NOTICE: Reason 2 Die has permanently been closed because of an incident in 2014. The incident explained: An abundance of exploiters exploited other players' money in Early 2014 and Mid 2014. This enabled players to be able to purchase everything in the shop, and the ability to also buy the "Tank" zombie, every time they died making servers unfair and boring to play, altogether making the game lose visits and crumble in popularity. PlaceRebuilder, the creator, saw this and decided to shut down the game forever and make a R2D sequel, Reason 2 Die: Awakening See Reason 2 Die Exploit Wave.
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Reason 2 Die is a zombie-shooter game on ROBLOX, which was based on the popular 2008 zombie first person shooter Left 4 Dead, which is created by a popular game company called Valve Corporation. The game was rebooted multiple times.


Reason 2 Die (Original)


The original Reason 2 Die thumbnail.

Reason 2 Die began as an experimental project originally called Lust 4 Blood. Reason 2 Die was a well known game on Roblox, and was played by many people, becoming one of old Roblox's classic places, grabbing around two million visits at that time. The game was seen as the Roblox version of Left 4 Dead. At that time, XiaoXiaoMan, in his Raging Roblox Reviewer series, reviewed the game and gave it a good rating, bringing many players to the place.

At the beginning of each round, a map was chosen and the survivors teleported into it, and given some preparation time. At the end of this preparation time, one survivor was randomly chosen to be the zombie and was received the goal to infect everyone in the game; while the survivors had to survive until the rescue arrived, fighting off zombies and staying alive. There were six maps in the game, four being made by fans:

  • Forbidden Waters, a camping site located at a riverside with a cave complex;
  • Smoker Ville, an abandoned military archipelago consisting of many mountains, cliffs and drops;
  • Bloxcoast City, a coast town overridden by the infection;
  • Blox Harbor, an abandoned military base located in a small island, isolated from everything;
  • Stud Harvest, a rural site in the middle of nowhere, located near a train station, dominated by the infection;
  • Farmhouse, an old farm house with a wheat farm in the plains.

There were plans to create another map called "Ghost Town", but it was left forgotten when the place was abandoned. After some time, PlaceRebuilder quit ROBLOX and Reason 2 Die fell into disrepair, getting broken after ROBLOX updates. Before quitting, though, PlaceRebuilder uncopylocked the place, which made many copies arise. Many users tried to revive Reason 2 Die, but plenty of them didn't have success, for some were cancelled, others were deleted or even abandoned. Later, the place got deleted by the ROBLOX Administrators after an anonymous user reported it.

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at PM 09.23.49

The Reason 2 Die thumbnail after the update in May 2014. Used until August 2014.

December 2012 Update

In 2012, PlaceRebuilder came back to ROBLOX and decided to remake Reason 2 Die entirely. Having new items, weapons, and mechanics, PlaceRebuilder made a seemingly improved version of R2D, with weapons such as the Combat Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and the legendary AK-47 and M16. Some more melee weapons were added and the Boomer Bile (which could be purchased with in-game points). Few of the original maps were preserved, but some of them were remade to become better and more balanced.

The game ultimately got abandoned too, after not being uploaded for a long period of time. Things eventually began to fall apart, but the game still was getting visits.

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at AM 09.11.11

The current Reason 2 Die thumbnail.

May 2014 Update

Surprised that people were still playing Reason 2 Die and that the place reached five million visits, PlaceRebuilder decided that the game had to be given another chance. He closed the place in April 2014 and started rebuilding the game from scratch again, introducing a new place model to Reason 2 Die. New zombies, weapons and gameplay mechanics had been created, and around mid-May 2014, the game was opened and was one of the most played games of the week. Unfortunately, exploits were beginning to arise in that time and the place started to fall down in the charts, and the place was not getting many visits as before.

August-September 2014 Updates

In an attempt to regain the original popularity, PlaceRebuilder launched an update in the new event format, celebrating eight million visits. The event called "Event M8", released in August 14th-16th 2014, celebrated the milestone and introduced bosses, new items and new mechanics.


