ROBLOX Derby 2 is a Sports game created by MARIOSTAR6464. It is the less popular successor to the original ROBLOX Derby , which currently has over 7 million place visits. ROBLOX Derby 2 currently has over 1,000,000 place visits and over 35,000 favorites. The version of the game is currently 1.2.2c, which is the final version before the game's development ended.


In ROBLOX Derby 2, players compete against other players by driving a variety of 27 vehicles, such as limousines, buses, planes and cars to attempt to destroy the other player's vehicle by crashing their vehicle towards the other player's vehicle in order to earn points, which can allow the player to level up when enough points are earned, earn access to better vehicles at certain levels, and allow the player to improve his/her vehicle by applying special 'perks' using his/her points. Bonus rounds are present in the game, which appear after 5 minutes have passed after the previous one. In a bonus round, players gain an opportunity to participate in an optional minigame in which players can earn points by ramming into various objects using their vehicles.


ROBLOX Derby 2 took on the challenge to make a better customizable experience for the player's vehicle. Unlike ROBLOX Derby 1, which had customizations for only speed, turn and torque and was a very crudely drawn out shop, ROBLOX Derby 2 was published with a well laid out shop, consisting of 64 different car colors, Turn, Torque and Speed upgrades (capped at 10 due to overuse in ROBLOX Derby 1) and even customizable wheels with different bonus and minus points to them, the wheels also work on certain types of terrain better than others. As well as the new shop, users can also click the "Select Perks" GUI to apply the bought items the way they want. Hundreds of different customizations are available and they can be changed even when the person is currently driving.

There is also news of more updates for the perkshop coming such as different headlight types and colors as well as vehicle decals.


ROBLOX Derby 2 uses a big derby stadium with punctures, a big ramp in the middle and a room for the bonus rounds. Terrain changes constantly so upgrading the vehicle's tires is needed.


V1.1.0 -
Admins: Please make the joystick on mobile devices work as an input for driving vehicles, that is all, thank you.
 For FREE VIP, join the ROBLOX Derby group:

(If you join the group while you're in-game, leave and then change server, you will then be a VIP.)
Realistically, this game is still in BETA. It's quite free from bugs though.
Tags: Car Destruction Derby Fun Destroy Drive Racing Race Sports Sport


Players can join an official group called "ROBLOX Derby", which is made by MARIOSTAR6464. Group members can get exclusive access to the car "Zapper" which emits sparkles and gold fire when the car is being scratched, and it is also an Engager type vehicle. VIP players also get double points when smashing another player's car.

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