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SeeDank (known by his YouTube alias SeeDeng) is a Roblox YouTuber with over 1,000,000 subscribers.[1] He is in the Roblox Video Stars Program. His Star Code is SEE.

He participated in the RB Battles event, beating iiFnatik in the first round, DenisDaily in the second round, but losing to KreekCraft in the finale.


On March 1, 2021, SeeDeng uploaded a video titled "The End of SeeDeng." He says he is taking a break from YouTube due to stress and not enjoying creating videos.

On May 17, 2021, over 2 months of not uploading much, SeeDeng uploaded a video titled "Why I Almost Quit YouTube..". He explained problems that he has been going through in further detail and how he has been trying to reduce his stress so that he can focus on YouTube more easily.

Plans if Returning and Quitting Murder Mystery 2

From his video "The End of SeeDeng", he says that he enjoys working with Roblox. If he were in the mood for recording videos again, he would still make more Roblox videos. However, he would not focus entirely on making Murder Mystery 2 content. On April 12, 2021, SeeDeng uploaded a video titled The Truth About Murder Mystery 2.. (quitting mm2?). He stated that he was tired of constantly making Murder Mystery 2 videos, since the game has not had a huge update in a long time. Additionally, he found Murder Mystery 2 content very repetitive and explained how almost every update relied on profit, which does not help towards improving the game at all.


His video style is considered to be clickbait due to the overuse of capitalization and sensationalist thumbnails.