The Underground War is a classic war game made by Stickmasterluke. It is stickmasterluke's second most popular game, and considered by many ROBLOX veterans to be a classic ROBLOX game. The game currently has over 24 million place visits, and over 309,000 favorites, and is currently the 20th most visited game on ROBLOX. The game reached the decline around Late 2013 to Mid 2015, and it is unknown how it lost its popularity. Due to the Experimental Mode update, this game is broken. The tunnels that are digged are local only and the snipers don't shoot where you aim.


The game is a Capture the Flag game, or CTF. Players are placed in either the Red team or the Blue team, depending on the amount of players in the teams and game, and must go underground to fight the other team. Each team has its own side of the map, which includes holes for digging underground, the team's flag and two towers. Players start with a Swulve, a combination of a sword and shovel and a sniper rifle. The starting weapons can be upgraded in the GUI-based shop.

The objective of the game is to dig to the other team's side, earn knockouts (KOs), and try to capture the flag. Players can earn credits by digging blocks (1 credit per block), killing enemies (4 credits per kill), and capturing flags (10 credits per capture). The credits can be spent in the shop to upgrade the player's weapons and earn badges.

The red flag.

Blue Flag

The blue flag

Weapons and Tools

A sword/shovel hybrid that recovers fast and has the ability to cut through dirt. This weapon is a melee weapon and can only be used at close range. Its dig rate and damage can be upgraded by 150% once for 50 credits each (25 if the player is using the game pass).
A rifle with a slow reload but high damage. It is harder to use but has good range. It can be zoomed with by pressing Z. The reload speed and damage can be increased by 150% once for 50 credits (25 for players who own the game pass).
A Mudkip, a Pokemon, that heals the player once. It is a great getaway tool for people who are running to the home base while severely injured at the same time. The tool can be bought for a massive 100 credits (50 credits if the game pass is used).


  • Never ignore your back; a surprise attack may be dangerous, especially for flag carriers.
  • Shoot players up close with the Sniper from their back if necessary, as the weapon can instantly kill enemies, unlike the Swulve, which can take some time to bring the enemy's health down to zero, but still kills rather quickly. Time this attack carefully, though, as an unsuccessful attempt may result in yourself being killed instead of the enemy due to the rifle having to take some time to be ready after it is fired, thus forcing yourself to only be able to retaliate with the Swulve.
  • Swords can do major damage if you attack from behind the enemy or when the enemy is disarmed.
  • Digging up a hiding hole can be helpful, since the hole can be used to allow yourself to take cover and recover health at the same time. Be careful about where to dig it up, as an unwisely placed hiding hole could result in your demise.
  • When you grab the flag, act fast! Quick reactions are needed, since any enemy who sees you stealing it may try to take you down with a Swulve or even a Sniper. Medkips can be helpful in said situation because of the good possibilities of getting severely wounded and that it can allow you to recover fast should you be wounded.
  • When digging, it is not recommended to click in a very quick succession, as you could lunge and slow down the digging progress. Instead, pace your clicks so as to be able to dig quickly while limiting the amount of lunges you make.
  • Unlike the typical traditional sniper scopes that are seen in many games where some weapons have an actual scope, such as Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox at War, the zooming feature for the sniper rifle in this game can be annoying, as it would directly zoom right to the object that you are pointing at and moving the mouse would simply change the viewing point if in first person. Avoid this feature whenever possible, unless you are searching for signs of enemies at a distance, since it can act as a usable binocular.
  • Alone? Have a teammate support you through the way, particularly with one who has good fighting and/or teamwork skills. as teamwork can be a crucial factor in fulfilling the goal; Your teammate can help you dig faster, provide cover, assist in taking down nearby enemies, and/or even lead the way to the enemy base.
  • The game pass is very recommended to use for its cheap pricing of 4 Robux or 14 Tickets. Not only is it cheap, especially when purchased in tickets in comparison to the Robux price, but its ability to cut shop prices by half is an invaluable way to gain advantages, allowing you to buy upgrades faster.
  • This game is very similar to that of Ace of Spades, a first person shooter with a blocky theme. Both of these games allow underground warfare and have a capture the flag form where players must capture the opposing team's flag.


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