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Super Bomb Survival is a bomb-themed disaster survival game created by Polyhex. The main objective in a typical round is to survive for two and a half minutes while various explosives and hazards rain from the sky and pop up from the ground. It has been featured in numerous developer-made events, such as the 2015 Egg Hunt, 2016 Trick or Treat Countdown and the 2019 Egg Hunt.


Players spawn in an arena-styled map. The map is not random; players have the choice to vote for three different maps before entering gameplay. When the game begins, many different types of bombs will drop from the sky, some more dangerous than others. As the intensity increases, bombs become more abundant, and from intensity 4+, some bombs even get replaced by their even more powerful counterparts. The goal is to survive 2 and a half minutes while the bombs rain down, while utilizing equipped skills, boosts, and perks to their advantage.

From the main menu, players could either join the main server, or reconnect to a server with different styles of gameplay. Players could either join a 24-player max server, or join a server where the intensity is always at the max (in this instance, it's 5).

As players play the game, they can choose to buy additional boosts, skills, and perks. Buying a skill is random for the three categories; Offence, Defence, and Movement; pricing increasing after every purchase. However, they can choose to buy the perk and/or boost of their choice, the cost varying on the usefulness of the item.

Offensive skills damages nearby players, ranging from planting a simple bomb, to sending a pulse that trips nearby players, to even calling a mini-nuke from the sky. The player can choose to turn PvP off in the settings, but will reduce the amount of survival points one gets. Defensive skills defend the player, examples including generating a temporary forcefield. Movement skills improve the movement of the player, and are the choice if one were to survive a round. While starting the game on a fresh account, you will already have one unlocked: the Super Jump (self-explanatory). Examples include hovering in the air for a brief period of time, turning into a ragdoll and flying across the map, and planting a designated warp zone to teleport to later.

After every round, the equipped skill of the user fills a progress bar; when the bar is full, the skill levels up to a cap of 3. As the skill increases its level, the skill becomes more powerful; one benefit is that the cooldown decreases.


There are many different types of bombs that spawn in Super Bomb Survival:

  • Standard Bombs - The basic bombs in the game, they drop in, roll around and then blow up. Some of them are larger than others, while others can slide around frictionless.
  • TNT Crates - Like the Standard Bomb, but are cubic, not spherical. This makes them harder to push around. These can also be spawned near players by players at a cost of 5 credits.
  • Dynamite - These do not explode initially, but are triggered by other bombs.
  • Soccerbombs - Like Standard Bombs, but they can be kicked around by players at a sufficient force. White Footbombs blow up after a while, while red ones are triggered when kicked.
  • Firebombs - These large bombs do not damage static terrain, but they damage players and send loose parts away with a greater force.
  • Nitro Bombs - These bombs are only triggered when players touch them, and then they explode after about three seconds. Acts similar to the TNT crate from the Crash Bandicoot series.
  • Pumpkin Bombs - A bomb which is initially invisible, but appears seconds before exploding. It does, however, give off a purple light so the Night light setting is best for finding these.
  • Zombombs - These bombs will roll towards nearby players and eventually blow up. They cannot roll up steps so players should be fine if they are several layers below.
  • Warp Bombs - A bomb that teleports all over the place before exploding. A Warp Bomb that is about to explode is colored red. This bomb looks like a Subspace Mine.
  • Black Hole Bombs - A bomb that eventually creates a large black sphere, which pulls loose parts and players inside it, dealing 15 damage. (If it sucked in the burned parts, you are REALLY done for.)
  • Shock Mines - A bomb that explodes with electricity, not fire, temporarily. Blocks zapped by electricity damage touching players over time. Deals 5 damage when touching an electrified part.
  • Freeze Mines - Like the Shock Mine, but they instead freeze their surroundings, including players. Frozen blocks have no friction but cannot be blown up. Burning parts (i.e. from Meteors or lava) will be turned into obsidian when frozen, and obsidian is indestructible.
  • Air Strikes - Missiles that fall down and explode when they hit land.
  • Cluster Rockets - Blue variants of the Air Strike which release smaller bombs on impact. These mini-bombs detonate on landing too.
  • Nukes - Arguably the most devastating bomb in the game, this sleek red missile destroys a large portion of the map. It also takes out almost any players in that range. Touching a midair Nuke gives the Brave Yet Dumb badge.
  • Homing Missiles - Probably the main bomb to look out for. It will lock on to any player and then constantly track them until they blow up. Homing Missiles spawned with the Homing Missile tier 2 skill will instead blow up at a certain location.
  • Discombobulators - A non-damaging bomb that instead trips nearby players repeatedly.
  • Stun Grenades - Another non-damaging bomb, these will instead slow down all nearby players once.
  • Confusion Grenades - Like Stun Grenades, except they can disable a player's skill, so they cannot use that skill.
  • Squid Bombs - These non-damaging bombs will move around constantly until they explode, which releases blinding ink
  • Ice Meteor -¬†A meteor in the form of blue and ice will spawn, freezing bricks and players.

