Boys vs. Girls: Island Wars is a place created by Tadcool, and the most popular place he has created. Despite the game's popularity, it has a relatively poor reputation for a military game. Since it was first created on July 2010, it has obtained approximately 41M+ place visits and 267K+ player favorites with a somewhat decent amount of positive rating.

​ Gamepasses

The game includes 4 passes which are:

  1. Jetpack VIP - 250 ROBUX
  2. Fast Rocket VIP  - 100 ROBUX
  3. Boys VS Girls VIP  - 100 ROBUX ​Gives access to a variety of guns and swords.
  4. Boys VS Girls Mega VIP - 200 ROBUX


The game takes place on 2 islands bordered in together by a series of large spheres. The two islands are on opposite sides of an ocean, and are connected by a bridge. Each island contains a large treehouse that serves as a spawn room for players on his/her respective team. Adjacent to the treehouse is a dock that contains several naval and avocational vehicles. Each end of the bridge contains several armored vehicles. Players spawn with an assortment of guns, swords, and other forms of modern military weapons.

There are no differences between the weaponry and the designs of both islands; all objects are recolored to the corresponding team color (Boys Team colored Blue, and Girls Team colored Pink) and both teams are given the same weapons at spawn.

In newer versions of the game, a third island with a flag was added. This adds for a domination game mode, in which teams win a match once the flag has been held by that team for half an hour, but doing this will have no effect beyond an announcement.

Unintended features

Among many servers, players would often attempt to exploit a bug in the lifejacket's script that allowed players to propel themselves to enormous heights, a technique that was often dubbed as "lifejumping".

Another unofficial element of gameplay was dubbed "spherejumping" which involved landing the humanoid on a boundary sphere at high velocity, bouncing the player in the desired direction and throwing them at longer distances. Because of this, it was disputed to be the fastest way to get from a player's spawn point to the opposing team's area.

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