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Galaxy is a game created by a user called rcouret with the help of developers Sean_MorabitoYT,  lordmoneymonkey, and Arinauwu. It is currently in beta. It is also run by many staff members. The number of consecutive players usually falls in the mid to upper 100's.

In Galaxy, you mine to get credits. When you get credits you can use them to buy materials that can be used to buy materials for building a ship. If you have a freighter, you can use them to trade with other factions in-game depending on the economy. You can also get different classes of warships to fight other players and attack enemy Star Bases and Planets.


Most of the time, mining is the main source of credits. To mine, get a miner and fly up to an asteroid, click on its tag. Afterward, select your mining turret and wait.  Once your ore hold is full, go to the nearest friendly base and dump the ores to earn credits. You can then go to the Mega Base to buy some materials for the ship you want to build next. You can also transfer the mined ore into your warehouse. However, doing an ore transfer results in a fee from the Star Base. You can also gain credits by trading. This can be done with a Freighter or ships with large cargo holds. To do so, buy Materials at a Starbase with low prices, then sell them at a base with higher prices to get profit.


At the beginning of the game, you are told to choose or if able to, create a faction. There is a maximum of 10 factions per game (5 factions in Galaxy Arcade ). During Endgame, you are not allowed to create a faction. Factions can become allies, trade with each other, and declare war on each other.



The starbase is the center of factions and serves as a spawn point to players of the said faction. The starbase is crucial for factions as they are places where ore can be dumped, and materials sold and bought. Many starbases serve as safe houses for players as they can dock and despawn their ship there. A faction can have multiple starbases, they are gained by assimilating other factions' bases. The starbase generates credits based on the amount of power and territory it holds. At the start of the game, it has 1500 credits. These starbases are stationary and get a random position on the map. All of these factions and starbases are color-coded.

Starbase Wealth

Rich starbases can keep up with the economy and can be upgraded easily. Starbases usually stay below 9k credits.  There are several different ways to make a starbase wealthy.

"Cash Transfer"

This strategy has credits being transferred from other bases (including megabase) to your starbase

  • This does not require a freighter, but it is highly recommended. The freighter buys as much ore as possible from starbase they look to make rich before selling to other bases for more expensive or for the same price. This way, the only one losing money is the base being sold the ore. The disadvantages are that ships transferring the ore are at risk of being attacked, the person buying the ore, to begin with, has to have a decent amount of money, and bases the ore is being sold to can go bankrupt.

"Selling Restrictions"

This strategy is common throughout the world of Galaxy, not to mention easy for leaders of factions.

  • This strategy may not make a starbase rich, but it can help save money. The leader simply places selling restrictions on all of the ore while still allowing people to buy from the starbase. This helps to stop freighters and from coming and selling the base into bankruptcy. This, however, will not stop miners from dumping ore at the starbase, which takes money from the base.


This strategy works exactly as it sounds, loans.

  • Simply making a loan to the base can help keep the money up. This can be done by opening the menu once in the base and giving a loan. This gives 2500 credits to the base. These credits come from the player's credits. After making a loan the base will pay back very slowly until it pays the full amount.¬†The player making the loan charges interest and so gets paid more than they originally loaned. The disadvantages of this strategy are that the player must stay online and in that faction for the loans to continue to pay back. If the starbase is destroyed before the loan is paid back then the player will not continue to receive money. Disconnecting is a large problem for people who make loans.


This is the red button on top of the minimap. Here, you can see the factions, their leaders and, relations with other factions.


The blue button on top of the minimap. This displays the factions, the price of materials, whether or not they can be bought or sold, and their base credits (Credits the base owns.)


  • Ore is something you will see a lot in Galaxy, they are materials to help you build ships. To obtain ore, you need to use a Miner class ship like the Wasp. It also gives you money by dumping them in the Mega Base or any non-hostile starbases.

All ships excluding the wasp require at least some silicate, carbon, and iridium. Higher tier ships require Adamantite, Quantium, Titanium, and Palladium as well as silicate, carbon, and iridium. There is a special ore called Uranium which has a yellowish glow to it. It was added because of the Rogue One Star Wars Event.