After the tier 2 update, several more bombs were added:

  • Coin Bags - Bombs that spawn coins when they explode. It is unknown if you get more coins from a coin bag if a player is further away.
  • Fireballs- Smaller versions of the large meteor seen in a certain event, these fall from the sky and will burn loose parts permanently - or until they have become obsidian through a Freeze Mine.
  • Gravity Bombs - Another non-damaging bomb. These are like the Discombobulator but instead make you unable to jump - the Hover and Super Jump skills are unfazed by this.
  • Bass Blaster -¬†A bomb shaped like a boombox that does no damage, but pushes any player every beat it drops.
  • Eye Bombs -¬†A bomb colored like an eye that can spawn near players. It can stay in one place before exploding.
  • Spike Bombs¬†- A bomb that looks like a Zombie Bomb, but in a grey color. Can deal 10 damage when touched.
  • Teapot Bombs¬†- A bomb that is shaped like a teapot and acts similar to the dynamite, but a bigger explosion radius.

Some other bombs are seen in the game but are solely provided through other means:

  • Ducks - Only spawned through the Duck event. These are like Nitro Bombs but cannot be pushed. At the end of an event, a larger Duck is spawned that creates more carnage.¬†Touching five Ducks gives the Duck & Cover badge.
  • Giant Meteors - Only spawned through the Meteor event, and only one is spawned in that event. This apocalyptic object will burn everything in a large radius - including parts of layers - permanently. This can be used to your advantage with a Freeze Mine, as the parts can be frozen into obsidian.
  • Fake Coins - This looks like a coin but is slightly smaller, and if the skill is level 1 or 2, does not glow. It blows up on contact.
  • Mini Nukes - A smaller version of the regular Nuke, which glows yellow instead of red.
  • Pianos - Only spawned through either the Piano Drop skill or Piano event, introduced with the tier 2 update. Although technically not a bomb, it falls from the sky at a high velocity and crushes whatever players it lands on.
  • Fireballs - Only spawned through the Fireball skill, introduced with the tier 2 update. A big red ball that stays within its Y coordinate (so it does not move up or down) and can be pushed around by the player that spawned it. It damages players on contact and falls after a while.
  • Lightning Bolts - Only spawned through the Thunderstorm event. Like the Meteor, but they electrocute like a Shock Mine instead.
  • Rockets - Only spawned through the Rocket skill, introduced with the tier 2 update. A blue brick that moves in a straight horizontal line, and explodes when it hits anything.
  • Dial-up Bomb¬†- This bomb can appear rarely. It can deal no damage, but can blind players similar the Squid Bomb.
  • Giant Bomb - This bomb can rarely appear also. A giant version of the Standard Bomb, but can deal 30 damage.

The following were introduced in the Intensity update. They only appear in 4.0 intensity or above:

  • Giant TNT Crate - A giant form of the classic TNT Crate, it does the same damage, only with much more bigger radius.
  • Giant Stun Grenade - A giant form of the classic Stun Grenade, it has a very big radius explosion.
  • Giant Homing Missile - A giant form of the classic Homing Missile, and much more common then the other giants, it homes into a player, only with slower fuse and speed.
  • Giant Cluster Missile - A giant form of the classic Cluster Missile, it is seemingly bigger and will do more damage, with the exception of dropping more smaller bombs.
  • Giant Discombolator - A giant form of the classic Discombolator, it trips more further.
  • Giant Nitro - A giant form of the classic Nitro bomb, it is only bigger and more range but it is also the only giant bomb with a different texture, being black and yellow.
  • Giant Red Soccerbomb - A giant form of the classic Red Soccerbomb, it explodes more further and more damage.
  • Giant Bomb - ¬†A giant form of the classic bomb, it is much bigger in size and explodes more further.


