RUST_010 is a horror developer but most people consider him a myth or upcoming myth. He mainly known for his horror games, which older ones showed the player dying. The newer games no longer do. He also owns the r u still there? group, which has over 24K members. He also owns a group named OP_RUST with 200+ players in it which this group was made sometime on May 3rd-May 4th.


Lots of theory's have been made and mine is like most of them. All his games are abandoned WWII places, comment down below and I could answer your questions. Anyway, he made something as he calls IT. No, it's not a clown. It's like a demonic creature that wears a white dress. The locations could be abandoned houses of RUST's fellow soldiers. RUST could've made himself in to a half human half robot thing. It seems stupid but the way he acts proves it correct. 
  • RUST_010 as of May 5th, 2020. He is wearing the logo for OP RUST and a nice hat.
  • RUST wearing the Scary Larry mask, he was seen wearing this in late January to early February.
  • RUST_010 when he first joined roblox, he had nothing on at all.
  • RUST_010 wearing his scarecrow hat, he is known for this avatar well.
  • RUST_010's normal avatar that he always has on besides when he changes stuff for a day.


RUST_010 has created an assortment of horror games that included cryptic messages, dark maps, fake players, and jumpscares, all intended to scare the player. Among his most visited were Smile, happy and R U S T. However, all his games were privated on an unknown date for undisclosed reasons. But on his discord server he revealed he was making them all.



It's out there...

in the distance...

look behind you...


the sunken place

it's lurking in the woods...

can you see it?



I'd put the link to his games but they are private so there is no point. You can find them in his inventory though if you want to see the game icons and stuff.


He owns a self-titled channel with over 29K subscribers and 8 videos. He primarily uploads creepy, ambient videos often without context, in a similar fashion to Roblox myths publishing myth games. As of March 28, 2020, his channel has amassed over 770K views. He mainly uses it for posting teaser trailers for his upcoming games. It has been proved he uses VEGAS Pro 14 or 15 to edit his videos.


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  • His profile picture on YouTube is an white, RGB-separated ASCII face over a faded black background.
  • People thought RUST had an alternate account called RUST_TRUST but it was just someone inspired by RUST_010.
  • He has used different seemingly-normal alternate accounts to spy on Flamingo playing his games.
  • He actually revealed on his delete discord server that he was 17 years old with dirty blonde hair and that he'll do a face reveal some day.
  • He admitted that he likes exploring abandoned buildings outside of his myth. And it is an inspiration for the locations in his story.
  • RUST revealed on his discord server that he is making a new game along with remaking all his old games(which he made private.)
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