Matthew Dean (Seranok) is the creator of the famous game known as Catalog Heaven and while his account has accumulated almost 200,000 place visits, Catalog Heavenhas accumulated over 170,000,000 place visits. He is also known for his building, scripting, and fighting abilities. He won the award for User's Choice Player of the Year at the ROBLOX Game Conference 2012. He also has his brother, Merely.

Intern profile.

Seranok along with his brother Merely, returned to ROBLOX headquarters as interns during the summer of 2015. He is the current CEO of Sky Studios, a Roblox game development group.

Catalog Heaven

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Catalog Heaven is a game created by Sky Studios (formerly Seranok), and is currently his most popular game. Catalog Heaven while previously being one of the most played games on Roblox, it is still very popular and played a lot to this day. Catalog Heaven is the main source of Seranok's fame. The purpose of the game is to test gear, hats, faces, and packages before players purchase them on the website. Catalog Heaven currently has two VIP Game Passes and three VIP T-shirts. Users can change how their character look in the hats, faces, and packages featured in the Catalog, while testing out gear on other players. Players often fight each other with the gear provided. There are some gears banned though as they were way overpowered, but you're able to get them if you have 5,001 Robux for the Banned VIP gamepass.


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  • Seranok manages the github for the web APIs on Roblox.
  • He is the one of some users that received Premium for testing purposes.
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