List of Ores/Materials


    • Refined Mass: 1
    • Raw Mass: 3


    • Refined Mass: 1.25
    • Raw Mass: 4


    • Refined Mass: 1.5
    • Raw Mass: 5


    • Refined Mass: 2
    • Raw Mass: 6


    • Refined Mass: 2
    • Raw Mass: 6


    • Refined Mass: 2
    • Raw Mass: 6


    • Refined Mass: 2
    • Raw Mass: 6


    • Refined Mass: 4
    • Raw Mass: 12

Note: You can transfer mined ores into your warehouse, however, there is a fee.


These are rare materials that sell for a high price or can be used to make Artifact Ships (Unobtainable as of 5 March 2019)

  • Antimatter Shard
  • Data Archive
  • Ascension Crystal


Ships are the basis of the game. They are used for everything in the game, from transportation and mining to combat and base sieges. Ships are divided into classes based on their statistics and purpose. It is important to note that all ships contain a warp drive (except fighters), allowing you to travel extremely fast, which can be used to travel to other bases and planets and long distances.

Note: When Weaponry is mentioned, the terms light, medium, and heavy have nothing to do with the types of turrets, they are used to describe the power of the turrets. (I.E. A Medium Laser does more damage than a Light Laser.)

Miner Class

Miner Class ships are solely used for mining ores. These ships do not have any form of weaponry and tend to be slow. 

Miner Class ships are used to collect and sell ore for credits. They are the only ships with an ore hold, which contains all mined ore. The ores can either be dumped and sold in a Starbase or moved to the player's Warehouse.

The first ship a player receives is a Miner Class ship, the Wasp and the Wyrm (Freighter)

Freighter Class

Freighter Class ships are mainly used for transporting material. They have massive cargo holds in comparison to other ships.

Like Miner Class ships, these ships are very slow and vulnerable. They can be used for salvaging wrecks.

Frigate Class

Frigate class ships are the lowest priced combat-capable ships available and are good starter ships.

Frigate Class ships are small, extremely fast, and highly maneuverable. They have very light weaponry, very low health, and at most will only have 1 turret.

These ships are mostly used for distracting in a siege and not much else due to the low amount of firepower.

The standard size of a Frigate is 30 - 60 studs.

Destroyer Class

A step up from Frigate Class ships, Destroyer Class ships are bigger and have much more firepower.

While not being as fast as Frigate Class ships, they still achieve high speeds and have very good maneuverability.

They have low health, but it is much higher than Frigate Class ships. Destroyers can have good spinal weaponry or up to 5 light turrets.

The standard size of a Destroyer is 60 - 90 studs.

Cruiser Class

Next up from Destroyer is the Cruiser.

These ships tend to be very maneuverable and pack a decent amount of health. They are not as fast as Destroyer Class ships but still have decent speeds. They have light to medium weaponry, with a varying number of automatic turrets and spinal weapons.

Most cruisers make very good pirating ships and can be unstoppable in the hands of a good pilot. They are mostly cheap until you get to the sixfold which costs 12k.

The standard size of the Cruiser is 90 - 125 studs.

Battlecruiser Class

The Battlecruisers are medium-sized ships.

Maneuverability and speed have greatly reduced in comparison to the Cruiser Class.

Boasting over twice as much health as Cruisers and several times more firepower, these are the go-to ships for most PVP battles. These ships have a powerful mix of light-medium weaponry.

The standard size for Battlecruiser is 125 - 175 studs.

Battleship Class

The Battleships are a heavy class of ships, often with optimizations for certain tasks, such as hasatan and warlock being for sieges.

These ships are designed with medium to heavy weapons, for combat, or in the case of the Archeon, for sieges. They have a lot of health but are not very maneuverable when compared to other smaller ships.

Some of the battleships can excel in many different roles such as PVP, sieging, and anti-siege.

The standard size for battleships is 175-275 studs.

Dreadnought Class 

These are powerful ships a player can own.

Extremely slow and barely able to maneuver, the firepower these ships possess is colossal, able to take down a Battleship Class ship quickly. Their health is monstrous, they can take a beating and survive.

Most of them, however, do not come with adequate light turret firepower, thus leaving them to be easily assaulted by small ships, as their heavy guns are not accurate enough to hit them.

The standard size of Dreadnoughts is 275 - 400 studs.

