Field of Battle is a medieval genre game made by rcouret. As of March 30, 2019, the game has been visited 44,170,519 times and favorited 332,285 times.

Field of Battle participated in the Space Battle event.


In the start of a game, a random map is chosen (unless voted on with the command: mapvote [map name]). Every once in awhile (1/7 chance)(10 or more people are needed) a demon will spawn and the map will then be chosen after the players defeat the demons.

There are three teams: Orcs, Rogue and Humans. Orc and Humans has one main goal, defeat the opponent's general. The rogue has small camps that is set in a place in almost every map. If you take over the rogue, the soldiers will join your team and fight against the opposite team.

Each team has its own base and defending NPCs, which will depend on the map. The "bases" will spawn NPC troops to assist you in battle. Newcomers start with a rusty sword, a pickaxe, and a short bow.


To vote a map, do :mapvote [mapname]. You can check the list of the map by using the command: maplist


The humans have a small camp with tents in 2 rows on the surface. The orcs are underground. There are tunnels leading underground which will connect both teams to the opposing team's base. In the centre of the map is a small opening with ores, it is also a rogue point, using all the rogue NPCs. The bosses available on this for Humans are Lieutenant Colonel Morgan, Prince Hadrian, and Commander Meridius. The bosses available to Orcs are Kor'kron Overseer, Knolgar, and Troglar. This is the only map where Knolgar is used. Flying is disabled on this map. When a round lasts a very long time, the generals grow impatient and join the fight. The system will display a message saying "The generals have grown impatient and are joining the fight!".


There are two castles and between them with a grassy field. Each castle has a wall with two towers and the throne room is behind the walls. All bosses are available. There are no rogue points available to capture on this map.


The same map as Kingdoms, but the grass is darker and there is a hill between the two castles. That hill has a rogue point which holds two of every rogue (but not prisoners) All bosses (but Megathron and Dread Pirate Vakar) are available for both sides. Note: when an enemy player or NPC steps closer than 10 steps of the throne room, a gate will come crashing down, which can only be broken by an NPC. 


Savannah is a map that the castle is full of guards. There is a camp of Rouges and a Waterfall that tell you the Creator of the map when you click the Sword. The bosses for Humans are Lieutenant Colonel Morgan, Prince Hadrian, Commander Meridius, and Champion Hawklight. The Orcs bosses are Kor'kron Overseer, Orc Skeleton King, Argug the Destroyer and High Chieftain Xurukk.


Both castles are on a small hill with a valley between them. The only ways to get to the other castle is crossing the bridge, going under the bridge, or crossing the valley. There are also four mini-bases throughout the map: two on each hill. They are guarded by rogues. If you manage to kill all the rogues and capture the flag in a mini-base, the rogues will join your side. Rogues will spawn and help your army. On this specific map only, Rogue Prisoners spawn near their flags to man the Rogue Catapults. The bosses available for Humans are Prince Hadrian, Commander Meridius, and Champion Hawklight. For orcs: Argug the Destroyer, Orc Skeleton King, and Chieftain Xurruk.


The humans have a small camp with many tents. There are stakes pointing forward as walls. The orcs are on a small plateau which can be easily climbed by jumping. There is also a river in the middle of the map, in which it can be crossed by using the bridge or swimming across. All bosses (but Megathron and Dread Pirate Vaker) are available for each side.


Both the humans and orcs have bases located at each end of the cavern. There are two passages to get to the other end.  Flying is disabled while in this map.


The humans are at the island's edge as if they just boarded there as seen by the boats in the background. The Orcs have the fortress, preparing to defend themselves from what may be their island home. Human Bosses: Megathron, Hawklight, Commander Meridius, and Prince Hadrian. Orc Bosses: Chief Xurruk, Dread Pirate Vakar, Orc Skeleton King, and Argug the Destroyer.


The Human and Orc teams spawn in castles featuring event posters. There are 2 Rogue points; the waterfall and the mine. In the waterfall, there is a Yeti. It can be awoken by fireballs that spawn randomly on the map every 5 minutes. Dubbed ‘Eternal Fires’ whenever your team gets 3 to the Yeti's base, your team can unleash the Yeti. If you put an Eternal Fire into the base, you'll get Rey's lightsaber as the Space Battle (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) event. If you get both the ice chisel and the ice handle, (by killing either ice golem or ice queen twice or by trade) craft the ice pick and go to the Mine and mine the ice gem. The ice pickaxe is one-time use, so don't die. You will get the Space shoulder cannon as the Space Battle (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) event. The human bosses here are Commander Meridius, Prince Hadrian, Champion Hawklight, and Lieutenant Colonel Morgan. The Orc bosses here are High Chieftain Xurruk, Kor’Kron Overseer, Orc Skeleton King, and Argug the Destroyer.