These are items dropped during the round which can be picked up by touching them:

  • Coins - Picking up a coin will grant the player a various sum of currency to their total depending on its appearance; bronze coins equal 1 coin, silver coins equal 2, gold coins equal 3, event coins equal 4, tiny coins equal 5, red coins equal 10 and purple coins equal 50. These values can be tripled with the '3x Coins' gamepass, and a badge known as 'Taking Credit' can be achieved by collecting a certain total of coins.
  • Gems - Picking up a gem will add 1 to the player's total amount of gems. This cannot be boosted with a gamepass, however gems can be manually summoned in bulk if a player chooses to activate a Gem Rain. The first gem collected in this way gives the 'So Shiny...' badge.
  • Chicken Drumsticks - A healing item that is manually¬†dropped by players using the Turkey Legs skill from the Bloxgiving skill pack.
  • Flower Pots - These are only able to be dropped by players who are using the Heart Flower skill, which is obtained after purchasing the Nature's Fury skill pack. They take approximately 20 seconds to grow after initially being planted, and will heal injured players by 15 HP when picked up.
  • Heart Capsule¬†- A rare drop that will grant the player 15 HP added to their maximum total for the remainder of the round after being picked up.

Removed Drops

  • Player Points - These small red balls with white stars give 150 player points when collected - 10 before the tier 2 update, and gone after the tier 2 update.
  • Tacos - Only spawned through the Taco Spaceship event. These refuel players by 5 health when eaten.¬†Eating five Tacos gives the Taco 'Bout It badge.


A large update to Super Bomb Survival brought along events that occasionally happen during rounds - to prepare for an event, the intermission before an event round lasts 35 seconds instead of 20. However, rarely, an event will occur in 20 second intermission. They were no where to be found in Update 2.

The following events were released during this update:

  • Duck - Spawns nothing but Duck bombs. A larger Duck is spawned near the end of this event. They each do 25 damage, excluding the giant duck.
  • Taco Spaceship - A large spaceship in the form of a sombrero flies around and drops Tacos. Tacos heal 10 HP.
  • Spaceship - A UFO flies around and drops bombs. No other bombs drop while the UFO is in play. The following can be dropped by the UFO: Stun grenades, squids, nitro bombs, pumpkin bombs or the mini bombs
  • Coin Cloud - The shortest non-instant event. A golden cloud floats around and drops coins of all three types.
  • Meteor - Instant event. One Giant Meteor is spawned.
  • Vanishing Layer - Instant event. One terrain layer is gradually removed from the round. The removed layer is random.
  • Foggy Skies - Everlasting event. Fog covers the whole map until the round ends. The fog is not very dense.
  • Missile Strike - Nothing but missile-type bombs - Air Strikes, Cluster Rockets, Nukes, Homing Missiles and since the tier 2 update, Meteors - are spawned during this event. This means there can be as many as three Nukes in play at once. It also means more destruction is made.
  • Thunderstorm - A large black cloud covers the sky, covering up the spawning bombs. In addition, the cloud sends Lightning Bolts onto the map.
  • Rising Lava - The lava found below the map rises for a short time and then falls back to normal levels. This means loose parts are burned higher up, and players without suitable protection are instantly killed higher up as well.

The following were introduced during the tier 2 update:

  • No Skill - All skills are temporarily disabled. This can be a blessing as players cannot hurt you directly. However, skills that help yourself can be a disadvantage.
  • Level EX - All skills are temporarily set to level EX, the premium skill level. This can be a curse as players can deal more damage to you during this event. However, skills that help yourself can be an advantage.
  • Double Coins - Everlasting event. All coins are worth double their value for the rest of the round. This also means coins will emit sparkles while they are worth double. A player with the "Triple Coins Value" gamepass will receive a lot of credits.
  • Piano - Spawns nothing but Pianos, which are dropped directly over players. Sometimes, extremely rarely, the event may last to the end of the round.


