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Crossroads is a classic BrickBattle game developed by early Roblox staff members and published under the Roblox account. Crossroads contains several common BrickBattle weapons, like the Sword and Rocket Launcher. Crossroads was also Roblox's first multiplayer game.

In December 2009, the place was re-designed into a winter-land to celebrate Christmas. The theme remained for approximately two months after Christmas until it was reverted to the normal environment. Many of the structures in the game are taken from Shedletsky's game known as My first ROBLOX level.

In July 2011, Crossroads was updated with a new teleporter, as a part of the new teleportation feature. Crossroads typically receives 12,000 visits per week. This used to be the most popular game created by Roblox, now overtaken by Welcome to ROBLOX Building, which receives around 120,000 visits per week. On November 1, 2012, the user, Games created a remake titled Roblox Battle that Crossroads is one of the playable maps in Roblox Battle. As of November 2012, it is uncopylocked.

The game reached the decline stage since the peak of 2014, leaving the game with 0-10 users each server; it was taken down completely around September 12, 2017, but has since been returned, now using AfterEffects, dynamic lighting, and FilteringEnabled. The takedown was most likely due to FilteringEnabled concerns, hence how FilteringEnabled is now on.

As of May 5, 2019, the game has revamped its thumbnail and has up to 25 players online at peak times. A remastered version, created by Temple of Brickbattle, has become more popular, earning several million visits.


Photo of Crossroads circa 2011

There is no specific objective of the game, although it is almost always used as a free-for-all BrickBattle arena.

The tools available include:

  • Sword: A LinkedSword that is good for very close ranges.
  • Rocket Launcher: Fires slow rockets that can instantly kill a player or destroy their limbs. It can also destroy buildings.
  • Bomb: Detonates after a few seconds that can instantly kill a player or destroy buildings.
  • Slingshot: A spammable weapon that fires slingshot balls. Great at close range.
  • Superball: Can be thrown at ridiculous speeds to greatly injure a player and knock them down.
  • Trowel: Can create a wall to block Superballs, Bombs, and Rockets. It can also be used to help climb places.
  • Paintball Gun: Can shoot paintballs for damage and to paint blocks.

The baseplate is divided into four areas: the Blackrock Castle, the Thieves' Den, the Lost Temple, and the Tower. Each of these quarters has a team beacon, which if touched, will either heal the player and color their torso and legs or kill the player if they have touched another beacon. All four areas regenerate for a certain amount of time.


The original version of Crossroads was created by Shedletsky in 2006. It was in four sections:

  • Tower: A simple, five-story tower with a walkway nearby to the Castle and another walkway that can go to the Building Area. The "castle" part of the model was partially taken from the lost 2005 minigame, "King Arthur's Castle"
  • Hospital:  A clinic with a classic playground set that would later be used in the Happy Home in Robloxia.
  • Building Area: a brick palette in five different colors to build with.
  • Castle:  A castle gate with two towers

Team modes were later added, but never had any real function. The game was thus never considered to be a team place, even after proper teams were added. The game was moved to the Roblox account in 2007.

The game was modified in 2007. Every area except the Tower were removed and revamped into new areas:

  • Blackrock Castle: A whole castle instead of a castle gate, with an underground section.
  • Thieves' Den: An underground hovel inside a mountain with a bridge and a walkway to the Lost Temple.
  • Lost Temple: A temple with a tower and an underground section. It has a walkway with a lava spinner.
  • Tower: The tower from the original version, now with a trampoline next to it and the ramped walkway goes all the way to Blackrock Castle.

During the Disney XD promotion in 2010, Crossroads was removed to make way for a Disney XD skating place, causing great panic and anger within the community. It later returned after the promotion ended.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • It was intended to be a team-based game, however, the team feature wasn't introduced until 2007.
  • Crossroads was one of the most heavily exploited places on Roblox. Occasionally, objects that would not typically belong to the game may be present, such as random colors appearing on the screen or an orb for manipulating a server, which indicated that the server with said items has been compromised. The FilteringEnabled update to Crossroads which was given to Roblox by CloneTrooper1019 seems to have alleviated this, although some players still manage to use newer exploits on it.
  • Crossroads is one of the oldest assets to exist on Roblox, observed by the extremely low ID of 1818.
  • The modern version of Crossroads was created sometime in March 2010; this version of Crossroads was meant to represent the original, "true" vision Shedletsky had.