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Rolijok is a famous Roblox user known for co-creating the game Innovation Research Labs and the Innovation Arctic Base. He co-foundedĀ Innovation Inc.Ā with madattak, andĀ is also the founder and head of Innovation Security.


Rolijok has created multiple places, mostly having a link between Innovation.

Tower of Koralohn

Tower of Koralohn is aĀ buildĀ project of a tower, "Rolijok's personal home" as described in the description. Access to certain parts of said tower require keys that can be obtained by being in Innovation SecurityĀ or being a member of RBXDev. It has been privated, with Rolijok saying he will not be finishing it. It was 35% complete.

Innovation Security Training Facility

TheĀ Innovation Security Training Facility Ā is a place where Security Trainers or above in the Innovation Security group canĀ hostĀ their trainingsĀ here. To join this place, you must be a member of theĀ Innovation SecurityĀ group.

Asset Place

Asset Place was created to celebrate hisĀ 10th year anniversary on Roblox. This place featuresĀ old/scrapped models from 2008-2015.Ā 

Innovation Security Headquarters

The Innovation Security Headquarters is a military complex used by Innovation Security as their headquarters, which is now under renovation due to glitches.


Early 2010's


Training Facility in 2014

Early on Rolijok was into Army/Military groups joining multiple army groups over the years.Ā Being interested by them he decided to make one of his own. In early on in 2011 Rolijok set up an army basedĀ group called HellbourneĀ . Which was then disbanded in late 2011.Ā 

Rolijok met and friended Madattak, and joined Innovation Inc. The groupĀ would then go on to need a security corpse which would take on a role to protect the Innovation Inc. bases.

Early-Mid 2010's

Mainly seen as a builder, Rolijok would then go on to co-create the games whichĀ Innovation Inc.Ā is now famous for together with Madattak. Further developing Innovation SecurityĀ to what it is known for today.

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