Ninja Tycoon is a place created by sparkevin. This place was lastly updated in February 2019, which the owner decided to make another ninja tycoon.


At start, there are six spawns that are scattered in the middle of the baseplate, along with five tycoon gates to start with. The baseplate is surrounded by mountains with a waterfall leading to VIP. The user can choose any tycoon gates that have a silver block covering the gate. Once touched, the user automatically owns a tycoon. Therefore, the user must gain points by upgrading the production (like most tycoons), and buy accessories to their tycoon.

The user can also buy from the store that is facing the opposite direction of the waterfall. There will be a ninja waiting behind the bar, with three choices to choose:

  • Magic Ninja - 130 points
  • Ninja Guitar - 500 points
  • Ninja Master Hat- 1,000 points.

If the user has upgraded their tycoon fully, then the user can use other weapons they have in the storage. Weapons such as the katana, bow, and a costume are only available by purchase.

Gear used in this game could enhance the gameplay. For example, using the Paint Bucket could color the tycoons, or the entire baseplate.


VIP in this game is currently unavailable because the owner is permanently banned. If the user has VIP, then that person would have access to the waterfall, leading up to a superjump giver, and two 1,000 point givers. However, it may be breached by some tools that could make VIP free to everyone. The waterfall is located behind a sign that says "VIP Access Point".

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