Nuke the whales

The current nuke the whales poster that Shedletsky has used in this place.

Nuke the Whales is a famous game created by a ROBLOX administrator/developer, Shedletsky. In the game, players are armed with an explosive harpoon which they can use to destroy whales. By default, the game lasts for 5 minutes. The goal of the game is to destroy the whales generated around the map. The whales' innards contain blubber, which players must collect. Players must collect as much blubber as you can before before the end of the game. The amount of blubber you collect during each round will affect the explosion power of your harpoon. At the end of the game, the player with the most blubber wins. The map is used as a map for Freeze Tag. The blubber looks like yellow small squares, and you are allowed to take other peoples bluber, which many people do.

Following the paid access update, Nuke the Whales has become controvorsial due to Shedletsky making it paid access and advertising it as the 'worst game evar', turning this classic into somewhat a troll's game.

This game used to cost 25 ROBUX, but it is now free. 


The harpoon given to players at the beginning of each round spawns a rocket that flies towards whatever their mouse is pointing to when the player clicks. The rocket will have several different attributes based on the amount of blubber the player has:

Rocket Chart for the Harpoon
Blubber Amount Power Color of Rocket Explosion Radius of Rocket
0 1 Bright red 4
3 2 Bright orange 6
5 3 Bright yellowish orange 8
7 4 Bright yellow 10
9 5 Cool Yellow 12
11 6 White 14
13 7 Entirely reflective 16

Whale Spawning

Whales have several factors in their spawning that are modified by the game script.

A whale from Nuke The Whales


By default, at the beginning of each game, 15 whales are spawned in a random location around the map. After that, a whale is spawned approximately every 10 seconds in the map.


Each whale on the map spawns randomly anywhere within the place. Below is how you can calculate a randomly generated whale's position within the map.

Whales can spawn with 1-3 blocks of blubber inside them.

The formula to calculate a generated whale's position is:

$ x = (random-0.5)*500, y = 80+((random-0.5)*100), z = (random-0.5)*500,'' $ So if random = 1 for x, y, and z then the calculation for x is (1-0.5), which equals 0.5, then:

$ 0.5 * 500 = 250, y = (1-0.5) $ Which equals 0.5, then:

$ 0.5 * 100 = 50, 50 + 80 = 130, z = (1-0.5) $ Which equals 0.5, then 0.5 * 500 = 250. Therefore, if the random number is 1 for all of them, x = 250, y = 130, and z = 250.


Each whale is hollow and spawns with a random amount of blubber in them, ranging from 1-3 blocks of blubber.

The whale model


The game mainly takes place in an area that is supposed to simulate being under the sea. The area is shaped like a square and can be divided up into four sections that are exactly identical - here are the elements of each section and the dividers:


The Nuke The Whales Map


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  • Shedletsky once sold a game pass that would allow Robloxians to get into advertisements for NUKE THE WHALES. People who bought the game pass include CloneTrooper1019[1], TheInnovative (previously known as Chubbs21)[2], StarMarine614[3], Alexnewtron[4], loleris[5], NowDoTheHarlemShake[6].
  • Shedletsky once hosted an event in late October 2013 where every whale that spawned would appear as a Doge. Every whale on the game's iconic thumbnail were replaced with doge heads.[7] They also ran advertisements for this event.[8][9] It is unknown for how long this event lasted.


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