Chaos Canyon is a BrickBattle fighting game created by Shedletsky and published under the ROBLOX account. In collaboration with Roblox players, the game features community-created models from users such as PilotLuke, tingc222, and Yahoo. Chaos Canyon is one of the first games created on Roblox.

Although a popular game during its prime, it did not see the same success as Crossroads and Rocket Arena.


There is no specific objective of the game, although it is almost always used as a free-for-all BrickBattle arena.

The tools in the game contain standard BrickBattle weapons.


The game was first created in 2006 by Telamon (who is now known as Shedletsky.) . It features buildings created by PilotLuke (Stealth Pilot), tingc222, and Yahoo.

Chaos Canyon consists mainly of:

  • PilotLuke's Battle Cube: A fairly enclosed cube with a series of stairs in and out.
  • Sky Bridge: Bridges on the outside part of the map that leads to the area near the Complex and the underground part of the Ruins. Regenerates with the Ruins.
  • Ruins: A destroyed temple with Battle Armor (gives +100 health) and an underground section.
  • Complex: A red-yellow building that resembles the Tower in Crossroads.
  • Sadwater Village: A small village with few houses.
  • Endless Stairs: A series of long stairs.

In 2011/2012, the game was revamped with new material textures on the bricks and a new color palette.

As of 2017, the game is inaccessible for unknown reasons and automatically shuts down upon joining.


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