Polyhex (formerly TylerMcBride) is the creator of the ROBLOX Adventure series, Super Bomb Survival, and owner of the Adventure Club. Because of their ROBLOX Adventure series, many ROBLOXians consider them the founder of the Adventure game genre. His newest game is Super Doomspire. A really fun updated Doomspire Brickbattle.

ROBLOX Adventure Series

ROBLOX Adventure Classic

Created in 2008, ROBLOX Adventure Classic is Polyhex's first game in the ROBLOX Adventure series. The purpose of the game is to collect tokens and defeat Noobley, the villain of the game. Unlike Polyhex's other games, ROBLOX Adventure Classic does not have a save feature.

ROBLOX Adventure II

ROBLOX Adventure II is the sequel to ROBLOX Adventure Classic and was created in 2009. The objective is similar to ROBLOX Adventure Classic. This game is considered the most popular game within the ROBLOX Adventure series.

ROBLOX Adventure: The Rise of Nobeesi

The original Roblox Adventure trilogy comes to a close as Roblox is overcome by a dark force that's absorbing the creative energy from Roblox itself! Collect the Roblox Tokens and restore ROBLOX to its former glory before it's too late!

Unlike the first two ROBLOX Adventures, this one had more scripting than all the others and included a save feature. Like its predecessors, players collect tokens to restore ROBLOX from Nobeesi.

ROBLOX Adventure: Bot Conquest

This installation of the ROBLOX Adventure series is a work in progress. The release date is unknown.

Super Bomb Survival

Main article: Community:Polyhex/Super Bomb Survival

In Super Bomb Survival, the player has to survive two minutes of bombs being rained down. Players can purchase perks and skills to make surviving the bombs less challenging. The game was a featured game during the 2015 Egg Hunt and Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time.

Mystery Mines

Mystery Mines is a in-progress game that is currently Polyhex's main focus. It follows in the footsteps of other popular mining games on ROBLOX, such as The Quarry or Azure Mines. Polyhex does post updates on their Twitter account.


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  • Many users speculate that Tyler McBride is their real name and that they changed their username out of privacy concerns. It is confirmed through their business page, where it is implied that their real name is Tyler McBride.[1]


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