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Raphael7 was a user best known for his games Pokemon Universe and Pokemon. He owned the group Crank Studio which had around 30k+ members and 6 developers, moderators, and admins.

He deactivated his Twitter account and deleted his Discord server, Crank Studio/Monsterblox, and quit Roblox after being terminated and for being exposed out by multiple individuals for his actions.[citation needed]

He had a moderately-sized moderation team for Crank Studios, although he attempted to get lewd images out from two individuals, succeeding with one and failing with the other in getting nudes from a Roblox developer and one of Crank Studio's Admins respectively.[citation needed]


Somewhere around April 2011, Raphael7 was hacked by xZeroKoolx/Knittedsweater. Due to this, he lost the Dominus Frigidus from his inventory.[citation needed]


Raphael7 was terminated for successfully buying Serenity, a virtual therapy group in Roblox for aa undisclosed amount of Robux.


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  • Raphael7 had almost 100 Supa Fly Caps in possession at one point.[citation needed]
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