  • King Cake: A big piece of cake which fired rockets and spawned bombs, in which players would try to defeat the boss by gathering up and trying to kill it with teamwork. When killed, King Cake would drop a quantity of chests containing items, cash and experience. However, the boss was extremely overpowered and very deadly, rendering a tiny chance of winning a battle against King Cake, which led many players to ragequit. At the time, there was a common exploit in which players would fire a pipe bomb outside the edges of the map and King Cake would fall off it, resulting in an instant victory for the survivors, and also making it possible to farm it (which was actually used a lot). This was fixed, later on.


  • Fireworks 8 Million: An item which can be earned by simply killing a tank. When you have killed a tank during the event, a firework will appear in your inventory. When used during a round, it will go up in the sky, explode, and then print words "8 MILLION VISITS!".
  • Cake: When the player was in need of health, he/she can type out "cake" (without the quotes) in the chat, and a piece of cake will drop over the player and when touched, will grant 50 health for the player. This was abused, but it returned in the Halloween Event, in 2014.

In September, the game got NPC zombies which boosted up the difficulty of the game, going for some users who were saying that the game was too hard for the infected team. However, it also introduced the flamethrower, rendering the survivors even more invincible.

Halloween Event

Reason 2 Die reached ten million visits around September, 2014, and while PlaceRebuilder said he would not be making a 10M event, he was working on a Halloween Event which would be released in the next month. When released, the event introduced a new boss, a new map, a new item and skins, alongside zombie balancing updates in response to the critics on the last updates.


  • Lord Pumpkin: A overgrown pumpkin that spawns in the map LordPumpkin. It has 50,000 HP, and requires teamwork in order to be defeated, however, the survivors will be rewarded greatly if they succeeded in defeating the boss. Chests will drop from the sky, and once touched, will grant a Halloween Vest (explained below). There was a bug in which Lord Pumpkin, when doing his Lava Jump right before dying and the chests come before the lava hit the buildings, it would destroy most or all of the chests, making most players unable to obtain them and needing them to kill Lord Pumpkin again. The rewards of the chests were nerfed from the last updates due to players abusing them to get a lot of cash quickly.


  • Halloween Obby: A fiery, hard obby that rewards access to a vote for the Lord Pumpkin boss fight.


  • Pumpkin Bomb / Halloween Bomb: A reward from the Halloween Obby map. It is a bomb which, when used, explodes after some time, releasing confetti and tripping players nearby (both zombies and survivors). 
  • Halloween Vest: A special item that makes its user fireproof and awards 50 health. It was obtained from the Lord Pumpkin chests, and was extremely rare.

Christmas Event 2014

On November 25th, 2014, the Christmas update for Reason 2 Die was released, introducing new weapons, a new boss and presents. Players could also fight against King Cake again.


Presents were randomly dropped during rounds on maps, and had different tiers and rewards. There were three tiers: Green, golden and blue presents (in rare-common order), which gave credits and items upon pickup. Only one present spawned each round, and as such, they were extremely disputated by players, such that some would go "present hunting", jumping from server to server grabbing presents.


  • Mr. Frost: Mr. Frost is an oversized snowman with a big hammer. He can stun, freeze and knock players off the map, and when defeated, chests would emerge from the sky. There was also a chance for the boss to drop his weapon, the Ice Sledge, which was given to the players who touched it.


  • Ice Sledge: Earned by defeating Mr Frost, the Ice Sledge is a hammer of sorts that would freeze zombies upon contact. However, due to it turning the player vulnerable to attacks during its animation, nobody wanted to use it/purchase it.

Winter Games 2015 Update

Reason 2 Die was one of four games to be chosen to participate in the Winter Games 2015, rewarding the place with many visits.


Thumbnail used to advertise R2D's participation in the Winter Games.

2015 Exploit Wave

On April 28th, 2015, an exploiter hacked multiple R2D servers. R2D moderators tried to ban him, but his tool kept him in-game, going. The game was destroyed, and players started quitting and never rejoining. The place fell from the top list, and as such, never got as popular as it were before again.

