The Lords of Nomrial, also known as TLON: The Third Age, is the second installment in the Range's Cape series of roleplaying games, was created on 9/12/2010 and officially released in December 2012.  It is a very popular game. The game was once known as the Lords of Range's Cape but later renamed to the Lords of Nomrial as it got revamped into an almost completely different game in 2014. This attracted a lot of new players, but the popularity of the game is far from what it used to be.


The Lords of Nomrial takes place after Tales, and the land of Nomrial (previously known as the lands of Range's Cape) is in danger once again. The evil lord Yaxocieus, behind the events of the first game, has sent more minions to take over the land. The Dominus (Means lord in Latin) are his lead minions, with Dominus Ultimus being the most powerful and Ukaroz will beat the poo poo out of you so watch out.

Advancements in RPGs

RangeMeludE's roleplaying series Nomrial (previously known as Range's Cape) has been responsible for pioneering many advancements within the roleplaying genre on Roblox. In Tales, players were given a code to save all their stats, and would have to write the long code down (or memorize it, but that would be hard). This inconvenience was improved upon in Lords. Instead of using password saves, this game uses checkpoint-based saves. When you earn a badge for having a certain amount of gold, reaching a certain level, or defeating a boss, the games save this, so it knows what you've done at least in intervals. By the time the player has an extremely high level or amount of gold, it can take hours of non-stop play before you earn a badge to save your progress, turning many players off of the game once they complete the main story.

Another advancement was the progression of narrative story-telling. The original Nomrial/Range's Cape game simply told you who the villains were (which wasn't even explained too clearly), and from there you grew more powerful and defeated some bosses (which could be done out of order) until you won over the main villain, Destructias. There were also side quests, some meant for post-game (again, you were merely advised when to do things), like the Wyverns and Chaos. In the sequel, the world was divided up into small areas (something that, despite being more organized, was not well-received, leading Range to decided against it in the under-development third game). You had to reach a certain level before progressing. The home area and central hub allowed you to go to each area and grow powerful enough to defeat that area's Dominus, until you beat Dominus Ultimus. From there, you had the ability to enter a formerly off-limits house that contained something evil. That evil was a teleporter to the smoke-filled arena where you fight Crystal Dominus Ultimus, a challenging boss, usually fought around Level 30. After that, the main story led you through a wasteland and mountains, until you fought and defeated Yaxocieus. Side quests, some meant for post-game, were also available, but were extremely challenging.

The third and final major improvement is the boss battles. Before, bosses were just more powerful enemies that you had to hit more times and run away from more often. Now, though many boss fights were still like that, some had twists, like the smoke blocking your view in the Crystal Dominus Ultimus fight, or the spells Irileth would cast. Boss battles are still not on par with the ones seen in retail games (take Legend of Zelda boss battles, for example), but they are now more unique challenges. 

RPGs on ROBLOX still have a far ways to go, but RangeMeludE's games are the frontier. 

Monster database

RangeMeludE published a "Monster Database" list for The Lords of Nomrial on January 23, 2014. The list contains the names, levels, health, damage and attack styles for every monster in the game. It is really neat for fans.

Monster Level Health Max dmg. Attack Style
Orc 1 22 4 Melee
Orc Warrior 2 31 4 Melee
Orc Giant 3 48 4 Melee
Orc Mage 4 29 4, 17 Melee, Magic
Orc Warlord 5 50 9 Melee
Frozen Minion of Fulmen 6 71 11 Melee
Elite Minion of Fulmen 8 98 14 Melee
Dominus Fulmen 10 500 29 Melee
Thunderclaw Soldier 11 285 3 Melee
Thunderclaw Servant 12 317 3 Melee
Swamp Monster 12 211 27 Melee
Swamp Giant 14 370 89 Melee
Swamp Hero 15 441 36 Melee
Mummy 16 502 27 Melee
Mummy Champion 17 711 27 Melee
Mummy King 18 1786 31 Melee
Dominus Flamma 20 3000 29 Melee
Orc Champion 24 3168 21 Melee
Metal Giant 27 8359 379 Melee
Servant of Fire 29 10000 48 Melee
Dominus Ultimus 30 5000 30 Melee
Angry Dominus Ultimus 30 15000 27 Melee
Skeleton Warrior 33 4682 33 Melee
Skeleton Mage 37 4728 29, 107 Melee, Magic
Thunderclaw Warlord 49 5620 87 Melee
Crystal Dominus Ultimus 50 30000 49 Melee
Marauder 52 9218 103 Melee
Iron Golem 70 17000 81 Melee
Thunderclaw Commander 70 8003 127 Melee
Steel Golem 81 21000 121 Melee
Thunderclaw General 87 20090 99 Melee
Crystal Skeleton 89 16400 85 Melee
Golden Golem 94 26900 159 Melee
Destructias Ravager 99 24178 159 Melee
Ikrelath 100 16200 61, 225 Melee, Magic
Marauder Leader 104 29544 103 Melee

Destructias Sage

Alzyan Brute

Alzyan Guardian













Orc Archmage Chief

Alzyan Summoner





119, 459


Melee, Magic


Destructias Sentinel

Alzyan Warlock





239, 375

195, 125

Melee, Magic

Melee, Magic

The Goldhunter 188 91852 278, 811 Melee, Magic
Commander Alvericus 199 59002 314 Melee







219, 697


Melee, Magic


Thalis the Ancient

Alzyan Obscuro

Greater Alzylix














Alzyan Shadowseer





133, 425


Melee, Magic


Yaxocieus Spirit 364 200000 217, 377 Melee, Magic


Lord Velocaghus





411, 129


Melee, Magic

Melee, Magic

Landgrim 429 392684 123, 424 Melee, Magic
Dominus Invictus 598 429229 197, 2477 Melee, Magic
Alzyan Overlord 624 727476 111, 1877 Melee, Magic
Ermugath 749 684120 219, 1011 Melee, Magic
Thalis the Ferocious 817 922500 592, 3101 Melee, Magic
Super Sentinel 922 1400000 629, 5297 Melee, Magic
Ukaroz, Warrior of Eternity 998 1279063 860, 8392 Melee, Magic


The Lords of Nomrial was one of the three nominees for the "Best RPG" category in the Hall of Fame for the Roblox Game Conference 2012, where it lost to Legend of the Shattered Rune by Naxic .

The Lords of Nomrial was previously known as The Lords of Range's Cape. Yourius concluded the "Range's Cape" part never had any definition or context in the newer series. To give the game a more professional look, he was forced to change this because it wouldn't match the story if it was kept. "It was never clear how the actual game world was called, it was basically just "The lands of Range's Cape" using "Range's Cape" again, automatically removing all game logic and lore. From now on, the game world will be known as "Nomrial"." - Yourius

The game got completely revamped by Yourius and PyroInfinity shortly after the name change (July 2014). The revamped game was a big step using completely different mechanics and more details to give the player a more 'fantasy/medieval' feeling. It included background music, a completely redesigned interface, more NPCs to talk to and revealing more of the plot and major improvements to the mobs. 

The classic game (before the revamp) can still be found on Yourius' profile: The Lords of Range's Cape Classic.

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