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tarabyte is a former Roblox administrator who helped with the creation of many accessories. A hat in the avatar shop is named after her, called Sheriff Tarabyte. She also recently helped with some official Roblox levels.[citation needed]

After a long hiatus of inactivity, in August 2019, she was given exclusive rights to upload UGC hats into the catalog along with a select few individuals. A full list of UGC items created by her can be viewed here. Tarabyte announced that she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from making new UGC items on July 11, 2021.[1]

Administrator Position

Tarabyte had the 'Head of Art' position while she was an administrator. Evidence of tarabyte's former position as a lead administrator can found in the official "ROBLOX Admins" group, which is owned by Games.


Many users have criticized some of tarabyte's UGC hats for looking similar to pre-existing accessories (namely, the BiggestHead, Triple Headstack and Sidehead). The heads are claimed to represent Bighead, while the Triple Headstack resembles the Red Headstack toy item. Additionally, she has recently garnered criticism for her Despacito Spider hat due to concerns of her allegedly stealing it from a free model, and the fact that she is not the original creator of the meme.



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  • Her name is a play on the word "terabyte", which is a digital storage unit of one trillion bytes.
  • Her favorite gear is the Pumpkin Pi.
  • She is the first UGC creator to surpass 100,000 sales on her hats.
  • She has made over $36,000 United States dollars off of her UGC creations.
  • She is seen in one of the thumbnails in Catalog Heaven.
  • She lives in the state of California.
  • She has been married to Sorcus since early November 2019.