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Classic: Rocket Arena is an original game created by Roblox. This is a free for all fighting place. It has nearly 2 million visits, and over 87,000 favorites. Many others came up with a similar version of this game. ROBLOX updates broke the game, which causes jetboots to malfunction.

As of sometime in 2015, none of the tools work anymore, effectively rendering the game useless. Ever since this, the game had a massive decline in the users due to the game being useless. There were many comments saying they want Old ROBLOX back, and the game went uncopylocked so the players could fix it.

On February 17, 2016, the place, like other classics, was updated. The update added Classic: before its name and added a new game icon but didn't fix any tools. Also, comments were disabled on this game.

As of 2017, along with Chaos Canyon and many other classic ROBLOX Brick Battle games, this game shut down for unknown reasons.


  • If you are wearing hats that decrease your ability to fly with the Jetboots, press = to drop them. (Too many hats cause lag to your player.) This no longer works because ROBLOX removed the ability to drop hats.
  • When you click the Jetboot icon and click and hold to fly, click on the Rocket icon to rain explosive doom down on your opponents.
  • Moonwalking (a.k.a. character lock) is not recommended when fighting here.
  • The rockets are very fast, so do your best to dodge them.
  • Hide behind objects in a position that you can still shoot in.
  • Revenge isn't the best idea, as you can be vulnerable just going after one user.
  • Hide under the bridges to release a sneak attack on someone!
  • This game can be edited in ROBLOX Studio. Many users tend to do so for some "extra scripts".

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