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QuintinityZero (formerly Piedude777) is a Roblox game developer noted for creating the game Epic Mining 2. Before Epic Mining 2, he made the prequel called Epic Mining. Epic Mining has been made inactive/removed from his places as of June 14, 2015. He currently stopped updating the game for 4-5 years, reason = He left to work on a IOS and Android game called "Element Tower Defense". He now works as a devloper for Element Studios. The last thing he planned to do was "Quarry update" he put all of his work in it and now it's forgotten in the "Epic Mining 2 - Development". He was also working on chests that are also at development place.

Based on his twitter he will not be coming back to roblox to devlop anything anytime soon.

He now works as a devloper for Element Studios Based of his Twitter bio and the website itself.

There was also a sponsored event in 11-11-2015 "The good dinosaur". For completing the event you earned DasviDino hat 

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