Rockon80s1, known in real life as Jacob, (died October 2016[citation needed]) was the co-owner of Robloxian Myth Hunters, a popular group with over 80,000 members. He was a very active myth hunter in the group.

Alleged death

In October 2016, Rockon80s1 allegedly passed away, which caused a memorial game to be made for him. You can find the game here.

The game description reads

"This October our friend Jacob (RockOn80s1). passed away. Rock is someone who always kept positive no matter the situation. In the last conversation Rock and I ever had, I asked him how he was. He replied with, "I'm alive Comrade" I had no idea what a luxury it was to see those words. Rest in peace Jacob. Friend, Co-Owner of RMH, and one fantastic person to have in my life." - Jokerkid5898

His death was questioned by players due to his account being online several times past the day he allegedly died.[1] However, it is speculated that some users have gained unauthorized access to his credentials.


Rockon80s1 was terminated for unauthorized charges on November 11, 2016.[citation needed]


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