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SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX is a Roblox user that has achieved rather controversial stereotypes throughout his history as a user. He currently resides as the leader of F.E.A.R., one of the largest groups on Roblox. SONIC has achieved a relatively poor reputation in the eyes of Roblox's community due to accusations of stealing places, copying ideas, and publishing notably popular places largely consisting of free models. These accusations primarily began when SONIC created Live In A Five Star Island Resort®, which at the time was not only thought by Roblox's players to be poorly built, but also a direct copy of wierdoking's very own hotel, ~Original Five-Star Resort!~, which was received with a much more positive response compared to said place.


Sunset City

SONIC's currently most visited game is Sunset City, which started out as "Venezia: Metal Harbor", a sequel to the existing game "Welcome to Venezia".

Island Resort

The place that is generally tied directly to SONIC's name and existence is Island Resort. Island Resort has been touted as a shoddily built playground for 'online daters', due to the seemingly high presence of users that pretend to 'date'. YouTube reviewer XiaoXiaoMan showcased Island Resort in a satirical review for his video series "Raging ROBLOX Reviewer".[1]

F.E.A.R.-related places

Many of SONIC's places are dedicated to his primary clan, F.E.A.R. These places are recognized as the official 'bases' and points of operation for F.E.A.R. members.


Copying Places

SONIC has been the root of criticism about the copying of places. The recreational point-and-click game based upon the 1993 game of the same name, Myst, was stolen after the creator left it uncopylocked and available to the public. While he did not steal this, many argue that, despite the fact that if the creator did not support this, it should not have been free to take, SONIC did not have the right to claim it in his name. In another more controversial and memorable event, SONIC utilized a common exploit to steal the XML source of SharpTH's Life in Bikini Bottom game, which he then promptly used as his own place. Said place was later deleted, however, and as of January 2011, the stealing exploit has been patched.

Criticism of F.E.A.R

F.E.A.R. has been criticized as being a 'pointless waste of space' due to the statistically high amount of alternative accounts that make up F.E.A.R.'s high member count. When compared to even the next highest rank, the difference between the two are massive. Others call it a glorified 'SONIC Fanclub', as the wall's content seems to consist primarily of other users wishing to speak with him. Many state that one of the reasons for F.E.A.R.'s success was due to the fact that the administrator Telamon joined, prompting thousands of others to do the same; likely in hopes of meeting and conversing with him at a 'meeting'.


In mid-2010, SONIC's account was banned; causing a widespread and to this day, widely believed rumor that his account had been deleted. A few days later, he was unbanned. While there was no proof that he was deleted, this, in turn, caused many users to believe that SONIC had been personally brought back to ROBLOX, despite the lack of evidence in their favor. To this day, it has not actually been proven whether or not he was deleted, due to the fact that data is difficult to retrieve once thrown away, however, some users tend to use this in arguments against Roblox.


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  • His name is based off of the video game character Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • SONIC has officially denied all accusations of utilizing any free models in an interview from October 2010.[2]


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