r0cu is a player on Roblox who is most known for having won the one-of-a-kind Dominus Venari from the Ready Player One event. Prior to this, he was not well known outside of groups dedicated to 'bhopping' and 'surfing'. He currently works as a builder and has been commissioned by groups such as Trade.


r0cu was subjected to scrutiny after winning the first copy of the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder, as it was found that many players who had completed the quiz successfully before him were presented with an error that prevented them from advancing and stuck them in place until they closed the window. This bug was soon fixed by Ravenshield (the creator of the obby), however, he did not shut down the obby's servers after the fix so ultimately no one knew the bug had been fixed. Thus, it was a matter of who was lucky enough to complete the quiz first without knowing about the fix.

A while after he received the Dominus Venari, many hate accounts named after him started appearing in search results for his name, such as 'r0cuGoDie', 'r0cuUsesNoclip' and 'r0cuisahacker'. There were even a few that claimed to have leaked some of his own personal information, and this was likely what prompted the Roblox staff to delete the majority of accounts named after r0cu so they would not show up when his name was searched in the player search. Only 9 accounts remain named after r0cu. It eventually impacted his family, and it went to the point where they felt the need to contact authorities due to all the outrage from people who wanted the Dominus Venari.

Finally, some YouTubers added fuel to the already burning fire by telling their audiences that r0cu was not the true winner of the Dominus Venari, however, this was mostly so that they could take advantage of the Ready Player One event being a hot topic to rack up video views and subsequently ad revenue.


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  • He is from Denmark.
  • On his Twitter, r0cu shared a screenshot of a 3-day ban notice that was caused by providing a fake receipt. This was because other people were sending fake receipts to customer service in order to try and take advantage of his account.[1]
  • He is friends with ultragoat, another player that used to own a one-of-a-kind hat in the form of the Ultra Commando.


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