SharpTH is a Welsh player who joined on April 29, 2007.

He is well known for his YouTube account, he has become a significant icon in ROBLOX Filmmaking for his original ideas, special effects, and animation. He is also the creator of Land of the Silent Sun, a game praised by Telamon for its unique style that caught on within the community.

In late 2010, he was a victim of SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX when one of his places, "Bikini Bottom HD", was stolen after an exploit was used. The exploit was eventually fixed after the incident.

On May 7, 2018, SharpTH began Tweeting again after a year's hiatus. In his own words, he says that everything on Roblox is new and scary to him and has asked what type of videos the community enjoys nowadays. It is unlikely that he will resume making videos.


In late 2011, SharpTH created a YouTube Poop of one of Jared's vlogs entitled "Jaredvaldez2 assaults a box of Cheerios," which involves Jared doing a highly stereotypical 'British accent' before ripping open a plastic container of Cheerios cereal and dumping them in the sink. He then blames the incident on his grandma. The video had voice clips of the Heavy from the popular 2007 first person shooter Team Fortress 2, such as exclaiming, "Incoming!" when jaredvaldez2 enters the kitchen and spotting a box of Cheerios.

Later in December when Are92 came back for a day to play some games with BlabVoid and a few other StudioARE members, Jared went on ROBLOX Talk and made a thread about how he is the "well im the star of roblox now no more are92". SharpTH then went on to create a video that makes fun of Jared, the thread and what he's done to the front page games.

RoWar: Reboot

On August 13, 2011, Sharp uploaded a video to his channel entitled 'RoWar II? Maybe?' in which Are92's Space Cruise flies past the camera, the video was proposing the idea of a RoWar remake. Soon after the video was uploaded, it was noticed by the StudioARE community. It wasn't thought of much at first, but then BlabVoid (who is friends with Are92) told him about it after conversing with Sharp about the idea. What resulted from this was RoWar: Reboot, a project to completely recreate the unfinished RoWar series. Almost immediately upon the idea being proposed, Are gave SharpTH and BlabVoid full rights to the RoWar name and concept.


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  • Although thought to be "Sharpteeth" in popular belief, his full username is Sharp The Hyena, briefly in an interview, he had a Sonic The Hedgehog fancharacter at one point, the only remaining evidence of this is a T-shirt found among his inventory.
  • Currently, he has won three video contests, including the ROBLOX Trailer Contest, Tutorial Contest, and most recently the Prank a Many Ways To Kill SpongeBob is the first roblox video to have over 1 million views.
  • He also made a sequel to it called Many More Ways To Kill SpongeBob.
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