Super Bomb Survival allows players to select various skills to help them survive. Only one skill can be selected at any one time, and all skills can be upgraded to level 3.

The initial release added 20 unique skills to choose from:

  • Super Jump - The starter skill. It shoots the player high into the air.
  • Super Run - Makes the player run faster than normal for a short time.
  • Platform - Creates a circular purple platform below the player, which all players can use.
  • Hover - Keeps the player fixed in the Y coordinate (so not up or down) for a short time. A level 3 Hover makes him/her float upwards slightly.
  • Dive - This just makes the player flop around. It can be useful for escaping Nukes quickly, or taking a suicide leap into lava.
  • Forcefield - Makes the player temporarily immune to all hazards - including lava and Nukes.
  • Heal - Heals the player by a certain number of health points.
  • Pickaxe - Allows the player to mine away terrain blocks by walking into them. Sometimes gold coins are found inside these blocks when mined.
  • Bomb - Spawns a Standard Bomb which the player is immune to.
  • Footbomb - Spawns a white Football Bomb which the player is immune to. At level EX, this will instead spawn a red Football Bomb.
  • Shock Mine -¬†Spawns a Shock Mine which the player is immune to.
  • Freeze Mine - Spawns a Freeze Mine which the player is immune to.
  • Black Hole - Spawns a Black Hole Bomb which the player is immune to.
  • Air Strike - Spawns an Air Strike which the player is immune to.
  • Fake Coin - Spawns a Fake Coin which the player is immune to.
  • Trip Pulse - Trips nearby players after a few seconds. Similar to the Discombobulator's effect, but operates only once.
  • Force Blast - Pushes loose parts and players away from you with a large force.
  • Self Destruct - Damages both nearby players and yourself, but other players are damaged more. A level 3 Self Destruct will also destroy terrain.
  • Stun Pulse - Slows nearby players down after a few seconds. Similar to the Stun Grenade's effect.
  • Confusion - Reverses the walkspeed of nearby players after a few seconds. Similar to the Confusion Grenade's effect.

The following were released during the BLOXgiving event (which people were able to get by buying the Bloxgiving Skils gamepass):

  • Spicy Turkey - Spawns an over-roast turkey which takes a great deal of damage upon touching it, and spawns 4 more bombs which also take away health.
  • Turkey Legs - Spawns 3 turkey legs which restore a bit of HP.

The tier 2 update brought along ten new skills, which can only be unlocked once all 20 other skills are unlocked:

  • Warp - Creates a warp point (looks like a green Warp Bomb but stays in midair). When the skill is used again, it teleports the player to his/her warp point and removes the warp point. A level 3 Warp emits a force blast on warping.
  • Healing Pulse - Similar to Heal, but heals nearby players instead. A level 3 Healing Pulse also heals the player with the skill slightly.
  • Gravity Pulse - Makes nearby players unable to jump after a few seconds. Similar to the Gravity Bomb's effect, but only operates once.
  • Ink Blast - Blinds nearby players after a few seconds. Similar to the Squid Bomb's effect. A level 3 Ink Blast also damages nearby players slightly.
  • Mini Nuke - Spawns a Mini Nuke which the player is immune to.
  • Fireball - Spawns a Fireball which the player is immune to.
  • Piano Drop - Spawns a Piano above the player. He/She is NOT immune to the Piano, so he/she needs to get out of the way.
  • Homing Missile - Spawns a Homing Missile, which tracks where the player stood when he/she used the skill. He/She is immune to the missile.
  • Stealth Mine - Spawns a Stealth Mine, which the player is immune to. He/She also cannot activate it when they walk on it.
  • Rocket - Spawns a Rocket which the player is immune to.

The following skill was only obtainable during the Summer games 2015 event sponsored by the Minions movie.

  • Banana Peel- Spawns a banana peel which causes players to trip for a second when they touch it.

These 3 skills were released for a limited time during the Halloween event 2016. The banana peel has been added back. Can be found hidden in the lobby.