Reason 2 Die: Awakening

Tired of the exploits in his game and disappointed that Reason 2 Die was failing and crumbling to pieces, PlaceRebuilder closed the place and started working on a new version of Reason 2 Die, called Reason 2 Die: Awakening. This time, properly introducing FilteringEnabled, the game was successful and accumulated many visits and favorites, reaching about 80% of approval rate by the community.

For more information about R2DA, see the R2DA Wikia .

Reason 2 Die Remake

After many people requested PlaceRebuilder to relaunch the old R2D, he refused. However he allowed BelowNatural (A current Developer in R2DA) and GammaShock (A current Developer in R2DA) to remake the old R2D at around March 2016. The game is still in progress but you can find the R2DRemake Wikia here.

However, Gammashock quit the development of R2DRemake.


NOTICE: This part of the page features items that were around before the closure of R2D. Of course these no longer exist as R2D is closed.

Weapons are used by the survivors to fend off the zombies. The list of current weapons in-game is the following:

Name of Weapon Price Ammo Type of Weapon Damage per bullet Weapon Type
Pistol Free 8*2 Primary 17 HP Semi-automatic pistol

A Pistol.

Revolver $200 6*2 Primary 40 HP Semi-automatic pistol

A Revolver.

Shotgun $2000 8*8 Primary 30 HP (Five bullets are fired per shot) Pump-action

A Shotgun.

Uzi $3400 20*2 Primary 22 HP Submachine gun


M16 $4000 15*2 Primary 35 HP (3 shots per click) Automatic Rifle

An M16.

M1 Garand $800 8*3 Primary 35 HP Semi-automatic Rifle

An M1 Garand.

Thompson $16,200 40*1 Primary 20 HP (Automatic) Semi-automatic pistol

A Thompson

Sniper $4000 1*10 Primary

150 HP (Slow cooldown)

(Used to be 100 HP)

Sniper Rifle

A Sniper.

Chinalake $12,000 1*6 Primary Scaled (Damage relies on how close the enemy is) Grenade launcher

A Chinalake.

Minigun $50,000 120*2 (No refill) Primary 55 HP  Automatic chaingun

A Minigun.

AK-47 $18,000 28*2 Primary 35 HP  Automatic rifle

An AK-47.

Flamethrower $30,000 50*3 Primary 15 HP + Fire Flamethrower

A flamethrower.

SPAS-12 $32,000 6*24 Primary 35 HP (6 pellets per shot) Combat shotgun

A Spas-12.

Tinpot $500 Unlimited Secondary 0 HP (Used to do damage, now just stuns normal zombies.) Melee

A tinpot.

Bat $3,500 25 Energy per use Secondary 25 HP Melee
Crowbar $3,500 15 energy per use Secondary 15 HP Melee

A Crowbar.

Colt M1877 $5,000 6*2 Secondary 55 HP Semi-automatic pistol

A Colt M1877.

Rambo Knife $22,000 Unlimited Secondary

50 HP (100 HP when thrown)

Chainsaw $45,000 Unlimited Secondary 50 HP (per tick, actually does 500 damage per click if used) Melee

A chainsaw.


Items are in-game pickups that can be used by the survivors to survive in an easier way. The list of items currently in-game before closure is as follows:

Item Effect Way to obtain Price

Heals the player

Supply Box/Store $50
Pills Heals the player, temporary Supply Box/Store

$20 (Store)

$30 (LIVE Store)

Hammer Places wooden planks Store/LIVE Store (refills)

$30 ($10 to refill from LIVE Store)

C-4 Places explosives (remotely detonated) Store $100
Grenade Explodes after 1-3 seconds of being thrown

Supply Box/Store/LIVE Store

$20 (Store) $30 (LIVE Store)
Mine Places landmine, detonates when stepped on by zombie/player who placed it Store $50
Pipebomb Lures all zombies to its location then detonates after 5 seconds Store $40
Molotov On impact it sets fire to a radius of 10-15 studs Supply Box/Store $15
Wrench Repairs and reloads turrets that are damaged or out of ammo Store $25
Baseball Damages zombie and trips Store $5
Cake Heals survivor by 50 HP, limited to one use per round Typing "cake" in chat as a survivor N/A
Candy Cane Heals survivor for 15 HP, and recovers all Energy. Store (Limited Time) $10


Vests are items that survivors and zombies can use which award them special perks.

