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Robloxaville is a game created by Playrobot. The place has reached over 8.4 million visits and over 180,000 favorites as of May 2022, and while the game title may change slightly from time to time, it is still always called Robloxaville. Robloxaville is a role-playing game about living in the suburbs, raising a family, and taking on sometimes bizarre occupations, such as a prisoner or a police officer.


Some features in this place include a Ferris Wheel, a four-story hotel with a pool, a bumper car area, a soccer field, and a car dealership. There is also a preschool, a playground, a restaurant, a Super VIP Room (Super VIP Game Pass needed), a hospital, and a police station. The game has player housing, a money system, a farm, fishing, cutting down trees, and the ability to pick fruit.

Earning Money[]

You will need to earn money from Robloxaville for many purposes, a car, house, house key, and more house features. There are several ways to earn them.

  • Receiving donations from other players.
  • Collecting fruit and fishing in the pond. These items can be sold for money.
  • Buy super VIP, and go inside the room; a money giver is located inside.

VIP & Benefits[]

  • Driver's License
If you wear the T-Shirt in-game, you get to ride on a car for 200 cash! 2 Robux for the T-Shirt.
  • Sheriff's Badge (VIP)
Located inside the police station. Wearing this T-Shirt will give you some small benefits in Robloxaville. The price is 4 Robux.
  • Super VIP
The room is located above a restaurant. Use the stairs at the right side of the restaurant to get to Super VIP. In the room, you can step on a money giver to earn free cash. Also, it has a golden axe, which cuts down tree limbs faster than the normal axe. There are some more benefits in the Super VIP room. The price for Super VIP pass is 20 Robux.
  • Halloween VIP
If you wear this shirt once in-game, you have the ability to go into Morph Magic, and click on the pumpkin in the bottom left corner. There are 6 different morphs: A large snake that moves similar to the normal snake. Another is a werewolf morph. There are two vampire morphs, the first one morphs you into a classical vampire with fangs, a tuxedo, and a pale-white skin tone. But the other one just gives you a white skin tone. Both of them have fly tools that transform you into a Black or White bat (respectively) and for the second morph eventually, you will get white bat wings. There is also a Frankenstein-esque morph and a strange, troll-looking creature.


Robloxaville has been criticized for being online dater heaven, with an environment that allegedly supports the behavior. With its popularity, Robloxaville is usually attacked by exploiters. It was formerly one of ROBLOX's most popular games, but with Playrobot's newest game, Lakeside, and other popular games, it has decreased in popularity over the years.