This is where all players wait for a new map to spawn. However, everytime a round ends, there is a 1/7 chance of a Giant Demon Spawn to be summoned if the server has at least 10 Players. They are to defeat the Demon by working together. The "Raining Gems" event occurs after beating the demon, which drops one Legendary Gem every time.

Once a Map above is randomly chosen by the game (Players can vote for maps by using the command (:mapvote [Map Name]), Players are balanced out on Orcs and Humans by their Levels (or Enchantments if Levels are even. However, If Enchantments are also even, it chooses Players alphabetically). Then, the fighting part comes in. Work your way through attackers and defenders to slay the other team's general. To solo, a map is very challenging, even with the best equipment, as defence formations are quite strong for every map. Even the Generals are very powerful. Going on team chat (/t {message}) and discussing a strategy with your team is not a bad idea.


Gold, Gems, and XP can be obtained by killing NPCs and players. XP is needed to level up. After levelling up, the player is given a boost in damage and speed. Items such as armour, helmets, and new weapons can be bought from the shop for Gold. Gems can be spent on enchants, which are used to strengthen your abilities. You gather gems from either mining or defeating enemies or a gem rain, and can use them to 'enchant', which will strengthen your abilities.


Name Price Damage Description
Rusty Iron Sword 1 Gold 3 A blood-stained sword with a flat top. It is a bit jagged on one edge.
Iron Sword 10 Gold 4 A grey bladed sword with a wooden handle.
Sharp Iron Sword 30 Gold 7 A light grey bladed sword with a wooden handle
Steel Sword 75 Gold 8 A silver bladed sword with an iron handle.
Fine Steel Sword 125 Gold 10 A slightly lighter silver bladed sword with an iron handle.
Power Katana 325 Gold 13 An obsidian bladed sword with an opal handle. The handle has white stripes and the blade has red sparkles.
Iceblade 600 Gold 15 A sapphire bladed sword with a lapis handle.
Greatsword of Flying 1,200 Gold 14 A sword with a blue (human) or green (Orc) for the interior. The exterior is black. The sword is big, it is taller than the player. Allows flight.
Tempest Blades 2,500 Gold 18 Dual sabres with silver blades. It has golden handles and is short. 9 damage each which means 18 total.
Dark Assassin Blade 15,000 Gold + Demonite 21 A greyish short sword with rough edges. Its more effective when using assassin class
Pure Energy 15,000 Gold + Demonite 30 A multi-color bi-sword (2 blades, one handle) made of a clear material. Has a sparkling effect when equipped.
Heaven's Edge 100,000 Gold + Mithril Demonite + Fury Stone + Dragon Bone + Spirit Shard 30 A sword that is blue (human) or green (Orc) and gives a freeze effect that deals damage over time.


Name Price Damage Description
Axe of Skirmishing 1,000 Gold 10 It is green and bluish silver, has a pearly texture. It can hit 3 targets with one swing, dealing 10 to each enemy.
Battle Cleaver 3,500 Gold 12 It is a bit green and mostly orange. It is double bladed and can hit 5 targets with 1 swing. It does 12 damage to each enemy.
Flaming Fury 15,000 Gold + Fury Stone 15 Is a large polearm that is on fire. Hits 7 targets with 1 swing, and sets the hit targets on fire, dealing damage over time. Does 15 damage to each enemy.
Venomancer 100,000 Gold + Mithril Demonite + Fury Stone + Dragon Bone + Spirit Shard 16 An axe that is blue (human) or green (Orc). Delivers poisoning effects to opponents, doing damage over time. Does 16 damage to each enemy.

One of the sword's in-game appearances


Axe of Skirmishing's cameo appearance in-game.

Autodraw 2017-4-14 下午4-11-07

Frost Guard Armor's cameo appearance in-game.