  • Standard Vest: Gives an extra 50 HP to anyone who wears it. It can be brought for $50 each time.
  • Fireproof Vest: Resistant to any attacks from Firebreathers or any from normal fire. It can be bought for $10 each time.
  • Military Vest: Gives an extra 100 HP, and 50% blast resistance to anyone who wears it. You must have obtained at least Rank 12 or above to unlock it. It can be bought for $100.
  • Flak Vest: Allows the person to be 90% resistant to any blast created. It can be bought for $10.
  • Officer Vest: Fireproof, 50% blast resistance and an extra 150 HP. It can be bought for $300 and you need to have Rank 25 to buy.
  • Halloween Vest: Resistant to firebreathers, and gives an extra 50 HP. However, this can only be obtained for a by killing Lord Pumpkin, which has 50,000 HP.


All player zombies will receive $50 when killing a survivor. Here's the list of zombie types in-game before closure and their abilities.

Name of Zombie Special Ability Price Health Damage Done
AI Zombie None N.A. 100 4 HP
Zombie None Free (Most likely to appear onscreen) 100 8 HP
Boomer Vomiting $15 75

8 HP (Normal)

20 HP (Vomiting)

30 HP + Stun (Dying and any humans nearby take damage)

Crawler Exploding (If purchased) $20 100

10 HP (Normal)

20 HP to 50 HP (Exploding)

Hunter Devouring and Pouncing $60 100

8 HP (Normal)

24 HP (Devouring)

Smoker Tongue Grab $65 100

20 HP (Normal)

2 HP per second (Tongue Grab)

Firebreather Fire Spit and Fire Drop $145 100

10 HP (Normal)

72 HP (Damage over Time) (No damage if using Fire Proof Vest or Halloween Vest.) (Fire Spit)

24 HP (Fire Drop)

None (If user has Fireproof vest or vest with fireproof)

Tank Rock Throw $300 1000

26 HP (Normal)

Infinite HP (Rock Throw)




1000 R$ (supporters gamepass)

40-60 Scaled (Relies on explosive damage on where you exploded)

A duck.


  • Campfire Chaos: A camping site overridden by the infection. The objectives are: Call for rescue through the radio on the Second Floor of a building, Find the Pilot's teddy bear (It spawns randomly in 5 different locations), Board the Private Jet and defend it for 1 minute.
  • New Bloxcoast: An updated version of Bloxcoast City. The objectives are: Survive for 5 Minutes and Board the Helicopter and defend it for 2 minutes on the highest building.
  • CavedIn: A cave-like map with a mining base inside. The objectives are: Find the 4 gasoline tanks to power up the lights, find the 3 TNT Rolls (Spawns together randomly at 4 different locations), Collect the 6 resources in the Storage Room after blasting through the blocked cave and Board the Boat and defend it for 1 minute.
  • Dead Vacation: One of the three original maps still existent and updated. The objectives are: Find the 5 gasoline tanks to power up the lights, Use the radio and call for help on the 2nd floor of the Resort Center, Survive for 5 minutes, board the boat and defend it for 1 minute.
  • NoMercy: The rooftop of an hospital. The objectives are: Call for help through the radio at one of the structures, survive for 5 minutes, board the helicopter and defend it for 1 minute.
  • Platypus: A new map introduced in the May 2014 update. The objectives are: survive for 5 minutes, board the helicopter and defend it for 1 ninute.
  • Blackfield Station: A new map introduced in the May 2014 update. The objectives are: Find the flaregun (Looks like a Pistol except it will say Flare Gun), Survive between 4.5 minutes and 8 minutes, board the bus and defend it for 1 minute. Note that people in the back seats will not win.
  • Anti-Virus: An abandoned lab. The objectives are: Find the 4 Anti-virus flasks, apply the anti-virus and kill all remaining zombies. The last objective only appears either when all survivors are cured or when the last survivors not cured are killed by the virus.
  • Portland: A map introduced in the July 2014 update. The objective is to protect the king for 5 mintues, or capture the enemy flag three times, depending of the game mode. If the king dies, everyone will die and the game ends.
  • Sewers: A map introduced in the July 2014 Update. The objective is to survive for 5 minutes.
  • The Port: A map introduced in the August 2014 Update. The objective is to survive for 5 minutes. There is a section where one can climb up the bridge but falling from that bridge will result in serious damage or even death.
  • Subway: A map introduced in the September 2014 Update. The objectives are: restore power to the subway by pulling the control switch, go back to the spawn point and reactivate the subway system, survive for 5 minutes, board and defend the train for 1 minute. To sit on the train you need to click on the seat.
  • Oilrig: A map introduced in the November 2014 update. The objective is to survive until the end. Then, the helicopter will arrive.
  • Lay-By: The objective is to survive until the end.


