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Remainings is a Canadian Roblox YouTuber with over 949K subscribers. He primarily uploads comedic, satirical Roblox gameplay videos, most notably of Phantom Forces, Hilton HotelsDoomspire Brickbattle, and Murder Mystery 2.

He owns another channel called sgniniameR in which he posts random content typically unrelated to Roblox, gameplay videos of other games generally consisting of Tetris, his old recordings from ROBLOX around 2012, and other short clips.

YouTube Series

  • How to Fail is a series in which he unsuccessfully plays front page Roblox games.
  • Perfectly Normal is a series in which he plays through story games that are not normal, contrary to what the title suggests.
  • Roblox Advertisements is a series in which he reviews and clicks on user-generated advertisements.
  • Copied Versions of Popular Roblox Games is a series in which he enters the names of popular front-page games onto the search bar and plays obscure games that have the exact same name.
  • The People Of is a series where he records people doing silly, funny and abnormal things in Roblox games.
  • The Future of Roblox is a series where he searches for games that predict the future of the current year,He usually waits for another year before trying again.


Remainings has a fan group called ohohohohohohohohohohoho, which he uses to communicate with fans and sell clothes. The clothes he sells are popular, with most having hundreds of sales. His current best selling item is the Black Noob Hoodie with over 3,500 sales. He also has four "Sub Bot" Shirts, as well as four "Noob" Shirts.


Remainings has a joke game on his group called Walk Up A Flight Of Stairs Simulator, announcing its creation in his "Christmas Games" video.

Two other games have been featured on the ohohohohohohohohohohoho|ohohohohohohohohohohoho group, JahCon and Experience Gravity 2, but they have since been removed from the group and/or have been deleted.


Brawldude2onRoblox was originally Remainings' main YouTube channel, made a month after the main Remainings channel. Any clips before and in early 2014 were posted onto Brawldude2onRoblox and not Remainings' main YouTube channel today.

Remainings, in 2016, had started a livestream on Brawldude2onRoblox only lasting 3 minutes. It was most likely a joke livestream, but also has the possibility of being a test for livestreaming in the future. Remainings has only streamed one other livestream, which has since then been deleted off the channel.

The last video on Brawldude2onRoblox was a thanks for 300 subs, another joke video.


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  • One of his characteristics recognized by his followers is his calm and relaxing voice.
  • In January 2020, Remainings uploaded a UGC item titled Clickbait Arrows, a gimmick item meant to mock the trend of putting red arrows in YouTube thumbnails to garner more clicks.
  • Remainings is currently the 126th confirmed NES Tetris player to achieve a "Maxout" score (999,999).
  • His original Roblox name was Brawldude2.