Sword Fight on the Heights Original was the first sword fighting level to exist on Roblox. It is also a place where exploiters abundantly exploit. This place was once Builders Club-only (which led to controversy), but now it is a regular place. 

Sometime in 2017, the game was put under review. In 2018 the game was brought back for unknown reasons.


Sword Fight on the Heights Original (often abbreviated SFOTHO, or just SFOTH) is known as the first place on Roblox for sword fighting only. It did not have the variety of swords most players are used to, and was only partially built. It was created on March 11, 2008 by Telamon (currently known as Shedletsky). This version is still available for play but is no longer supported by Shedletsky.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to let an enemy attack first. This will give a chance to counter-attack.
  • Try to camp in an area that does not require monitoring on all sides
  • Let enemies fight each other first. This gives a chance to backstab them (using a sword to slash a player's back).
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