  • BOO-Creates a small jumpscare like face that trips people over.(Kinda like the trip pulse).The effect last for 2-3 seconds.
  • Pumpkin bomb-Spawns a pumpkin that goes invisible and after 10 seconds it goes visible and it explodes.
  • Spooky Jump-Allows the player to jump high while also creating a small explosion that can harm players too, leaving a trail of ghosts¬† after it.

These were limited time  exclusive winter skills that could have  been purchased for 95 gems.

  • Ice Spikes-Summons spikes all around you to damage other players.
  • Freeze Staff-Summons a spike of ice that freezes any player that touches it.
  • Ice Tower-Creates a sturdy ice tower below you to rise to new heights.

This is an exclusive skill which was obtainable during the Holiday 2017 event.

  • Ice Meteor-Summons a blue ice ball that freezes everything and everyone when landed

Added in 6/26/18, there are now new skills in SBS (v.3.1)! In total (including Nature's Fury skill pack which includes 4) There are 9 new skills!

  • Truss- If you need to climb somewhere, use the truss!
  • Poison Mine- Keep enemies away from a specific place and if someone goes inside your mist, they slowly lose health.
  • Lightning Bolt- Summon lightning from the sky to strike the ground and electrify.
  • Magnet- Attracts in objects near it. (Does not work on players)
  • Disarm- Nullifies nearby bombs. (Works like trip pulse and gravity pulse, it does a smoke animation on your character first)

There is a new skill pack called ‚ÄúNature‚Äôs Fury‚ÄĚ with 4 new skills! It cost 75 diamonds.

Nature's Fury

  • Tornado Bomb- Works like a regular bomb except if hit, you will go flying into the sky! (Doesn‚Äôt harm anybody)
  • Tornado Mine- Exactly like the Tornado Bomb except it is a mine (it is invisible)
  • Heart Flower- A flower in a vase. When you use it, it will take time to grow, but when it does, it gives you 15 HP! (You can plant as many as you want) Also, when they grow, a flower plant icon will appear on it so it can be seen across the map,
  • Storm Cloud- The storm cloud is a little cloud that rains water bubbles and moves across the map and anybody that goes under it gets struck by lightning! It's small but deadly!


On top of skills, Super Bomb Survival has several 'passive skills', or perks, to choose from. Only one perk can be active at once, unless you buy the second perk gamepass.

The initial release had the following perks:

  • No Perk - Starter perk. As you may guess, it's actually no perk at all.
  • Hardcore Mode - The only perk that does not help the player. It sets his/her health to 25 (default: 100) and disables the perk he/she has selected. However, he/she earns double coins on winning or losing - initially 1.5 times as much before the tier 2 update. Badges are available for winning one, 10 and 100 games with this perk equipped, also for winning a round on intensity 4.0+ with this perk equipped.
  • Panic Shield - Emits a forcefield for a very short time whenever the player is damaged. Useful for avoiding combo damage.
  • Second Wind - Fully heals the player when the timer is down to 30 seconds left. This can be useful for getting the No Harm Done badge. NOTE: Before the 3.53 update, the perk only healed you at the final 15 seconds. In the 3.53 update, the perk has been buffed.
  • Unshakable - Stops bombs from making the player fall down - instead, he/she will wobble around a bit. Useful for not tripping into lava.
  • Tough Cookie - Adds 25 health to the player. Helps survivability.
  • Speed Runner - Boosts the player's walkspeed. Helps for collecting coins.
  • Heavyweight - Allows the player to push bombs easier, and it also makes him/her rather heavy.
  • Lava-Proof - Makes the player immune to lava, but not flaming parts. Completely useless on 5.0 intensity (except for the map Basic Plain), since most of loose parts are going to fall in lava.
  • Big Saver - Restores health to the player by collecting coins, at a rate of 5 health per credit.
  • Last Trick¬†- If the player dies while equipped with that perk, it will unleash 4 small bombs to troll players.

