StratoVector (formerly Geico480) is a Roblox user who was once famous for his building skills and places. He formerly had over 1.2 million place visits. Many of his places are based on Chinese Culture. His building style has earned him a positive reputation on Roblox and as a result, there have been several articles in the Roblox Blog about him. He is also known for the vehicles he has created, mostly his trains and BMWs. He made trains as models. He was active in the community, but as of June 29, 2012, he has quit. He claims he will only come back on occasion to see his friends or if he is forced. His most famous place, Serene Mill Version 1, has over 200,000 place visits.


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  • His account was named after the Insurance Company Geico before he changed it.
  • He was one of the first people on Roblox to create working vehicles in-game.
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