Name Price Armour Description
Wizard Hat 75 Gold 1 A simple, traditional blue wizard hat.
Warrior Helm 75 Gold 1 A simple footman's helmet which looks like a metal cap.
Viking Helm 75 Gold 1 Like the Warrior Helm with a piece of metal protecting the nose.
Legion Helm 300 Gold 2 A grey warrior helmet with a red mohawk.
Knight Helm 300 Gold 2 A helmet resembling a "Close Helmet". Covers entire head and has a visor with breathing holes. Comes with a green/grey hood.
Splintered Mage Hat 1,000 Gold 3 A more detailed version of the Wizard Hat.
Splintered Knight Helm 1,000 Gold 3 Blue, and slightly resembles the Knight Helm without a hood.
Constantine Helm 3,000 Gold 4 A helmet resembling a "Kabuto Helmet". Covers everything except face, has many details on it and is orange/red.
Emperor Helm 5,000 Gold 5 A brown/grey helmet. Covers entire head with narrow breathing holes. Has horns on the side and top.
Frost Helm 9,000 Gold + Ice Gem + Benitoite + Turquoise 7 The model is the Frost General bundle helmet.
Eternal Mage 15,000 Gold + Mithril 7 A black helmet emblazoned with flames provides + 0.5 Mana regeneration.
Eternal Warrior 15,000 Gold + Mithril 9 A red helmet emblazoned with flames provides + 0.5  Health regeneration.


Name Price Armour Description
Leather Armor 60 Gold 3 A brown shirt and leggings.
Chain Armor 250 Gold 5 A silver coat with a shield and leggings linked by many rings.
Iron Armor 500 Gold 7 A breastplate with scales in the middle.
Blue Steel Armor 1,000 Gold 9 A light blue version of Leather Armor
Knight Armor 1,500 Gold 11 Blue robes and a blue cape.
Alar Knight Armor 2,250 Gold 13 Blue and white detailed armour with plated shoulder guards.
Redcliff Knight Armor 3,250 Gold 15 Orange plated armour with a red diamond in the chestplate. Leggings are half chainmail and half plated.
Redcliff Elite Armor 5,500 Gold 16 Similar to Redcliff Knight Armor but with red markings, bigger, and more chainmail in the back. Leggings are a darker orange/red. Plated red/orange/yellow.
Emperor Armor 10,000 Gold 17 White armour with yellow markings, similar to paladin armour. Leggings are white and the chest plate is a bit puffed out.
Frost Guard 14,000 Gold + Red Diamond + Ice Gem + Alexandrite 19 Model is the Frost General bundle.
Eternal Inferno 17,000 Gold + Mithril 21 Appearance is not known, provides + 15% Melee damage.
Admin Armor Only the admins of Field Of Battle are allowed to own this armor Invincible 

A blackish demon armor that has a little bit of orange and red around the edges.


Name Price Description
Pickaxe 0 Gold Starter pickaxe. Wooden handle with iron shaped like a "C" facing downwards. Used to mine ores.
Ice Pick 100 Gold + Ice Chisel + Ice Handle Ice Chisel is gained by killing an Ice Queen in the Blizzard map, Handle is gained by killing a Golem.

Ranged Weapons


Bow of Flying

Name Price Damage Power Description
Shortbow 0 Gold 15 1.5 A small grey bow.
Recurve Bow 100 Gold 20 3 Larger than Shortbow, but orange.
Longbow 375 Gold 25 3.5 A golden bow that larger than the player.
Enchanted Crossbow 1,250 Gold 30 4 Crossbow shooting glowing bolts with blue/green trail
Bow of Flying 15,000 Gold + Dragon Bone 30 4.5 Peach coloured shoots red arrows enables Flying.


Note: Mage class does NOT increase damage done by spells. It increases your Mana limit to 400, Mana Regen to 3, and decreases spell recharge time by 65%. However, higher enchantment level increases your health regen, magic resistance, and bonus magic damage. Note All magic missiles home on to their target, but if they hit an object while doing so, the missiles disappear. 

Name Price Mana Damage Description
Magic Missile I 100 Gold 5 16 Shoots an orb that does 5X damage to flying players. The orb is long ranged and is good for support, but best for flying enemies.
Magic Missile II 350 Gold 10 32 Similar to Magic Missile I, but shoots 2 missiles at once.
Magic Missile III 1,000 Gold 15 48 Similar to Magic Missile I, but shoots 3 missiles at once.
Healing Spell 2,500 Gold 35 -115 Shoots an orb that heals players by 115 HP. It is less effective against NPCs.
Life Steal I 3,500 Gold ? +/-65 Shoots a magenta orb that deals damage. Attacker/target are frozen while the Attacker steals the target's HP points. Flying players stop flying and fall.
Life Steal II 8,000 Gold 50 +/-110 Similar to Life Steal I, but deals/takes more damage.
Slow 4,000 Gold ? 0 Shoots a forest green orb that slows a player/entity dramatically. Players hit can not fly until effects wear off.
Blink 4,500 Gold ? 0 Shoots a white orb that teleports the player to the place it hits.
Fireball 5,500 Gold 48 23 + Explosive Damage A slow-moving and reloading fireball that is great for crowds. Does splash damage and causes lag
Greater Fireball 15,000 Gold + Spirit Shard 45 25 + Explosive Damage + Fire Damage

Similar to Fireball, but sets things on fire. Takes large amounts of health from the boss. Slow shooting speed and causes lag in close range.