Four tier 2 perks were added in the tier 2 update, and required all other perks unlocked first:

  • Tank - Adds 50 health to the player, but reduces his/her walkspeed.
  • Quick Charge - The player's selected skill charges faster than usual.
  • Double Jump - Allows the player to jump once in midair. Useful for covering more height and ground.
  • Foolhardy - Makes the player immune to ink, gravity, stun and confusion blasts - both from other players and from the respective bombs.
  • Air dash- Allows you to dash forward in the air by jumping again in mid air. You get this if you redeem a toy code item. (there was a glitch when it was just released that allowed you to get this for -1 gems and -1 coins. Also you could constantly buy it and get free gems. It was then patched and removed from shop and taken away from player's inventories)

As of 6/26/18, there are now 8 new perks!

  • Shock Absorb- Instead of getting hurt when hit by electric explosions, it charges your skill all the way up!
  • Bomb Vision- You can see bombs thru walls and everything, they are marked by a red circle.
  • Tactician- You can see what skills and perks other players have! (Helpful in big servers)
  • Regeneration- Slowly gives you health after not being damaged for a while.
  • Unseen- Any homing missile won‚Äôt target you!
  • Anti-freeze- Immune to freezing and ice! (Cost 800 coins,7 diamonds)
  • Gas Mask- Immune to poison clouds! (Cost 7500 coins,20 diamonds)
  • Crystal Wings- Most costliest Perk! You can fly around in the sky! But it can be damaged and disabled for a while. (Cost 50000 coins, 550 diamonds)


Boosts can be bought at the shop using credits or gems. These boosts will be activated when you play a round.

The following are the boosts:

  • Super Skill - Gain a Level EX skill for one round.
  • Low Gravity - Makes you float around with low gravity for one round.
  • x2 Win Credits¬†- Win double the amount of credits you win from that round.
  • Silly Mode - Not technically a boost, but makes your animations wacky for one round.
  • +30 Maximum HP¬†- Gives you 30 more maximum health for a round. Stacks with other bonuses.



Name Image Pass Description Robux
Second Perk Slot
SBS Double Perk Pass
Allows you to equip 2 Perks at once. 450
Triple Coin Value
SBS Triple Coin Pass
Gives you x3 Credits for every coin you pick up during a round. (Bronze will be worth 3, silver worth 6, & gold worth 9) 65

Gives you 150% Win Credits & Skill EXP. Also unlocks Daily VIP Challenges, doubles your Damage Bonus cap, and gives you 150 Gems as a bonus!

+10 Max HP
Gives you some extra health during the game. Great for that extra survivability!

Stacks with health-increasing Perks.

Map Vote Priority
SBS Vote Priority Pass
Your map votes count as 3 votes. 35


Name Image Pass Description Robux
Bloxgiving Skills
SBS Bloxgiving Pass
Back on sale for autumn! Gives you two Thanksgiving-themed skills, "Spicy Turkey" (an offensive skill) and "Drumsticks" (a healing skill). 60


Super Bomb Survival, like most popular games, has badges to collect while playing. Collecting these badges will also give bonus credits.

The following were initially released with the game:

  • It's a Blast! - Play the game for the first time.
  • Back For More - Play the game for the second time.
  • Button Masher* - Step on the coloured buttons in the lobby several times.
  • Target Practice -¬†Hit the target
  • Survivor - Win one round.
  • Fuse Rank - Win ten rounds.
  • Iron Rank - Win 25 rounds.
  • Nitro Rank - Win 100 rounds.
  • Crystal Rank - Win 250 rounds.
  • Hardcore - Win one round with the Hardcore Mode perk.
  • So Close!! - Lose in the last 30 seconds.
  • Brave Yet Dumb - Touch an airborne Nuke. The Forcefield skill allows you to get this badge without dying.
  • Taking Credit - Collect 100 credits worth of coins.
  • So Shiny... - Collect a gem during a round.
  • Just Gettin' Started - Play ten rounds.
  • Seasoned Survivor - Play 100 rounds.
  • Skilled Buyer - Buy one skill.
  • I've Got Skillz*¬†- Buy all skills. After the tier 2 update, this badge allows you to access tier 2 skills.
  • Levelling Your Odds - Upgrade one skill.
  • Maximum Power* - Upgrade all skills to level 3.
  • Perking Up - Buy one perk.
  • Perkiest One Around* - Buy all perks. After the tier 2 update, this badge allows you to access tier 2 perks.
  • The Completionist - Upgrade all skills to level 3 and buy all perks.
  • A Brush With Great - Meet Polyhex, the creator, in a server.
  • Explosive Rookie - Play the game for an hour. The time spent ingame saves.
  • Explosive Master - Play the game for ten hours. The time spent ingame saves.
  • Score!! - Get a total of 1000 points. Points are earned through winning rounds and collecting coins.
  • Pizza My Heart¬†- Eat 250 slices of pizza.
  • Target Practice - Hit the target at lthe lobby.

