Telaluchiha1 was an infamous user on ROBLOX, and gained over 9.6 million place visits. He is noted around the Roblox community for using the bait and switch scam in order to gain visits and has also been accused of stealing other's games. He stated on multiple occasions that he will quit stealing games and quit using false advertising to obtain place visits and tickets[citation needed], however, there is no proof that he carried out these actions.


On February 1, 2013, Telaluchiha1 was banned. Before his ban, he uncopylocked his "Hunger Games" place, which was rumored to be stolen from Ozzypig. 

However, the game was removed from ROBLOX. Only a few users were able to obtain this place, but the numbers/names of these users are unknown.

It was rumored after his ban that he was on his alternative account, Lentoso. There is proof that this was true due to a forum he made listing all of his alts. Lentoso has since quit Roblox.

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