teams have to build with blocks and fight with a sword and a sniper when its the time to fight.
  • Boulder Hill:¬†Players run up a hill to get to the top in a time limit. However, boulders will roll down, making it extremely tough to reach the top. The first player to reach the top is the winner.
  • Timebomb:¬†A 10-second fused bomb is given to a player, who must then pass it on to someone else by touching them. The last player remaining is the winner. There is a glitch where two bombs can be given to plays instead of 1.
  • Ship Battle (Team): There are two teams, on floating ships. Players must man cannons or steer the ship so the cannons can be shot and destroy the other ship. If the other ship is directly hit, it will capsize and sink into the water, which instantly kills. Every player has a sword for close encounters. The living team is the winner.
  • Board¬†(Team): There are two teams. Every player has a musket gun and a sword. Kill as many players on the other team as you can, until their reinforcements reach 0. Then if they die, they can't respawn.
  • Platform Punchout: Set in the platform setting with many platforms, every player must punch each other into the water (it instakills). Eventually the water will begin rising, making the concentration of players close.
  • Platform Brick Battle: Set in the platform setting, every player has 6 weapons (bomb, wall, sword, rocket launcher, and 2 ball-shooter types). You can't jump and must fight to the death, and watch out for the flooding water that can kill!
  • Brick Battle: Just like Platform Brick Battle, but in a desert climate where you can jump on rock structures.
  • Falling Pads Punchout: Just like Platform Punchout, you must punch users into the water. However, the pads will instantly begin falling and falling, so that more users can't jump anywhere and die after falling.
  • Falling Pads Sword fight: Just like Falling Pads Punchout, except every user has a sword instead.
  • Dodgeball (Team): There are two teams. Once the wall lifts up, every player can shoot their dodgeball to kill members of the opposing team. Eventually less and less dodgeballs will be left in the arena.
  • King of the Hill: The players have to stay on top of the hill for the longest. They have a Ban Hammer to get the other players off the hill, as well as a counter over their heads to show how long they've been on the hill.
  • Lava Roll: Players have to find a ball and roll it to the finish. Along the way, small red bricks can shrink the ball and make it disappear if it is burned enough. The first player to reach the end or the last player alive is the winner.
  • Bumper Balloon Cars: Players spawn in cars with balloons at the back and spikes at the front and have to pop the balloons of other player's cars while trying not to get their own balloon popped by other players.
  • Dogfight (FFA/Team): Players spawn in mouse-controlled planes that can fire missiles. Each player has to destroy enemy planes by shooting them.
  • Pushy Battle:¬†‚ÄčPlayers spawn on a 25 x 25 stud block, every player is given a tool to push people off the block as time

    Capture the flag map,

    passes the 5 x 5 block gets shorter and shorter until it is a 1 x 1 stud block. 
  • Sword fight Dash:¬†‚ÄčPlayers spawn on a circular base, you must kill everyone while moving, you cannot stop.
  • ‚ÄčSpawn Kill Battle (FFA/Team):¬†‚ÄčPlayers spawn in a classic crossroads style map, you must kill as much people as you can, if you die you will respawn into the map until time is up, this is the only map known to have a "Secret Room"
  • ‚ÄčCapture The Flag:¬†‚ÄčThis map may only be played by the three developers of the game, Person299, SpyAgent388 & Csdi. Currently it is not released to the public and is the game.
  • Timebomb Spin¬†‚ÄčAs Timebomb was voted as Person299's favorite minigame it has been decided that the developers of the game would make a newer version of Timebomb which would be a circular shape with many obstacles you could over come.
  • Team Spawn Kill: This is one of the first four windowed maps that has been released in years, it is basically spawn kill where you kill each other but even better with teams, more area's to explore and being able to destroy houses and towers with rocket launchers!

Gear Battle: You are spawned in a seasonal styled map consisting of the hot dessert, cold winter and the grasslands. ROBLOX gear randomly falls from the sky allowing you to get whatever you can, some gear may be OP and some may be junk and whatever you have is all you use!

  • Ball Sledding:¬†All players start at the top of a mountain with a very steep roll, players will navigate through obstacles to get to the bottom of the hill and claim the victory!
  • Robloxian Tower (DEV):¬†This map has three rounds, a random player is selected and is frozen, from there everyone must stack on-top of the selected player! This has been noted to be one of the hardest minigames to beat in Person299 Minigames and can only be activated by a Developer
  • Desert Battle (VAULTED):¬†Players are put on small teams, (2-3 persons) where they take out other teams! Not much Information is currently known about this minigame and has been vaulted since 2010.
  • Sink the Enemy Sink (VAULTED):¬†Players spawn in their own plane, their objective is to sink the enemy carieer, first team to sink the enemy carieer wins!
  • Build to Survive the Monster (VAULTED):¬†Players build to survive the monster! Minigame built by Person299 for fun, was never released to the public.


The well known admins at the minigames are TheBigBug, 12tornado, and Guthix(Servano). There are other admins, though, such as, Nccvoyager, Farvei, and Meelo. These are the other admins that are well known. Some admins were either banned or don't play ROBLOX anymore. The creator of this game is also creator of "Person299's Admin Commands" which, until the release of Kohltastrophe's Admin Commands V2, was the most popular form of in-game admin for years.

In late 2015/ early 2016 Person299 made a comeback to the minigames, the admin lists we're cleared and replaced with SpyAgent388 & Csdi, who developed some assets for Person299 minigames. 

The game runs on the unreleased Person299 V3 Admin.


Person299's Minigames was an extremely popular game for exploiters. Since the game used to have no FilteringEnabled, exploiters usually use their exploits for example, deleting the lobby, killing other players to win minigames, or give everyone infinite points.

As of summer of 2017, The game was FilteringEnabled, this has prevented a lot of exploiters from using their exploits and has increased the games playerbase.


  • If you ever create size 1x1x1, you will create a little brick which you could use to attach to your pants, those two bricks could make you fly, but gives you a huge disadvantage when using swords. This however no longer works because of the changes to the movement to the legs of ROBLOXIANS[citation needed].
  • In platform punchout, where some people like to guard the stairs, jump over the platforms instead of walking to the stairs.
  • Keep jumping in platform punchout, it works half the time and you will survive a little bit longer.
  • In the ship battle, steer the wheel either left or right, then run down and use the cannonballs very quickly, but don't get too close, or they might board the ship.
  • In board, use the gun instead of the sword. The gun must be shot in the torso, or else the player will not be killed.
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