In every round, a random player is chosen to be duke or duchess. You're more likely to be chosen as one if your level is at least 13 (but lower levels can still be chosen). Their job is to spawn bosses. Team points are needed to spawn bosses. Every second, you get a team point. Killing players and NPCs also give you team points by how much XP they give. Once you have enough Team points, you can spawn bosses. More than 1 boss can be spawned at a time [Although not multiples of one boss]. If your team has over 900 team points (1300 in Pro), you have the ability to treason. Once lots of players treason, a new duke/duchess is chosen. Say: treason to treason or go into the TEAM>>> button interface to click the treason button. You can resign from the title and the highest level player(if it is you, the second-highest level)becomes Duke/Duchess. Press the gender button to change gender as Duke/Duchess.

Below is a list of bosses, team points for each one varies as it depends on the server type. Additionally, bosses may not appear on specific maps. The royalty pass is a special gamepass that gives the player a definite chance of being King/Queen (by being 3X more likely). The player is also awarded a crown which adds 3 armour points while they are a King/Queen. The gamepass costs 199 ROBUX. They are also protected from treason by requiring more votes to treason.

Human Bosses

  • Lieutenant Colonel Morgan - Wearing Alar Knight Armor and has brown hair with a ponytail. Also wears sunglasses. The weakest Human boss. Several level 20+ players can kill him without the use of NPCs. When spawned, plays the first few seconds of "Yankee Doodle". IT has the lowest health
  • Prince Hadrian - Wearing Alar Knight Armor and no helmet or hair. Has the "Chillax" face on. Also, has more health and does more damage than Morgan. Makes a medieval, royal-music type sound when spawned.
  • Commander Meridius - Wearing Redcliff Elite Armor with a red and orange detailed mask/helmet, that resembles Constantine Helmet. He is the fastest boss and does the most damage, but has lower health.
  • Champion Hawklight- Wearing Bluesteel Armor and Bluesteel Helmet. He is the strongest boss of  Human Bosses. Hence it's named, it glows a light aura. Pro - 1955 Beginner - 1039 
  • Megathron - Wears Emperor Armor. He has the most health out of any boss and is powerful. He also is the most expensive boss.
  • Ice Queen - This is a special boss. The duke/duchess/king/queen can't spawn this boss by themselves. This boss spawns randomly and only make an appearance in Blizzard map. Make sure you do significant damage to either Ice Queen or Ice Golem when they spawn. You will eventually collect the Ice Chisel or Ice Handle.

Orc Bosses

  • Kor'Kron Overseer - Wearing red Korbloxian style armour with spikes. Has a red helmet with a T shape opening. Also has a horn on each side of the helmet. The weakest Orc boss. Also resembles Giant Demon Spawn. Mainly just quiet music when spawned.
  • Argug the Destroyer - One of the biggest bosses; wears a Redcliff knight armour, except it is mostly red, has chainmail leggings and has a helmet similar to the emperor helm except that it has no horns. Pretty fast, and is a LOT more powerful than Kor'kron Overseer. Makes a chuckling sound when spawned.
  • Troglar - Is a green and black armoured goblin. It has sharp ears with the eyes of a snake, it is very fast. A bit faster, powerful, and has more health than Kor'kron Overseer. Makes the FNAF 3 Springtrap scream when spawned.
  • Knolgar - Has the body of trolgar, but with the head of a grotesque pig with huge green ears, stats are a bit higher than trolgar on the defensive and makes little pig snorting sounds each time it hits something. Also sounds like an angry pig when spawned.
  • Orc Skeleton King - A big, giant, skeleton that is very fast, as compensation for little Health. The fastest and has the 2nd most powerful attack of the Orc bosses. Says "We've awoken the Skeleton King" when spawned.
  • Dread Pirate Vakar - Basically a huge green pirate with a wooden leg and a scimitar, has the most attack damage and the second greatest health of the Orc bosses. Makes a pirate sound when spawned (resembles Galleons, and Pirates Of the Caribbean. Could be it).
  • High Chieftain Xurruk - Wears green-plated armour with leggings similar to Argug. Has a green version of the Kor'Kron Overseer's helmet. This boss has the most health out of all Orc bosses. Makes the SCP-682 roar when summoned. (Check the SCP wiki for information, here is the link
  • Ice Golem - make sure you do significant damage to either Ice Queen or Ice Golem when they spawn. You will eventually collect both the Ice Chisel and Ice Handle

Also note that most orc bosses usually have more attack, while having less health.

