Theme Park: ROBLOX Point 2 is an entertainment created by a user known as StarMarine614. It takes place in a generic theme park, which currently has 11 rides and a few minigames (table hockey, etc.) to take part in. Players have the ability to buy vehicles to create easier navigation throughout the park.

Developer Interview

The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and StarMarine614, as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing ROBLOX Point - Theme Park?
Developing ROBLOX Point was a mess at first… We honestly had no real direction with what we were doing, we just kept making stuff with no real plan. We eventually caught a good rhythm later on in development which was a blast!
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
The biggest challenge in creating ROBLOX Point was staying together as a team. As the park gained success some of our developers ended up getting upset because they didn’t think they were receiving enough credit for their contributions. A few of our early developers left, and so did their work so we struggled to keep the development going but me managed to get past it short handed. Another issue we had a lot was ROBLOX updates breaking rides, and it was sometimes challenging to get then up and running again but we always did!
What did you enjoy most while developing ROBLOX Point - Theme Park?
What I most enjoyed about developing ROBLOX Point was the community reception. There were so many people following our games development and we had so much support from the community. It felt great being the top paid game on ROBLOX for about a year before we started to lose that initial motivation to make updates. Being in the blog multiple times, participating in ROBLOX events and eventually becoming the face of ROBLOX when you login was just an amazing feeling.
What is it like to have your game featured on the Roblox homepage for all users to see?
Its an honor really, seriously this has to be my proudest accomplishment. I have been playing ROBLOX since I’m 12 years old and everytime I see that when I log in I smile. At one point they had my username up there as well it used to say “Developer: StarMarine614” and everyone used to think I was the developer of ROBLOX. It was quite funny how many people followed me thinking I made the whole world of ROBLOX.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
ROBLOX Point has a HUGE update coming up within the next 2 months. So big that its actually being called ROBLOX Point 2. You will be able to join up and get the classic experience and ride roller coasters but now you will also be able to have jobs, earn money, roleplay as different age groups, and the rides will feature a impossible to break system!


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  • The park's name may be a reference to Vanish Point, a ride from Water Country USA and more recently, Adventure Island. It could also be a reference to Cedar Point, a theme park in Sandusky, Ohio.
  • A render o

    Roblox registration screen render.

    f the park is currently the main image on ROBLOX's main registration page.
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