Becky Herndon, known by her alias and Roblox username ReeseMcBlox (formerly reesemcblox & ReeseMcBeachy) is a well-liked former forum moderator and current Community and Product Manager for Roblox. She joined the Roblox team on September 4, 2007, and is known for being one of the oldest-standing Administrators in the site's history, as well as for her unique places.


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  • She is one of the only users to have a hat named after themselves.
  • She was among the users hacked during the April Fools Hack 2012 event, as shown in a forum post.When she was hacked the hackers wrote extremely inappropriate comments using her account and it has been reported that the people hacked could not get access to their accounts until the event was over.
  • She has a strong interest in ponies.
  • She is a member of 19 different groups in which she owns 6 of them.
  • She has 104 friends on Roblox.
  • She has 9 Roblox Badges.
  • She is the creator of 9 Roblox games.
  • She has 24 pages of Roblox badges.


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