Other Bosses

  • Yeti - The Yeti only appears in the Blizzard map. Every five minutes, an Eternal Fire Orb will spawn in the map. You must pick up the orb and plug it into a Yeti socket in the Waterfall. Finding the orb can prove to be difficult, so you should use the Assassin class for fast running or an item that enables flight. The Yeti, when spawned, is level 75.

Levelling Up/Enchanting

Levelling up gives many benefits to a player. Every time you level up you gain boosts such as more Health, Speed, and Damage. Also, every time you level up, the more XP is required to level up. XP can be accumulated by killing Players, NPCs, Bosses, and Generals. The more difficult they are to defeat, the more XP (and Gold) you will acquire. Enchanting is much like levelling up. To Enchant you need certain Gems with a certain amount of them. The Gems you need to enchant are randomly generated but there are set limits of how much of a Gem you need. You can see your enchantment list by clicking on the Gems tab on the left of your screen. Press open "enchantment list" and those are the gems needed to enchant. Enchanting gives you boosts such as, more health, magic protection (acts like armour that can't be taken away), damage, and chance to dodge (take 0 damage) melee. Your enchant level will grow every time you enchant, Level 1 enchant, 2, 3, etc. You can enchant infinite times. Every time you do the gems needed are rarer and you need lots of them. Below is a list of gems. If any new gems are discovered, please add them. The maximum level is currently 50 and Enchantment Level 100. A 'Max Level Script' diminishes the amount of XP and Strength Score you can accumulate, so it would be wise to Level in Enchants before finally achieving the maximum level. Every level you go up increases your stats: +0.25 Speed +## health


NPCs, or Non-Player-Controlled beings, are computer-controlled troops. NPCs on the Orc team will attack any Human NPC, boss, player, or General. Any NPCs on the Human team will attack any Orc NPC, boss, player, or general. As mentioned before, killing NPCs will give you Gold and XP. Below is a list of NPCs. Offensive units are units that spawn to raid their enemies. Defensive units are units that stay around a designated area that protects their base (but the tougher ones usually are around their General).

Human NPCs

  • Soldier - A soldier wearing full leather armour with no helmet. This is an offensive unit.
  • Knight - This knight wears Chainmail armour with a grey version of a blue steel helmet. This is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Assassin - Wearing a helmet with a small spiky visor. the helmet looks rusty with a small spike on top of it. It is wearing red leggings and a shirt with a white cross. This is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Captain - It has the helmet of a knight's and big red and white armour. It also has a shield that is attached to the armour. This is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Archer - Wears a small blue Fedor with a feather. It has a blue shirt and leggings and a brown quiver on its back. This is a defensive unit.
  • Mage - Wears a blue wizard hat with blue robes. This is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Giant - This unit looks nearly exactly like a soldier, except it is much larger. This is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Guard - Exactly looks like a soldier except it is holding a shield and wears iron armour. This is a defensive unit.
  • Royal Guard - Wears emperor armour, holds a shield. this is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • General - Wears Redcliff Elite armour and helmet and has a beard. Seems to hold the Darksword (but it does not heal).

Orc NPCs

  • Grunt - Wears a torn, brown shirt. It is a belt and has skulls on its shoulders. It has ripped, brown leggings. This is an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Smasher - Looks like a Grunt except it doesn't have skulls and a belt. It also has ripped white shirt and pants. This is a defensive and offensive unit.
  • Warrior - A grunt wearing plated armour. This is an offensive unit.
  • Assassin - A shady figure with black robes and a black hood. Its face is covered by darkness. This is both an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Blademaster - A grunt wearing red robes. This is an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Elite Blademaster - A grunt wearing red robes. This is an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Warlord - A grunt wearing Korblox style armour. Has blue and grey armour with whitish spikes on them. There is a shield attached to the armour. This is an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Tyrant - A giant green humanoid. It has orange, demonic robes. This is an offensive and defensive unit.
  • Archer - A grunt with a quiver. This is a defensive and offensive unit.
  • Mage - A grunt with a green wizard hat and robes. This is a defensive and offensive unit.
  • Kor’kron Elite - A guard similar to the royal guard that wears green chainmail. This is a defensive and offensive unit.
  • General - A mega orc who is bald, has strong orc armour and wields a giant axe (but it acts just like a sword for him). 