Carrier Class

The Carriers are the most strategic and team-based ships in Galaxy. Alone, they have decent power and can be easily beaten. However, these ships contain Fighters within them, which are pilot-able by other players. When used with an entire team, these ships are extremely valuable in battle. You can teleport to any carrier on the map via the home base menu.

Most of them are typically slightly slower and less maneuverable than Dreadnoughts.

Prototype Class

Behemoth ships with the slowest mobility in the game, they deal monstrous amounts of damage. However, they are very expensive and are now unobtainable. Don't underestimate them and avoid mining and trading if an enemy target has one spawned.

== Fighter Class         == Fighters cannot be purchased or stored in a player's inventory. They spawn for free in the hangar of a level 3+ Starbase or player-owned Carriers. These ships are smaller than Frigates, and have even less health. However, these ships are deadly in battle. Their extremely small size makes them almost impossible for large ships to hit, and their weapons do high damage for their size (the Fury does nearly the same damage as the Viper, a Frigate class ship). Fighter Class ships are also very fast and maneuverable but do not have a warp drive.

Admin Class

These Ships are restricted only to admins, they have no weapons and have extremely high damage resistance.

Upcoming Class Concepts

These are classes that will be added in future updates to Galaxy.

Repair Class

Repair Class ships are still just a concept. They will contain special healing turrets that will enable them to heal friendly ships, but not themselves. They will most likely not have any form of weapons or only very light weapons. Speed, size, and maneuverability are unknown at this time.

  • Mercury

Titan Class

Titans are currently in development and will be implemented in the future, they will be massive ships several times the size of a Dreadnought Class ship and have several times the firepower. They will be slower and less maneuverable than Dreadnought Class ships, but this is unconfirmed.

They will most likely be faction owned, not player owned, due to their massive size and power. These things can pretty much eat a dreadnought. The ships listed below are the most likely to be used when Titan Class is added. The standard size of Titans is 400 - 750 studs. Some of the ships listed here do not fit the size requirements and are better classed as 1 class above Titan.

  • Sanctuary (StreetRebuilder)
  • Vor (MasterPlural)
  • Cascadia (FarterBotz)
  • Hayabusa (VaderTahu101)
  • Helaman (VaderTahu101)
  • Methia (mercnoskickyum)
  • Dominus (fruitloopsman)
  • Blackgate (ARiNA_AZUMA)
  • Noctis (Uruquiza)
  • Reclaimer (oChaosWarrioro)


Aliens are AI's similar to Pirates that attack any ship/ starbase (except Mega Base) they see.

They spawn in groups of 3-5 in random locations in the map and have an 8% chance of being an Alien Punisher. (Although spawning is more common than it seems)

If destroyed, they leave a wreck that contains loot.

More alien ships are likely to be added very soon.

The current alien ships are as follows.

(There are two races of the aliens, the Knealls (Enemies) and the Slarfies (Peaceful) who reside in the Alien Embassy located in the Mega Base)


The Swarmer is a small alien frigate that has 1 light turret, however, it is not the same as the turrets on player-owned ships.

It fires a neon green laser with high accuracy that does 10-100 damage per hit.

It is currently the most common alien spawn and is rather weak, although in numbers they are a force to be reckoned with.

These are best attacked with small ships with a good amount of light turrets, as Swarmers are small and fast, making them a hard target for larger turrets.

Swarmers have low health but can still take a bit of a beating.

Swarmers drop 38 items of loot, filling a cargo hold to 50.25 cubic meters of space. The loot consists of 14 Silicate, 13 Carbon, 2 Iridium, 2 Adamantite, 2 Palladium, 2 Titanium, 2 Quantium, and 1 Alien Part.


The Punisher is an alien battleship that can pose a problem for weak starbases and any unfortunate player-owned ships who are caught in its path.

It is covered in turrets similar to those of the Swarmer (five small alien lasers and five medium alien lasers), except they are much longer-ranged, and the sheer amount of them can wreak havoc on whatever it targets.

As of the latest update, Punishers have become very common, and sometimes you will find multiple Punishers in a single place.

A skilled Pilot can solo one in a Battleship but there are many cases of a Battlecruiser Pilots that have successfully killed one.

