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Draw It! is a drawing game created by the famous user Stickmasterluke. The game is based on a popular game called Draw My Thing. Draw It! has accumulated over 10M+ place visits with a very positive like to dislike ratio and 136K+ player favorites. It contains three gamepasses which consists of unlocking color packs; the player would be given access to a different variety of colors not present in the default color palette.



These are not official names for these 2 roles.

The Painter

The game is simple. The Painter chooses a word from 3 vocabularies and draw the object if it is a noun or the action if it is a verb within 60 seconds. The number The Guesser who guessed the word correctly, the number of points The Painter receive. If The Painter is reported for cheating, The Painter will lose about 1/10 points.

The Guesser

The Guesser should guess the object or the action drawn by The Painter and type the word in the chat. If The Guesser guessed and typed a correct object or action, the guesser would get 1 point. The Guesser can vote to report The Painter for cheating. If the vote succeeds, The Painter would lose points. But if the vote doesn't succeed, The Guesser who bringed up the vote would lose about 1/10 points.


Despite Draw It! being a fun game, it has a large amount of criticism and complaints from other players.

It is criticized because of people drawing inappropriate drawings when they are selected as The Painter, and people clicking the "Cheating?" button without a good reason. It is also criticized for having players ruining the fun of the game because when someone finally guessed the word, they tell the answer to others.

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