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Pieperson50 is a supposedly infamous game pirater, scammer and clickbaiter on Roblox using the bait and switch scam method.[citation needed] He joined on September 8, 2009. It was rumored that Pieperson50 has passed away but his profile statistics prove otherwise.


He is believed to have scammed many players out of place visits and virtual currency.[citation needed] He is known to copy other games and take credit for them, as well as advertise his VIP group, Team Domino, on them.[citation needed]

Pieperson50 earned a Domino Crown via the Make-A-Wish Foundation where the Roblox administrators gave it to him. Pie has shown his fame and wealth through his possession of hats and gears, whether or not they are typically expensive to purchase for a regular user. It is rumored Pieperson faked cancer to get his Domino Crown[citation needed]; however, this is highly unlikely given the thorough and rigorous nature of the background checks the Make-A-Wish Foundation runs on its potential beneficiaries. This is also extremely unlikely to do there being no sources for players to believe this.

He was later believed to have been diagnosed with cancer and in early 2019, he was rumored to have lost his life due to cancer.[citation needed] However, there is only very weak evidence supporting this, being that in the group Game Game Productions his role name was changed to "Rest easy, friend." and people have been posting farewell messages to Pieperson50 on the group wall. He was last online on March 21, 2021. Contrary to popular belief, Pieperson50 still owns the domino crown.

It was rumored that Pieperson50 was Jacobility's cousin. Jacob addressed this rumor in a forum post on the ROBLOX Talk subforum.[citation needed] In his forum post, Jacob stated that Pieperson50 had no relation to him and that it was false.

Pieperson50's last online (Jan. 21 2021.).png

In early 2021, Pieperson50's activity status was changed. As of January 21st 2021, Pieperson50 was last online 3 days before said date.

Pieperson50's 2 games were also updated a week from said date. ("Escape McDonalds! Classic", and "2021 testing")


Currently, Pieperson50's most popular place is a Tsunami Survival game that receives regular updates and ideas. In 2012, he began to continuously update his game. The game once peaked as the second most played game. In February 2011, a user named ScriptBuilder1000 (now ZacAttackk) created a Tsunami Survival game. It was removed in March due to the Japanese Tsunami and he left for a while. In late 2011, he gave permission to Kricoa to rebuild it. It was Builders Club-only, and it managed to get around 20,000 visits but was later stolen and copied by Pieperson50.[citation needed] In Pieperson50's game, you can see he uses Zac's model to this day, which can be confirmed if you look earlier on in Zac's model list.[citation needed]


Team Domino is a large VIP group that has a massive amount of members, with nearly 102,000 group members. Many users in the group join to get free VIP in Pieperson50's places, but the VIP does not actually exist. However, many users would call the group and the owner, Pieperson50 himself, "noobs", as the group has many immature users. However, Pieperson50 has been called a "bad leader" by a large portion of respected clan leaders, since he seldom interacts with the group. He also passed the group on to his Second in Command, Ylzik; then to email Roblox to get it back, thus creating tension and controversy in the clan world. Because of the amount of controversy that the group had created, many major war groups do not consider Team Domino to be a legitimate war group, due to the fact that the group received its members from false advertising.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

He was also featured in a Roblox video on Roblox's YouTube account in which he was given his current Domino Crown. Two other users who met the Roblox team via the Make-A-Wish Foundation were Seth7575 and Diamondpistol25.

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