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Andreas Karlsson (PlaceRebuilder) is a Swedish Roblox game developer known for being the creator of Reason 2 Die. Ever since its deletion, UnitedStatesArmy's revision of Reason 2 Die became popular, until Reason 2 Die was re-made by PlaceRebuilder. Eventually, however, exploiters ruined the game, causing him to delete Reason 2 Die and remake it, as Reason 2 Die Awakening. PlaceRebuilder is mostly notable for his building and scripting skills.

Reason 2 Die

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Reason 2 Die has gained a great deal of fame over the years. A classic game of battling: Humans vs Zombies. If humans are killed they are infected themselves. They will try and stop the survivors from getting to rescue. If survivors escape in the rescue vehicle, they win.

Time and time again, Reason 2 Die was taken down for a drug reference, the item "Pills" was the reason. The game has been reuploaded countless times by other users while it was made a public domain. Some of these people, such as UnitedStatesArmy, modified the place to more closely resemble Left 4 Dead 2 with new special infected, new survivors, etc. Others simply left the place as it was.

PlaceRebuilder mentions in his Personal Blurb that the real downfall of the game itself was from hackers who hacked all the game servers, it also suggests that Rebuilder was stressed out by all the game deletions mentioned above. He also mentions that he thanks Jesus for giving him the strength to be able to go back and fix Reason 2 Die, as he is a Christian.

Reason 2 Die came back in late 2012 but shortly after he quit once again. In 2014 he made another comeback and was once again overtaken by hackers and isn't being updated.

He is remade Reason 2 Die under the name Reason 2 Die Awakening, which was released on 21th Jun 2016. This game features new zombies, mechanics, weapons, and a fresh start for the franchise.

Reason 2 Die Awakening

Being tested for months before being released, Reason 2 Die Awakening quickly brought old fans back to play as well as attracting new players. This game features virtually the same goals as the last ones in the series - humans have to kill the zombies and complete an objective to win, zombies have to kill the humans. This game has much improved graphics, building, and overall gameplay as glitches are minimal and the game is quite balanced. Similar to past games, R2D Awakening also has events, usually based around holidays.

100,000 Robux Scam

In 2014, a user named Blizzarian promised to help build up Reason 2 Die with PlaceRebuilder again. After a while Blizzarian asked for his payment, still needing to help more. PlaceRebuilder trusted Blizzarian too much so he gave him the 100,000 Robux in before hand. However, Blizzarian took the money and totally went, rumored he gave it to an alt and started over since he says he had quit on the account Blizzarian. This was a big issue for PlaceRebuilder as he had not had too much Robux throughout his time and never had BC, he bought it shortly after though. On his Status, he later posted "100,000 robux is another reason I have trust issues.".

Reason 2 Die Community

In 2014, PlaceRebuilder quit Reason 2 Die Fans and created Reason 2 Die Community, which is the most active and biggest Reason 2 Die group. Currently, all news and announcements for R2D are posted on this group. All members of this group got free grenades while playing the original R2D. In R2D: Awakening, they get an additionl 10+ health.


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  • Not a lot of people notice that there's a badge glitch where he earned the Bricksmith badge first, this is because he had two homesteads badges at first because it went so quick- after like a year the admins noticed this and deleted the two homesteads and added it again. Most common place to find this is on RobloTim, where he earned Bloxxer first probably because of the same reason, then Bricksmith. It has also been on Vibhu, where he has every builders club badge.
  • His Reason 2 Die game, was reviewed by XiaoXiaoMan, AKA The Raging ROBLOX reviewer. XiaoXiaoMan reviewed his place as "A game worth visiting."
  • It was really a downfall from hackers that Rebuilder deleted his place. This has been discovered more times and probably classed as a downfall for many famous places.
  • Reason 2 Die has been remade thousands of times by other players, some of them reached fame but some of them didn't. A notable one is R2DRemake, and its wikia can be found here .
  • In 2012 he made a comeback and updated Reason 2 Die so it was working again. After a while into 2013 he quit once again and it quickly became inactive and broke. In 2014 he made a comeback once again and is currently updating Reason 2 Die. In 2015/2016 he has remade R2D. It is now called Reason 2 Die Awakening. He still works on it to this day, and it has achieved well over 130.1M+ million visits.
  • You are no longer able to hack, because when you enable something that makes players have a disadvantage, the game will automatically perm-ban you and whenever you try to visit the place, you will be given a sad face zombie listing the ban-release date (not for permbans), and the reason why. You are allowed to have CE installed, but not allowed to use it. (Of course, it is impossible for them to know if you have CE unless they catch you using it, and CE is very rarely used nowadays as an exploiting tool.)
  • He has also been accused of stealing faces from the group AwesomeRobloxians (notably consisting of users MisterObvious and Ejob) by crediting them the first day of using them, then deleting the text/assets containing said credit. This resulted in several pieces of backlash, and more notably a video capitalizing on the situation by PixelFlame here.
  • As said on The Next Level, his favorite game is Apocalypse Rising.
  • His account has over 154K followers.


XiaoXiaoMan made a copy of his place and uploaded it to his alternate account called Reason2DieBackup. It has gained 34,000 visits. Currently, Reason 2 Die is back, rebranded as Reason 2 Die: Awakening.


Due to PlaceRebuiler's belief in God, he believes that everyone deserves to have a fair time. Due to that, he actually had donated 1K tickets to whoever asked. He has donated to over a hundred people throughout his time on Roblox. It is confirmed that he does not do it now, since tickets have been removed and people have been greedy asking for 2K tickets or 20K tickets. He also rebuilt Beneath the ruins for Flood Escape 2 Map Test.

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