tadcool is an infamous ROBLOX user who joined in 2009. Like Jaredvaldez4 and Pieperson50, tadcool is notorious for "scamming" players. tadcool is known to steal games and claim he made them. He currently has more 19 million place visits on ROBLOX through this system. tadcool's most popular game is Boys Vs Girls with over 26 million place visits.

Copied Places

tadcool is known to take uncopylocked games and claim he made them. For instance: he claimed he made 'Left 4 survival' (originally named Left 2 Survive) which was originally made by thenoob2899. He gave thenoob2899 no credit at all (even the map credits got replaced from 'thenoob2899' to 'tadcool'.) tadcool also tried to delete the L2S wiki page and to block the comment section after receiving negative feedback from other ROBLOXians.[citation needed]


This is a list of tadcool's most visited places.

Rank Place Name Original Creation Place Visits Place Favorites Status
1 "Boys Vs Girls" Boys VS Girls {NEW} by hydronoaid343  Over 42M Over 278K Active
2 "Halo 5 Tycoon" Unknown Over 4M Over 71K Inactive
3 "Classic Blimp Wars!" Ultimate Blimp Wars (GUN FIXED) By raytherabbit Over 7M Over 78K Active
4 "NEW Left 4 Survival" "Left 2 Survive" by thenoob2899 Over 5M Over 78K Active
5 "Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby" Welcome to the Town of ROBLOXia by 1dev2 (possibly) Over 2M Over 61K Active
6 "Beach RolePlay" Unknown Over 1M Over 17K Active

Tad's Cobras

Aside from Games, tadcool also owns a group called Tad's Cobras. Its name was inspired from another group known as John Cobras. It's now been ran to the ground and led by Pravzz and ClearPilot. For a brief moment, ClearPilot revived the previously dead group, but then lost hope when making plans for the future. They now have plans for moving Tad's Cobras into a more enjoyable clan to have a more enjoyable experience.

Incidents in Misleading

  • Although tadcool no longer misleads a lot like he used to, he still has one click bait game known as Slide 9999 Feet
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