Cube Eat Cube is an action game where the player can eat small cubes to get bigger and avoid the big ones. It is based on the then-popular game


Quoting from the game's description: "Unleash your primal cube instinct! Run from the biggies and munch on the small'uns."

In the game: there is a forest, a city with eight skyscrapers, and a beach with an ocean. Even though the player's cube's color is picked randomly, they can change the color and/or the texture of their cube (but they need to be unlocked first).

In Cube Eat Cube, the player uses the mouse to move and the space-bar to split. The bigger the player gets; the slower they move. But you can split into cubes too.

Biggest Score

A user known as neesh76 holds the biggest Cube Eat Cube size of just over 2 million. A video on YouTube shows that her friends are trying to help her surpass 2 million. Click here to watch the video.

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