Sorcus Chandrasekan is a well-known Roblox administrator, currently the Vice President of Product, Developer. He is also noted for owning the Knights of RedCliff group, whose name and logo correspond to the many items released in the Redcliff series.


In addition to being an admin, Sorcus is also widely regarded as a troll . An egg from the 2013 egg hunt called the "Troll Egg" was based on his character, and hatched into the Sorcus Stool.[1] He was also known to troll on the forums, back when they existed. One example of this is a thread in the Scripters forum. A person asks if Merely and Seranok are the same person and Merely replies that no, they aren't. Sorcus then posts otherwise, claiming that Merely and Seranok are the same person. This is one of many examples of his trolling.[2]


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