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SPACE SAILORS is a Roblox game created by Pulsarnova where players can skydive, fly in rockets, planes and other aircraft.



There are currently five locations in space that players can travel in the in-game rockets, which are the lunar gateway space station, the International Space Station, the Moon, Mars and Ceres.

There are currently 3 rockets as of April 19, 2022, the SLS (Space Launch System) on the spawn island (Pistol Island) and the Soyuz on the Cosmodrome, HL-20 on Kennedy Space Center (Florida). Players can go to the cosmodrome or Kennedy Space Center (Florida) by going to the airport on Pistol Island and taking the F15 on the runway.

As a part of space content, players can collect Martian and lunar samples by equipping their pickaxe at the Martian or lunar bases. To collect samples, click/press the screen with the "collect sample" tool. Players can then return these samples in exchange for in-game currency. To return the samples to the space stations, players must equip the samples and press deposit.


Besides going to space, it is possible to skydive. To skydive, players need to go to the skydiving building. This will teleport them to the tropopause station, which is around 41,000 studs high. On top of the station is another teleporter, which sends the player to the stratosphere station, which is 100,000 studs high. The teleporter on the stratosphere sends them to the mesosphere station, which is 280,000 studs high and the teleporter of the mesosphere station sends them to the thermosphere, which is 1,000,000 studs high. It is also possible to skydive by jumping off of a high structure or jumping out of a rocket. Skydiving only occurs under 85,000 studs. It will cause the screen to shake and the player will stretch their arms out while looking down. To stop skydiving in the air, players can equip a parachute. However, parachutes only work under 20,000 stubs. Players can also use a smoke trail, which can help them locate other players skydiving with them. When a player is above 85,000 studs, they will fall how they would in any other Roblox game.

3 Day Challenge[]

The 3 Day Challenge is an extreme realism based challenge on the 3 day (72 hour) real time travel between the earth and the moon. The challenge has so far only been completed by few people with many failed attempts.

During the challenge multiple things/events may conspire to terminate the attempt which includes but is not limited to:

  • System overstress/overheat
  • Internet connection loss
  • Game Crash
  • Accidental key press or mouse movement
  • Sabotage
  • Unexpected bluescreen
  • Unexpected restart
  • Power loss
  • Incorrect setup
  • Auto click software fail
  • Roblox problems

Upon completion of the challenge the player will be given the badge and a golden moon as a in game item/trophy, s/he can also request to the creator to be added onto the special 3 day challenge rank of the Roblox group, called the 'Three Day Gang'. All in game gamepasses will now be free (confirmed by the creator) for those who had completed the challenge to use around freely although they wont get any refunds for spent Robux.

The Badge icon for the 3 day challenge.

The Badge icon for the 3 day challenge.

Here is the list of users who are known to have completed the 3 Day Challenge, according to the Space Sailor's Three Day Gang name list as of June 4, 2021.

  • cyberanakinvader
  • chs_sky
  • GoDziLLa2019fann
  • klaisz
  • fighterboym
  • milo2126
  • burtobi
  • MateiOMG35
  • robloxmartinmartin04
  • Crystalskull5m
  • AmanDarwisyGaming
  • naranjja
  • Mr_Gobbles5
  • Disillusioned333
  • piefan11
  • GG_Endgame
  • XxgearxX266
  • MarcoMa2010
  • 5arg3nX
  • iammuybien
  • MindaugasGames
  • Brodymk45_Gaming
  • CommandoMCg
  • tylerw1231
  • xXCrazyCrazyDudeXx


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • This game was nominated in the 8th Annual Bloxys.
  • You can time warp to space. This only works in VIP Servers and Solo Servers.
  • The game was originally created as a simple activity to fill up lockdown boredom, as stated in the first version re-release.[1]
    • The game was also originally called Atmospheric Fog Demo.
  • Most of the game's soundtrack comes from the sandbox game, Kerbal Space Program and Universe Sandbox.
  • There exists an easter egg in which if the player travels several kilometers from the Moon base, one can encounter an Apollo Lunar Module descent stage, a bleached US flag, Lunar Roving Vehicle and an Apollo Passive Seismic Experiments Package.