Drops a lot of loot when killed. They don't spawn at the Mega Base but can still warp there.


Pirates are similar to Aliens as they are AI-controlled and attack anything that goes near them. They spawn at the Freedom Base when a player accepts the Freedom Base Quest at the Megabase when speaking to Luke Skybawler. One pirate Avenger spawn per person who accepts the quest with a max of 9 pirates. Before the public release, there was no max amount of pirates leading to swarms of pirates able to take down a fleet of dreads. The pirate osprey was also removed to make it a bit easier for players to kill them leaving just the Pirate Starblade and Pirate Avenger spawnable. Pirates have since been removed from the game as the Star Wars event has finished.

-Pirate Avenger

Drops about 24 items of loot.

-Pirate Starblade (Has since been removed)

Drops about 11 items of loot.

-Pirate Osprey  (Has since been removed)

Jtrobloxian's Guide to Playing Galaxy

This is a comprehensive(ish) guide on how to play Galaxy. It's my favorite game on Roblox so I would know quite a lot about it.

Let's begin!

Getting Credits

You're going to need these bad boys to do just about anything(except flying free fighters and annoying others by sitting in the pilot seat of their ship.) There are a few different ways:


The dirty, boring, and tedious job no one wants but still have to do, this is the only way to get credits early on. Unless you have a Harvester, Mammoth, M Class, do not wander out of turret range. Miners are slow and vulnerable( I gave my Industrial Miner the affectionate nickname, 'Space Slug'.)


This one is a little bit more entertaining but far more dangerous. Take a ship with a large cargo hold(usually a freighter) and buy things. Then, go to another faction and sell them. This is where the Economy matrix helps. You can check where you can sell your materials for more than you bought them. Do that plenty of times and boom! You're rich.


This one is fun but is sometimes frowned upon. Here, you attack vulnerable ships(*cough*Hercules), take their loot, and sell it. May also grant you bounty, which doesn't do anything but give you bragging rights. 


Yes, this is where it gets interesting. Once you have bought a starfighter and gotten in it, you may wonder, what do I do?

Spinal weapons

These are the targets labeled F and sometimes G. You will usually have phasers and/or cannons. Phasers are best when wearing down your opponent's shields. Cannons are great for destroying the hull. Sometimes you may have torpedoes. These take longer to reload but deal considerable damage to an enemy's hull.


  • Use your cursor to line up the shot. These only go in a straight line.
  • Slow down. Speed lowers accuracy
  • There are different sizes, some stronger than others
  • Lined upright and out of the range of fire, enough torpedoes can destroy a starbase without retaliation, but bring some defenders with you


Chances are, if you have a larger ship, you have turrets. There are three sizes: Small, medium, and large. Each one has more damage per hit, longer range, longer reload time and poorer accuracy than the one before. There are also two types: Laser and flak. Lasers are best against shield, flak turrets are best against hull.


  • Try to get as many turrets as possible facing the opponent
  • Get a ship with a balanced amount of turrets
  • If you can, turn up graphics for maximum coolness


  1. Select your opponent's square.
  2. Turn on turrets
  3. Get in range
  4. Don't get killed


  • Know your enemy. When fighting large ships, your best bet is to go under them, which is usually where they can't hit you
  • Sieging
  1. When your shields drop, be ready to run(exception: the Aegis. When the shields on that drop below 30-40%, run. The hull is way too weak.)
  2. Bring smaller ships to distract the base. The AI has no real objectives except to kill whatever enemy it sees. No ship takes priority.
  3. When it's about to blow, back away. The explosion hurts. A lot.
  • Remember that it's just a game. Do not get salty in the chat when your ship gets destroyed. You get a certain amount of credits back when it's blown up.

Other stuff


  • Carbon Crisis-When the Mega Base runs out of carbon(this happens surprisingly often)
  • We like to shorten ship names in chat
  • Rc-Rcouret, the creator

Anyway, I hoped this helped. Get playing now!


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • This game was part of the Rogue One sponsorship.
  • This game has a Trello page where you can see upcoming features.
  • This game has its own Wikia.
  • As of February 10th, 2018, you can still get the Intersteller Sunglasses and the Galactic Sun Hat in Galaxy since the creator hasn't shut down the original existing servers from the event.
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