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Not to be confused with po_ke.

Zachary "Zack" Tarnopol (known on YouTube as Poke), known on the platform as Pokediger1, is a YouTuber with over 4,000,000 subscribers. He was formerly part of a YouTube group called The Crew and Friends, which consisted of himself and several other YouTubers such as Tofu and SeeDeng. His content commonly consists of admin commands and Welcome to Bloxburg roleplay. He has been warned many times by Roblox, has received a few bans and has even been terminated on two separate occasions. In 2020, he stopped doing Roblox videos on his main channel to switch to vlogs and switched to uploading Roblox videos on his second channel, PokePlayz, which was formerly used for Minecraft content.


Poke's termination notice

He was terminated for unauthorized purchases when he bought Robux on August 13, 2017. Two days after he bought the Robux, he was banned. On January 17, 2018, due to his free Robux giveaways, he was permanently banned from Roblox. He would later be unbanned for the Robux giveaways.


Alternate accounts

Poke has created numerous alternate accounts during his time on Roblox. These accounts include:

  • Bajoogies
  • PokeFansOutHere
  • PokeWasBanned (He used this account for a while, but soon later it got terminated too along with his main, then later unbanned and gave it away.[1])
  • PokeWBWB (His account after PokeWasBanned was terminated.)
  • PokeyD1 (Poke's newer account after getting terminated for giving away free Robux.)

Social experiment accounts

Poke has created numerous accounts solely for doing social experiments on them. These accounts include:



Poke is often criticized for relying on the clickbait trend. His fanbase is also subject to scrutiny, as many players believe that they are immature. This criticism has gotten worse ever since his Welcome to Bloxburg videos were soon to be the only thing he uploaded. Many users believe these videos are staged and are often looked down upon by the Roblox community. In 2021, Poke admitted that the videos were roleplay videos and that he wouldn't do them anymore, but later deleted the video and still uploads roleplay videos.

Trying to Get Another Username

Poke received backlash for asking Roblox to change his account name to Poke, which was used by someone else but were banned 14 years ago. This caused players to call him entitled and selfish.


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