Redwood Prison is a RP/survival game created by a user called RoyStanford where players get to be prisoners or prison guards. Before Prison Life v2.0, this game has been accused of being a ripoff of Prison Life by Aesthetical. However, it's now a very popular game. It was created on April 21, 2016 and last updated on September 19, 2017. The game was losing its popularity because of the game Jailbreak. It was also thrown off the front page, however, some Robloxians still play this game. There is unknown and underrated rebirth of game, redwood prison remastered.


The game has three teams, Police, Prisoners and Fugitive, each with different goals.


Police Goal

This is the game's description of the Police's goal (Stanford).

The goal of the police is to make prisoners follow the schedule (the goal the  game gives), but most players follow the goal of stopping Prisoners from  escaping and catching fugitives. Police automatically spawn in the Armory or Kitchen with handcuffs, a taser and a Beretta M9 in their backpack and a police uniform on. They can also grab a M16 and a SPAS-12 from the Police Armory along with a police hat. Players can also buy SWAT and Spec Ops Gear Game Passes which give them more clothing and weapons options.


Prisoner Goal

This is the game's description of the Prisoners' goal (Stanford).

Prisoners try to escape the prison because they have a life sentence and can work with fellow inmates and fugitives. They can become Fugitives by escaping and walking on the yellow pads in the Fugitive Shed, which in the middle of the town Walworth. Inside of the fugitives shed, there is another wall of weapons they can use.


Fugitives are former prisoners who've escaped and stepped on one of the yellow tiles in the Fugitive Shed located in Walworth. Their goal is to help other prisoners escape. Fugitives will always respawn on the yellow pads with their default ROBLOX clothes unless they are arrested by the police, in which case, they will be a prisoner. In the shed where fugitives spawn, there are three guns and a hammer that fugitives (or anyone) can pick up. The guns are an AK-47, an M1014 and a Makarov. Fugitives can also customize their clothes and have a larger array of weapons if they buy the Mercenary Gear Game Pass.

Ways to escape

  1. Go in the courtyard and find the guitar and then go to jail block and talk to Trenton, reply "Can you help me?" then "I sure do" then Trenton will give you a hammer, climb on the boxes next to Trenton and break the vent lid with the hammer, get in the vent and you'll find yourself on the roof, then go in the grassy area, climb the ladder, then either jump off the prison or go to the helipad to get an helicopter.
  2. If the inner gate is open, simply walk out and if the outer gate is closed, go to the ladders next to the towers, and jump off and walk to the fugitive hideout.
  3. Follow a guard until he enters a restricted area such as the helipad or the outside of the prison.
  4. Climb the tower in the courtyard and jump on the roof of the prison.
  5. If you see an helicopter in the courtyard, steal it, or get in the passenger seat if it is occupied.
  6. Not recommended, but you can become a guard and go to the fugitive hideout and become a fugitive by stepping on the yellow pads. Some people consider that as cheating, though. (Note: The taser works against other teams, but the handcuffs won't work at all after you become a fugitive)
  7. Sometimes, police help prisoners escape. Use this to your advantage to escape and become a fugitive. Respect the cop however, don't go back and kill him.

Ways to break in

  1. If the outer gate is closed, climb on the roof of your car and jump on the security camera and then jump over the gate. Or you can simply jump over the gate if you have a van, since it's as tall as the gate.
  2. Pick up the hammer in the fugitive hideout, get a helicopter if possible then go on the roof of the prison and then in the vent of the prison, then break the vent lid and you'll find yourself in jail block.
  3. Enter through any outside guard-only door such as the helipad door and go in the prison.
  4. Land in the courtyard if you have an helicopter.

Ways to help prisoners escape

  1. Land in the courtyard with your helicopter and wait for prisoners to get inside the helicopter, the maximum seat capacity is 2. Make sure that no guards shoot down the helicopter or gets inside the helicopter to arrest you. Or you can simply leave it there and let a prisoner steal it.
  1. Open the inner gate and the outer gate, so prisoners can simply walk out of the prison. You can also use a car to carry the prisoners to the fugitive hideout.
  1. Break the vent lid with the hammer so prisoners can go through.
  1. Although it's not recommended, you can help prisoners escape as a guard, even though some people consider that as cheating and you may get a bad reputation.


There are several different rooms and areas in Redwood Prison. Most have a purpose in either defending or escaping the prison.

J Block:

The J Block is the area where prisoners spawn. 8 cells are located there. Also located in the J Block is trenton. If a prisoner gives trenton a guitar, he will give them a hammer they can use to escape by breaking the air vent, also located in the J Block.


The Cafeteria is the area between the Lobby and the J Block. It has six tables for meals and a counter where food can be found during the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.


The Entrance is a part of the Courtyard that connects the Garage and the Innergate area to the Lobby. This is where the largest part of breakouts occur. Prisoners can escape in the innergate in open, the hatch to the inner gate control room is open, or if a player with a key card helps them into the garage. 

Inner Gate:

A gate that be opened by a guard tower.

Outer Gate:

A gate that can be opened by a guard in the control roof and mostly fugitives jump over it on their vehicles.


The courtyard has a basketball court, tables, a tower and some sheds. The guitar spawns in the courtyard.


The garage can have glitches. It holds a Police ATV uniform, Police Cars and ATVs.


The helipad haves a pilot outfit changer and parachute giver. It also have two helicopters: The Regular Helicopter and the Military Helicopter.


Walworth is the town of this game. It holds houses and it is beside the cliff of the prison. It has a mercenary outpost, an ATV station and a brown house with an ID card.

Fugitive Shed:

The fugitive shed has weapons such as the AK47, Makarov, M10A4 and the hammer. If you have the Mercenary gamepass, you can get the AK47-U, L85A2 and S&W 638. It also unlocks the Mercenary uniform. If you touch the yellow plate, you can be a fugitive.

Cake Room:

The Cake Room is a secret room that must be glitched through to get in. To get in, go to the flat corner by the hat remover and perform the corner glitch. In the room is a cake, the vent walls by Trenton and the crates. You can't go through the vent.


Police Items:

The Police Hat, M16, SPAS 12, and Beretta M9.

Free Items:

The hammer, AK47, M1014, PUNCH, MAKAROV, M16, SPAS 12, Beretta M9, guitar and vehicles (Car, Police Car, and Van)

SWAT Items:

You unlock the SWAT Outfit and SWAT Shield. You get the M98B, M60 and the UMP45 as your SWAT weapons.

Spec Ops Items:

The most powerful one gives you the outfit the ACR, M14, and Revolver.

Fugitive Items:

The AK47, M10A4, Hammer and the Makarov.

Mercenary Items:

Mercenary Outfit, AK47U, S&W 638 and the L86A2


Redwood Prison's most recent update was the introduction of four-wheelers, fixes, and ammo crates. These features were added in March of 2017, and the game hasn’t been updated since January 12, 2019, as of May 2019.

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