* = That badge is deleted.

The following were released with the event update:

  • Duck & Cover - Touch five Ducks in a Duck event.
  • Taco 'Bout It - Eat five Tacos in a Taco Spaceship event.

The following were released during the BLOXgiving event, which Super Bomb Survival was a main place for:

  • Bloxgiving Bomber - Play the game during the event.
  • Thankful Survivor - Win one round during the event.
  • Frantic Feast Grabber - Collect the Big Turkey during the event.

The following was released with the daily bonus update:

  • Week-End Warrior - Play for seven days in a row and redeem the 1 gem bonus. After the tier 2 update, the bonus was increased to 2 gems.

The following were released with the tier 2 update:

  • Nuclear Rank - Win 1000 rounds.
  • Hardcore Hero - Win ten rounds with the Hardcore Mode perk.
  • Hardcore Hierophant - Win 100 rounds with the Hardcore Mode perk.
  • Superskilled Buyer - Buy one tier 2 skill.
  • Maximum Power 2 - Upgrade all tier 2 skills to level 3.
  • Perking Way Up - Buy one tier 2 perk.
  • A Complete Feat - Upgrade all tier 2 skills to level 3 and buy all tier 2 perks.

The following were released during the 2015 Egg Hunt, which Super Bomb Survival was a main place for:

  • Last Egg Standing - Exclusive egg to Super Bomb Survival. Spawned during the last 30 seconds of some rounds.
  • Eggmageddon -¬†Exclusive egg to Super Bomb Survival.¬†Sometimes spawned when a Nuke explodes. It is unaffected by gravity, which usually¬†requires skills like Super Jump or Hover, or the Double Jump perk to collect.
  • Super Bomb Egg -¬†Exclusive egg to Super Bomb Survival.¬†Functions like a Standard Bomb, but with a shorter fuse.
  • Golden Egg of Riches -¬†Exclusive egg to Super Bomb Survival. It can either spawn from digging with the Pickaxe skill, or from a Coin Bag exploding.
  • Scramblin' Egg of Teleportation -¬†Exclusive egg to Super Bomb Survival.¬†Teleports every few seconds, like a Warp Bomb.
  • Admins' Egg of Mischief - Can only be spawned manually by players with the Bunny Ears of Mischief, with a five-minute cooldown.
  • Hipster Egg of Retro¬†- Can only be collected if the player is wearing an old Hat. Examples of hats that work: Red Baseball Cap and Ninja Mask of Light.
  • Beehive Egg of Infinite Stings - Spawns bees that attack nearby players, dealing five damage each.
  • Thunderstorm Egg - Deals 20 damage and trips nearby players.
  • Bird Egg - Flies around and drops eggs on players. When players are not near one, they will land on the ground. Only obtainable when landed.
  • Racing Egg of Fast Cars - Drives away from nearby players. To collect, just ram it in a corner.
  • Sharing Egg of Gifting - When picked up, it shows a green arrow pointing to another player. When the player who the arrow points to is touching you, they get the egg. Sometimes the egg is meant to go to someone in the lobby, which cannot be done as the egg is removed upon winning a round.

Recent Updates

-As of the 2.01 and 2.11 updates, Super Bomb Survival added custom particles. Skills are now shedding custom particles instead of sparks. The following bombs are given particles:

  • Discombobulator
  • Homing Missile
  • Air Strike
  • Cluster Missile
  • Black Hole Generator
  • Stun Grenade
  • Confusion Grenade
  • Freeze Mine
  • Shock Mine
  • Firebomb
  • Squid
  • Gravity Mine

- On one update, a new mechanic was introduced: Intensity. The higher the intensity, the more difficult the round will be, but claim better rewards.

- As of the 2.22 update, Ragdoll Support and R15 support was added.

- There are over 100 maps.

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