Community ratings 75%
BLOXikins 9/10
Maxxz 10/10

Reason 2 Die has mixed reviews from the community. The older members say that the game was ruined and that it doesn't have the old, classical feel anymore. XiaoXiaoMan, who made the original game review back when the game was new, now thinks that the game could be better. However, some of the newer community likes the game, such that it got positive reviews (shown left) and made the game popular and profitable.

As of 5/25/2020, Reason 2 Die Awakening (R2DA) has ratings overall of 88%, a still 300 - 600 player base. and around 1.38M+ favorites with over 140M+ visits.

It has been rated by Maxxz, who claimed it was a perfect-zombie survival game for somebody who liked to use objects against humanoid-like things that can hurt you. It is loved by thousands of fans from across the ROBLOX community. The game was rated by BLOXikins who rated 9/10, and credited the game for entertainment, maps, and zombie choices.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • The original version of this game, along with Welcome to the Town of Robloxia by 1dev2, is one of the only two places not deemed terrible by the Raging Roblox Reviewer series (A famous series created by XiaoXiaoMan).
  • In the maps the vehicles for escape can only accommodate a limited number of people, hence some people may fall off the map once the vehicle moves off.
  • If a survivor wins, they will receive a range of $100 to $500 in a full server, depending on the difficulty. Servers with fewer people will result in the reward being less. All survivors who complete all objectives will receive 100 player points each.
  • A "good" strategy for the zombies to win is for someone to spawn as a tank when everyone is boarding the vehicle and take the chance to attack all the survivors who are seated in the shortest time possible. However some players have called this "cheating" and unfair as it will seal the survivor's chances of winning.
  • All maps now have a spectating mode if zombies cannot spawn or be generated into the map.
  • If more than one person goes into any of the two chambers for Anti-Virus, all but one person will die. Even if you are cured if you are trapped inside, you will die.
  • There is a glitch when the round ends and if you are a zombie and reset, your name will appear as if you are a survivor.
  • It is easier to win as a zombie in CTF Mode in CavedIn but easier to win as a human in Portland.
  • Joining the R2D Community Group will result in you having a free grenade at spawn.
  • However, joining the new R2DA Group will give you 10+ health in the game.
  • In New Bloxcoast, the elevator sometimes glitches when the elevator traps someone in between the doors for at least 1 minute. It is therefore advisable to use the stairs whenever possible.
  • Due to heavy amounts of hacking on R2D, certain commands phrases are punished by permban. Such phrases as ":kill me", ":admin" and ":ban " are some of many phrases that result in instant permban from the server. These bans can be removed by HMods.
  • It is different in R2DA, by Mods and HMods, and one admin removing bans from a special ban system they get once hired. 
  • The new Moderator+ commands in R2DA are, ban, kick, kill, kill all, endgame, warn, hide, unhide, hidebadge, showbadge, play, stopmusic, (from the R2DA soundtrack) whisper, and shutdown server.
  • CTF CavedIn used to be a huge camping gamemode for people due to the reposition feature of the LIVE Store which allowed players to teleport back to their spawn point with the flag. (One can obtain around 60K+ in a day just by spamming this trick.) It was later patched in v55 after PlaceRebuilder noticing the unfairness in earning money.
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