Simoon68 is a well known user and developer on ROBLOX who is famous for his games. He has also known as a very wealthy and kind user and an active Limited and LimitedU collector. His most famous games are Marble Ride Storm and Monorail Crash, both of which have hit the front page on multiple occasions. He is friends with other famous traders, including Merely and Voxhall. Simoon68 also created and now co-owns the largest trading-themed group on ROBLOX, which is simply titled Trade. Trade currently has around 30,000 members. As of June 12, 2018, he currently has over 50K followers.

Famous Games

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Monorail Crash!

Monorail Crash is Simoon68's second most popular game, amounting to over 1,160,000 place visits and over 28,000 favorites. The purpose of the game is to survive the monorail crash in order to earn credits. Players spawn in a train station. They can then ride the monorail through a scenic hilly route that includes two bridges. The vehicle then crashes into a canyon that is dominated by a waterfall. In order to escape the crash, players must crawl into a secret passage that leads to a lake. Once players step into the lake, they earn 200 credits and respawn. Players can use these credits in order to purchase items from both the GUI shop and the cafe that are located within the game. Several levels of VIP are available for the game. Despite the fact that Monorail Crash! is Simoon68's second most popular game, it has been on the front page more recently than Marble Ride Storm. In 2012, the game was known as Justin Bieber Plane crash!

Marble Ride Storm

Marble Ride Storm is Simoon68's most popular game, with over 1,500,000 place visits, and over 36,000 favorites. In the game, players must complete an obstacle course while rolling in a marble. Players spawn in a spawn room, and roll down the course through a series of jumps and turns. Credits are awarded to players as they hit certain milestones while rolling through the course. VIP gives players a small and easier route to the end of the course.


  • He used to own Trade but he has since given it to materking, becoming the co-owner of Trade.
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