  • Offensive - These units spawn at a team's base every so often. They are the weakest type of unit and will travel across the map, seeking out any sort of member or NPC from the opposite team to attack. They advance towards the enemy team's base until destroyed or distracted.
  • Defensive - These units are present from the beginning of a round, but do not respawn. These units are crucial to the survival of the general. Air defences like archers and mages are positioned on top of a base and are the first line of defence. These prevent players from flying straight into the enemy base before having to deal with them. Foot defences are much tankier and are quite powerful, but they do not respawn either. Their purpose is to protect the general and they are the second line of defence.
  • Bosses - These units are some of the most powerful in the game. They are summoned by a team's ruler with enough team points and each has its own sound effect when spawned. A commonly known tactic to win the game is a "boss rush", in which a team will wait until they have enough points to summon all bosses at the same time. Using this tactic is a lot more effective than summoning one boss at a time. Depending on your damage towards the boss, you will be rewarded a certain amount of player points when they die. One of the best ways to do the most damage to bosses is to hide behind your team's own NPCs, so you can be alive and damage them whilst they are focused on attacking the less important enemies.
  • Generals - There are 2 generals, the orc and human general. When one general dies, the game round is decided. They are extremely powerful, and going in for a 1 on 1 fight is suicide with their immense strength and defences. The aim of the game is to kill the opposite team's general, which is normally done with a few bosses. However, if your NPC forces are overwhelming those of the other team, the damage will stack up on their general; more than you might think.
  • Giant Demon Spawn - The most powerful single enemy unit in the game. This boss is an event that can occur at a 1/7 chance every time a game round ends and players are placed into the lobby. He uses extremely powerful magic attacks, so don't try flying, and also has a melee attack, but no one is stupid enough to try and fight him with a sword. The most common way to damage the demon spawn is with bows, although using melee is actually more effective, as long as you don't get flung. Normal magic doesn't work, and fireballs are hard to aim and are meant for splash damage and not a single target. The demon uses magic missiles and fireballs and locks on to players until they die. After the demon is defeated, a gem rain will occur, which can be disappointing or extremely rewarding. All types of gems can spawn here, but there will only be one legendary that will rain down. Legendary gems are extremely valuable and not recommended to sell directly.


  • Boss Rush - A move in which the ruler of a team summons all bosses at once in an attempt to end the game once and for all. This is usually effective, but can sometimes fail if the opposing team does one as well. A continuous rush is when all bosses are summoned, and if they die, are re-summoned until the team runs out of points. This is rare as games usually end before a team can accumulate such a high amount of points.
  • Taking Out Defenses - This is a crucial tactic that can decide the game. Taking out the defences is when a player deliberately avoids all of the chaos in the middle of the map and goes to the enemy base, camping them and taking out defenses such as archers and mages so other team members can raid the base. After the ranged defences are gone, players will either camp or attack the foot defences head-on (ex royal guards, warlords etc.) to render the general fending for itself. This is recommended to do before a boss rush. If you are extremely rich in gold and have a few gamepasses, you could be a mage with multiple fireballs and nuke the enemy base's defences and run away when you are attacked.
  • Hiding Behind NPCS - This tactic is designed to keep you alive. All you have to do is move around so that the npcs are the ones being attacked and not you. This will enable you to stay alive longer, meaning you deal more damage and get more gold and XP.
  • Enemy Tagging - This isn't very common but, the game is designed so that if you hit an enemy when it dies, you get a random chance of getting a random gem. So all you have to do is hit as many enemies as you can once, then just leave and go back to whatever you were doing and hope to get some gems. However, if you want XP and gold, the amount you get is proportional to how much damage you do to the enemy. This is easiest to do with the Flaming Fury because you hit 7 enemies at a time and you light them on fire (fire damage counts as a "hit"). For these reasons, any other axe/polearm or the Greater Fireball can work for this strategy.
  • Boss Baiting - This is usually a move of desperation or an easy way to deal with single bosses. It's quite simple, just get close enough to a boss to where he follows you, and keep moving away to buy more time.

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