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SilentSwords (also known as SS) is the founder and leader of the popular futuristic war group, WIJ. The group is currently the 15th largest group on ROBLOX, with over 43,000 members. He has been positively remarked for strategic and fair building techniques in the group's bases, most of which done by his friend and Marshal (Second in Command), Owen0202 and himself.

SilentSwords is noted for once being the leader of the prestigious and critically-acclaimed EBR, short for Elite Builders of ROBLOXia. He has almost 3.3 million place visits, most of which come from the popular WIJ for Outpost Indigo, which SilentSwords recently remastered in a project known as wARC. The remastered version of Indigo was released on February 23, 2013, and soon hit the front page. The remastered version stayed on the front page for over two days which also caused WIJ to gain over 8,000 members.

Hex Premier Arena Shooter

On January 26, 2015, Hex, a game created by SilentSwords and Owen0202 begun it's Beta phase at the cost of 35 R$ (Which later became 25R$). As of February 16, It is now a free to play game and already reached over 2 000 000 visits. It was also one of the three games to be featured in ROBLOX's Ultimate Competition, with Robot BLOX and Hide and Seek Extreme.

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