Ripull Minigames (formerly known as Minigame Madness) is a popular minigame collection by Ripull, loosely based on his previous creation Pirate Minigames.

As of March 30, 2019, it currently has over 211M+ place visits and 1.6M+ user favorites with a largely positive like to dislike ratio.

Roblox has made a blog post about Ripull Minigames.


There are multiple minigames that can be played and voted on in Ripull Minigames, all with different gameplay. Minigames such as Speed Run, Lava Dip, Bomb Head, and 4 Corners will be played. Upon winning, users are given Ripull Coins which they can spend on other in-game cosmetics and perks. Gems, the game's premium currency, can also be obtained in-game and purchased with Robux.

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Speed Run

Get to the end of the map while attempting not to fall off the platforms, or else you will be sent back to the start. You can double jump in this game.

Bomb Battle

Throw timebombs at your opponents and time the explosion correctly to kill them! This is a hybrid minigame that has 4 possible random gameplay variants.

Lava Dip

Watch what colour the screen displays. Get to the colour it shows as soon as you can or you'll get toasted by the lava! Survive as long as you can.

Disappearing Platforms

Pads will be destroyed at random. Don't fall into the lava below!

4 Corners Ultra

One player is chosen to pick which pads to drop. Each player that is caught joins the team that votes for which pad falls next. Survive as long as you can!

Freeze Tag

Snow people vs humans. If a human gets touched by a Snow person, they get frozen. Humans can unfreeze eachother by tagging the ice blocks.

Bomb Head

A player will be given a bomb with a timer that explodes when the timer reaches 0. They can pass the bomb to someone else by getting close to them!


Main Developers






  • Kevin MacLeod

Ripull MEGA Games


Ripull Minigames 2 thumbnail during development.

Ripull Minigames 2 was announced by Ripull on July 30, 2015. During development, the project was renamed to Ripull MEGA Games, which was then later renamed to Ripull Games after most games except Murderer were removed. Later, more games like Multi Murderer, Shootout, and Murder Madness were added.

Following criticism of the removal of normal minigames, they were added back as special bonus rounds.

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