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Welcome to ROBLOX Building was a sandbox building game created by Roblox. Once the user spawns, they can build on and modify their personal area and place trap doors, make castles, and more. Around late 2011 until 2013, on the home page, there was a large green play button that opened "Welcome to ROBLOX Building". It was meant to be the first impression of a new user.

This game features an AI HelperBot, which walks around giving answers to users' questions, as well as clearing debris. The game has achieved over 23 million visits, over 219,000 favorites, 16,000 thumbs up, and over 4,400 thumbs down since its creation. It has been stolen many times, most famously by Jaredvaldez4 and Juststeven. However, the place is closed because it is no longer functional.


Welcome to ROBLOX Building features a stamper tool, used for "stamping" parts onto your baseplate, a wiring tool that uses triggers to activate wirable components, and a configuration tool which is used to configure, or modify components. It also features a rotate tool and a deletion tool. It has been called their 'flagship' place and has over 23 million visits. Welcome to ROBLOX Building saves what you build, but it will only save a limited amount because there is a brick limit. Over time, when you build you receive points. The player with the most points is featured on a golden statue. There are 2 people named "SWAT" with dialog that you can attempt to talk to, but with recent updates, it's extremely hard to talk to them. There was a teleporter which led to Crossroads, and next to that, was where a green jeep spawned, which players often rode around the map and build garages for. Even though there are nine baseplates in the room, the place currently has a server size of only six players.


HelperBot is a scripted humanoid that would go around and delete bricks that fell away from the area the builder was using. HelperBot even got his own hat that you can view here.


In 2010, the game was originally called Blazing Man and was announced on the Roblox blog.[1]

In 2010, the game was released by ROBLOX and renamed. Originally, up to 9 users could join at a time, but in 2012, It downgraded from to 6 users due to lag issues. In early 2014, the game began to be exploited. Some exploits were used to insert otherwise unusable models, some to grief, or destroy, others' builds, and some just to wreak havoc. Models inserted by exploiters began appearing everywhere in the game, since they could be copied using the copy feature in the stamper tool. In Oct. 2014, there was an update that kicked any user caught exploiting.

The game reached the decline phase around 2015 mainly due to a large amount of exploiting on the place, or the exploits being patched.

On February 12, 2016, ROBLOX updated the game, including a new game icon and disabled comments (the reason for comments being disabled is unknown, but the possible reason might be because of the fake Robux generators, scams or mostly spam) to recapture people's interest in the game.

Taken Down

Game taken down as of June 2017

The game was mysteriously taken down by on January 26, 2017, either due to its in-game features being broken (though it could easily be fixed by enabling AllowClientInsertModels) and outdated or for being exploited. Before it was taken down, the place had around 23 million visits. The teleporter to the game had been removed from Crossroads.

The game was made private at an unknown date in 2018.

Released Products in Building[]

Releases many of its top-notch new features here. Several features released in this place were:

  • Saving Build Progress
  • NPC Dialog Trees
  • Machines – Elevators and Traps
  • Backpack for Gear Storage
  • Stamper Tools
  • Friending In-Game
  • Teleporters
  • Wiring Parts


  • Stamper Tool - The main tool used in this place, it allows users to build by "stamping" (placing) bricks from a pre-defined set onto a designated user area, it also contains a delete mode for undoing mistakes.
  • Delete Tool - A tool that allows users to delete bricks, although provided to the users it is often considered redundant due to the addition of deletion via the 'Stamper Tool'
  • Rotate Tool - A tool that allows the user to rotate blocks.
  • Configuration Tool - A tool that is used to set/modify the behavior of specific configurable models available in the game.
  • Wiring Tool - Allows the user to wire switches to machines, such as a lever to a moving spike.


  • You can kill HelperBot. There are a few steps on how to kill him.
    1. Build a very long tower of spikes. Do not use moving spikes, because the HelperBot could cross them.
    2. When you think your tower is high enough to be enough to fall off your baseplate, delete the bottom block.
    3. Delete random blocks near the bottom. Never delete a spike that was next to an already deleted spike.
    4. If done correctly, your tower of spikes should fall and move off the baseplate.
    5. Now you need to get the HelperBot to your base to kill him. You can either wait for him, or you can ask him to show you to your base, but only do this if the HelperBot's route to your base leads him to the spikes.
    6. If done correctly, the HelperBot should now freeze and die. He will stay frozen for a few seconds until he regenerates.
      Keep in mind HelperBot does delete parts that are out of the bases, so try to make sure you have enough spikes to kill him before he deletes them all.
  • To get to the SWAT Agents on the door and roof, get a float pad and configure it to the highest it goes. Go on the pad and float to the window or door. If done correctly, you should see a SWAT Agent. Talk to it by clicking the bubble above their heads.
    • The SWAT Agent on the window has only 1 dialog option, being “There’s candy at the bottom.” to which the player can reply with, “Wheee!!”. Then the Agent will say, “...”.
    • The SWAT Agent on the door will say, “It’s a long way down from here!!”, to which the player can reply with 2 dialog options. Them being, “Sure is!” And “u n00bzer”. If you select Sure is!, the agent will say, “inorite?”. Then you can reply with, “You are so cool!” to which the agent replies with, “Pretty much.” If you selected the other option, the Agent will simply say, “no u”. It is not known whether this dialog has hidden meaning or is just random sentences.
  • You could originally build a "flying" object by putting 2 blocks on each other and putting a toilet on the 2nd block, sit on it and while sitting, rotate it and then delete the 1st block and you hold space to fly. Because HelperBot deletes parts that are out of bases, the object would only last for a limited time. This has unfortunately been patched as of 2016.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • During the Christmas Season of 2011, you could receive a badge, "The Mark of Experience", here to receive a gift. Players could receive this gift by earning at least 5000 points. The gift opened into a hat, "A Shoulder Helper Bot".
  • The tool HelperBot uses to delete bricks is the Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01.
  • There is an updated version of the game on Clonetrooper1019's profile that is at its core the original game, but with extra enhancements, like upgraded data limits and the original 9 player limit.
    • Clonetrooper1019 would later allow Toybox Development to use the updated Welcome to ROBLOX Building as the basis for his game Build Island, which allows for a much larger scope for Stamper tool creations compared to WTRB, as well as the ability to travel in-and-out of various servers featuring other player-made creations.
  • In the original build by Roblox, if you flew out of the map you could find a part with the thumbnail of the game on it. It is unknown why it has been placed here.
    • There was also a hidden baseplate outside of the map. The baseplate sometimes spawned with parts of the Jeep scattered all over. This glitched baseplate only spawned if a baseplate was already missing from inside the house or if a baseplate was exploited. It is possible to load your build on this baseplate.


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