RobloxSai was an administrator on Roblox, prior to getting compromised and soon terminated. He joined Roblox on September 26, 2011. Not much is known about him except that Roblox has named two catalog items after him, being the Robloxsai Bike Helmet and the Robloxsai Bike.


On December 2, 2018, RobloxSai was terminated due to being compromised. According to Faave[1], two Roblox users by the name of Zasterix and ColbyValentinoCrown compromised RobloxSai's email account through a flaw in the Roblox Support system. They found out Sai's email address was a Hotmail account, and they managed to get into his account with a ZIP code and his full name. They used information lookup websites to find his real name and got into his email account. Once they were into the account, they realized that Sai's Roblox account was not connected to his Hotmail email address.

Zasterix and Colby told RobloxSai that they got into his email account and told him security tips on how to keep his account secure. Sai thanked them and asked them if they wanted anything in return. Zastrix and Colby told Sai that they wanted him to change his password to "zastcolby000".

They quickly sold the account for $500,000 USD once they were given access to it. Roblox soon caught on that Sai's account was hacked and terminated it, locking them out of the account. Zasterix and Colby then used an authentication ticket bug to stay inside the account for days to maximize the buyer's profit.

It was speculated that the Roblox Team were investigating and would eventually restore the account, however his account was never restored. His account was likely never restored due to Sai not providing chat logs sent from the compromised account when he was asked by the Roblox Security team.[2] [3]

According to Faave, Colby's new account is known as ColbyDiCaprio.

It is currently unknown whether or not RobloxSai has made a new account, or if he is still an administrator.


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